Friday, May 31, 2013

More from 'Draft Day' and Kevin headed to L.A....

See the article entitled: Berea: Theft on set of "Draft Day":

See the article entitled: 'Hall of Famer Jim Brown back with Browns' by Associated Press:

Rena Katz Durn ‏@RKD0407 tweeted: Frank Langella is here with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner filming a movie. (@ Corporate College East) (Posted 11:42am May 30th)

Heather Light ‏@HeatherALight tweeted: Just got a phone call from a "source" Kevin Costner is having dinner at Blue Point!! (Posted 6:02pm May 30th)

Devin Baumgart ‏@DBaumgart tweeted: Got to shake hands with Kevin Costner tonight. I love my job. (Posted 10:02pm May 30th)

0OoSpaceO_oNomade0Oo I had the pleasure of taking care of his table, he doesn't drink alcohol and only had pineapple juice all night. Great tipper! Warehouse District, Cleveland, Ohio (May 27th)

Craig Robertson ‏@C__Robertson tweeted: Jennifer Gardner was at practice chillin today! (Posted May 28th)

CoachAdam ‏@coachadam Adam K. checked in at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) Apparently CLE is the place to be. Kevin Costner and I crossing paths as I arrive from, and he departs to, Los Angeles. (Posted 4:30pm May 31st)

Kelly Kubach Addis: While boarding my plane to LA, I walked passed 1st class and who is sitting there handsomely waiting for me to tell him I love him? My 8th grade Robin Hood crush Kevin Costner!!!!! I touched his shoulder and yes, told him I loved him... (Posted 3:43pm May 31st)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The latest about 'Man Of Steel' in US theaters June 14th...

Picture by EnlightenmentHub Brokaw Stephanopoulus Spike Lee Kevin Costner John MacEnroe:

'Man Of Steel Prequel Comic Book Reveals Origin Of Spoiler & Easter Eggs' Posted by: Matt McGloin, May 18, 2013

Two New Man of Steel Character Posters Have Arrived Source: Warner Bros. Pictures May 20, 2013:

A New Man of Steel Still Offers a Good Look at Russell Crowe's Jor-El Source: Warner Bros. Pictures, May 20, 2013:

Another video message:

VIDEO: New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer: General Zod Threatens Earth by Kyle Hembree:

Picture by ca_cloud_kicker Shit just got real! #Superman #ManofSteel 10th St. & Mission St.

See excerpt from the article entitled: 'Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Vanquish Hunger with Epic New Super Bacon Cheeseburger': The newest premium burger offering from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s is part of the restaurants’ promotional tie-in with Warner Bros. Pictures’ release of “Man of Steel,”TM in theaters June 14. The Super Bacon Cheeseburger features a charbroiled beef patty, American cheese, mayonnaise, tomato, onion, lettuce and a super serving of bacon, with six full bacon strips woven together into a crispy bacon nest. Prices start at $3.99 and may vary by location.

Jor-El Gets His Own Man Of Steel Poster - Russell Crowe leads off the character image march 20 May 2013 | Written by James White | Source: Warner Bros.

Picture by samanthamael19 - Samantha Velasquez #jonathankent #kevincostner #dylansprayberry #clarkkentyoung #kalel #superman #manofsteel #elhombredeacero

'Man of Steel' picture gallery:

VIDEO: Man of Steel - TV Spot 6 by WarnerBrosPictures:

VIDEO: Man of Steel | "Potholes" TV Commercial (Hardee's) [HD] by OfficialYambo:

Man of Steel - TV Spot 7 by WarnerBrosPictures :

Watch the 8th TV Spot for Man of Steel:

VIDEO: Man of Steel - TV Spot 9 by WarnerBrosPictures Published on May 29, 2013:

Glyph Creator:
The 'Man Of Steel' Soundtrack:

If you live in Olathe, Kansas: Contest: Enter to see highly-anticipated ‘Man of Steel’ Posted on: May 29, 2013, by Michelle Pekarsky:

VIDEO: Coming Soon test 2 by Springboard Video· Published on May 30, 2013:!

Large picture of Kevin as 'Jonathan Kent':

60 Things to Know About MAN OF STEEL From Our Set Visit; Plus a Recap of What We Saw Being Filmed by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub Posted: May 30th, 2013:

Henry Cavill Talks Comics Influences, Filming the Action Scenes, Physical Training, and More on the Set of MAN OF STEEL by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub Posted: May 30th, 2013:

Zack Snyder Talks Changes to the Character, Creating the Right Suit, His Visual Style, 3D, and More on the Set of MAN OF STEEL by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub Posted: May 30th, 2013:

David S. Goyer Talks His New Take on Superman, a Feudal Japan-style Krypton, & More on the Set of MAN OF STEEL by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub Posted: May 30th, 2013:

Producer Charles Roven Talks Christopher Nolan’s Involvement, the Filming Locations, Assembling the Cast, and More on the Set of MAN OF STEEL by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub Posted: May 30th, 2013:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More of the latest of Kevin filming 'Draft Day'....

Listen to the AUDIO: Listener Tiffany Met Kevin Costner At The Tribe Game:

See the two VIDEOS and article by Brian Archer, entitled: 'Shaker Heights family has 'Draft Day' scenes filmed at their home - Crew filmed for three days':

See the article by Mike Florio entitled: 'Greetings from Cleveland':

Tom Withers ‏@twithersAP tweeted: No, I didn't see Kevin Costner at the #Browns facility yesterday where they are filming "Draft Day." I was looking for Jennifer Garner. (Posted 8:00am May 24th)

Cleveland Browns ‏@Browns tweeted: Earlier this week, Kevin Costner took in a #Browns OTA session in Berea and met with @bweeden3 (Posted 6:02am May 24th)

Jeff Darlington ‏@JeffDarlington tweeted: On the set of @draftdaymovie, starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner, ESPN's @SethWickersham NEEDS makeup: (Posted 11:11am May 24th)

Lisa Kradlak ‏@LKradlak tweeted: Saw lots of the FPP signs for #DraftDay filming near the Browns facility in Berea today. No sign of Kevin Costner or Jennifer Garner. (Posted 11:53am May 24th)

Lisa Kradlak ‏@LKradlak tweeted: So if Jennifer Garner or Kevin Costner want to hang with regular people while in Berea, just let me know. We promise not to talk football. (Posted 11:59am May 24th)

Alex Marvez ‏@alexmarvez tweeted: Hack Pack just finished interviewing Kevin Costner on @draftdaymovie set. Nice guy. He asked as many sports ?? as we did of him about movie (Posted 3:23pm May 24th)

Mike Buehner ‏@MikeBuehner tweeted: @jarrodrwilliams I'm looking at the real life Kevin Costner n Jennifer garner as we tweet. Good movie day for us! (Posted 7:46pm May 24th)

VIDEO: Spencer Lanning ‏@LanningSpencer A few props for the movie #DraftDay being filmed around the facility. (posted May 23rd)

Daryl Ruiter ‏@RuiterWrongFAN tweeted: The film crew have built their own mini city in the parking lot #DraftDay @ Cleveland Browns Training (Posted May 23rd)

Alex Marvez ‏@alexmarvez tweeted: "@SethWickersham: . @alexmarvez is in my chair. I'm calling my agent. (Posted 3:24pm May 24th)

Alex Marvez ‏@alexmarvez tweeted: Wrapped up @draftdaymovie shoot. Had a blast. My extra part: Holding a beer that Kevin Costner hands me. Right up my alley. #draftday (Posted 10:16pm May 24th)

Marines ‏@svmarines tweeted: My mom got to meet Kevin Costner!!(: #kevincostner #draftday#2013 #amazing #kevincostner2013

See the blog entitled: '‘Draft Day’ adds spice to Browns’ offseason' by Vic Carucci:

Claudine H. ‏@GeniusMadness tweeted: Still can't believe I was on the same set as Kevin Costner, Denis Leary, Frank Langella, and Jennifer Garner yesterday OMG (Posted May 25th)

John Riddlebaugh commented: Actor Kevin Costner seems to be a down-to-Earth person. A few times during breaks between shots, he walked over to where the extras--who weren't used for the scene at the time-- were waiting, just to say hello and offer some encouraging words. (Posted 12:04pm May 25th)

Cal James commented: Yeah he was really cool. He joked around a lot on set, messing around with crew and extras. Fun ass dude to work with. (Posted 12:13pm May 25th)

Beverly Kristy commented: Yes, it was crazy cool to be that close to so many of Hollywood's best actors, especially Kevin. (Posted 4:54pm May 25th)

Sanden Totten ‏@sandentotten tweeted: So, apparently my dad made small talk with Kevin Costner. (Posted May 26th)

Bernie Kosar @BernieKosarQB tweeted: At Browns Stadium! Trying to pretend to be an actor with Kevin C! Of course I am in over my head (Posted 6:08am May 28th)

Craig Lyndall ‏@WFNYCraig tweeted: We don’t know if it is anything more than a cameo, but Bernie Kosar tweeted that he’s at Cleveland Browns stadium.. (Posted 7:06am May 28th)

Tom smilanich ‏@tsmilanich tweeted: Just walked on the set of that Kevin Costner movie and promptly got kicked out @2AKelly @RogPog13 (Posted 1:14pm May 28th)

The 4onthefloor ‏@4otf tweeted: Hear Scarlett Johansson, Kevin Costner, and John Bon Jovi are in Cleveland tonight. All star jam at Beachland Tavern? (Posted 2:04pm May 28th)

Ryan Jesenik ‏@ryanjesenik tweeted: Just ran into Kevin Costner at the store below my building. What a bro. (Posted 4:16pm May 28th)

ʝαєє☺ ‏@Stuck_OnJaee tweeted: Kevin Costner movie audition tomorrow (Posted May 28th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: Booked as a stand in for "Draft Day". Gonna be hanging out with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner the rest of the summer. (Posted May 29th)

Eimon Indigo ‏@EimonLikesMelo tweeted: Lol Arian Foster finished shooting a movie with Kevin Costner on Friday (Posted May 29th)

Mary Nora ‏@marynora tweeted: Oh, hi mom and Kevin Costner. Apparently my mom and little brother just went out to dinner at Blue… (Posted 8:27pm May 29th)

Blue Point Grille website:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

'Three Days To Kill' release date announced...

According to the article by Adam Chitwood at the following link:
Relativity Media announced today that director McG’s new action-thriller, tentatively titled Three Days to Kill, will hit theaters on February 14, 2014.....On 2014 Valentine’s Day weekend, 'Three Days to Kill' will open opposite the romantic comedy remake 'About Last Night,' the sci-fi thriller 'The Maze Runner', the fantasy YA adaptation 'Vampire Academy', and the romance remake 'Endless Love.'

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Memorial Day...

Memorial Day Tribute to the Fallen:
"The Angels Came Down" - Kevin Costner & Modern West

Friday, May 24, 2013

KC & MW to play Brothers Lounge, Cleveland, Ohio....

Brothers Lounge and The Agency Group presents: Kevin Costner and Modern West with special guests Whipping Post and Pompous Ass on Friday, June 21, 2013 at 8:00pm at The Brother's Lounge, 11609 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Ticket price $25.00 - Age Suitability 21 and up.

The Brothers Lounge website: scroll down for KC & MW announcement:

You can purchase tickets here:

The latest of Kevin filming in Cleveland, Ohio...

Alex Mack ‏@alexmack55 Jack of all trades #draftday (Posted May 17th)

Caylin H. ‏@CaylinHauptmann tweeted: All those years in LA and MIA ... Only takes about a week in Ohio to sit next to the director on a movie set #draftday awesome experience!! (Posted May 17th)

BWU Equipment. ‏@BWEquipment tweeted: On set about to make movie GOLD #DraftDay (Posted May 18th)

olv ‏@olv tweeted: #DraftDay is filming at Dix Stadium in Kent, Ohio today (Posted May 18th)

PT ‏@runPTrun tweeted: I pulled into work and Denis Leary was shooting a scene for #DraftDay in my parking spot. #NotMad (Posted May 20th)

Vic Carucci ‏@viccarucci tweeted: So u walk through the building at work, look up and there's Kevin Costner doing a movie scene. #justatypicaldayinberea. (Posted May 21st)

timothycsimons ‏@timothycsimons tweeted: Practice Field. #draftday (Posted May 22nd)

timothycsimons ‏@timothycsimons tweeted: First day shooting on Draft Day. Here we go, Browns. #draftday (Posted May 22nd)

Picture by Sun News staff: Actor/Director Kevin Costner was in Berea Wednesday evening. Costner was spotted in this truck by News Sun columnist Rich Heilman at the intersection of Depot and Columbus streets in Berea's Polish Village neighborhood. Crews are in Berea filming a scene from Costner's movie "Draft Day."

Aaron Adams ‏@AaronA79 tweeted: Met Kevin Costner today, and he introduced himself as Kevin... We're on a first name basis now. (Posted May 22nd)

Browns Designer ‏@sportdesign tweeted: @denisleary : Saw Kevin Costner throwing a football and Denis Leary's empty chair at work today #draftday (Posted May 22nd)

Matt Cook ‏@MattRustyCock tweeted: "@emilycoletta0: @MattRustyCock @aasimakis jennifer garner and kevin costner live down by nanas house" WHAT?! (Posted May 22nd)

Emily Coletta ‏@emilycoletta0 tweeted: @MattRustyCock @aasimakis jennifer garner and kevin costner live down by nanas house (Posted May 22nd)

Jason Stuart ‏@Jason_Stuart tweeted: Loved meeting my New Orleans Agents yesterday! Read for a nice role in the new Kevin Costner film! (Posted May 22nd)

Alysun Daniel ‏@alyy_dani tweeted: Got to shake Kevin Costner's hand at work tonight! Even though it was a long day of work, my night was made!!!!! (Posted 10:27pm May 22nd)

Picture by Lexi Luthor Just me and my friend, Kevin, enjoying an Indians game. KC's a pretty cool guy. He let us stalk him and take a picture. (Posted 10:02pm May 22nd)

Pictures by Lexi Luthor from May 22nd Indians game:

Chris Tye WKYC ‏@TVTyeWKYC tweeted: Kevin Costner bought everyone in his row at Sunday's Tribe game a beer, and everyone at line at Starbucks in RRiver a coffee. Cool guy. (Posted 2:47am May 23rd)

Jackie Zabielski ‏@JackieTraffic tweeted: clearly we were in the wrong row @KimberleeJoy RT @tvtyewkyc: Kevin Costner bought everyone in his row at Sunday's Tribe game a beer Cool... (Posted 2:53am May 23rd)

Jacquie Thomas: Kevin Costner so close to me at this moment that I can literally touch him. Wow. (Executive Assistant to Joe Banner, CEO at The Cleveland Browns) (Posted 1:12pm May 23rd)

Katie Huth Bokas commented: I know the movie Draft Day starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner is being filmed in Cleveland but have been too busy to pay attention to what is going on. I just found out they were filming scenes here in Rocky River last week. The latest rumor is Kevin Costner is actually living here in River this summer during the filming. (Posted May 23rd)

Elle Valestin commented: My sister just texted me. They are still on set in Cleveland between takes, watching Kevin Costner throw a football around with the crew. Guess she's not going to work her day job tomorrow. (Posted 9:17pm May 23rd)

Michael McLain ‏@MichaelMcLain2 tweeted: Busy at Berea. Filming scenes for Draft Days movie. Kevin costner and Jennifer garner in the building. Almost ran into Denis Leary. (Posted 12:09pm May 23rd)

Deanna Sherman ‏@DeannaSherman83 tweeted: Off to set with Kevin Costner! #DraftDay (Posted 1:52pm May 23rd)

Stefano Anania ‏@TheUnitedStep tweeted: Landed in Cleveland, now on the set of the new Kevin Costner movie Draft Day! (Posted 3:20pm May 23rd)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More of Kevin filming in Cleveland, Ohio...

Michele DeScioli ‏@bbwmanager tweeted: Just another day at the office. Hangin' with Kevin Costner! Incredibly nice guy. #kevincostner (Posted 10:19am May 20th)

Carrie Drummond ‏@carriedrummond tweeted: Perfect day for a lunchtime outing with @hannahnotmt. Feels like summer out there. Too bad we didn't run into Chris Evans or Kevin Costner. (Posted 10:47am May 20th)

Hannah Rule ‏@htrule tweeted: Omg I actually met Kevin Costner in person!!!!! (Posted 11:37am May 20th)

Tena D (MJ's Voice) ‏@steamyhotlatin tweeted: There filming in downtown Cleveland right by my job so I think i'll go rub shoulders with a few Hollywood actors today... Saw Kevin Costner (Posted 11:50am May 20th)

lauren faddoul ‏@lofaddoul tweeted: Lolz apparently it's cool that I shared a laugh with Kevin Costner yesterday at the Indians game when he came to the stand. TWICE. 😊 (Posted May 20th)

Glade Pauley ‏@gladepauley tweeted: Crazier day than usual @ Browns today w/ movie filming in Berea. Cool to have Kevin Costner hold the door 4 me tho! (Posted May 20th)

MA®GO ‏@margo_costner tweeted: rocking our wild thing tee with Kevin Costner. RT"Got the chance to watch a few scenes of Draft Day (Posted 7:34pm May 20th)

James Ferguson ‏@jamessferguson tweeted: So ironic that my dad met & hung out with Kevin Costner in the Dominican Republic just last month and saw & had drinks with him today in CLE (Posted May 20th)

Elle Valestin: Kevin Costner is in town filming a movie and my sister is on call to work as an extra.... I'll be sure to go with her....:) (Posted 3:35pm May 20th)

Micki Ezzo commented: We just got an offer for our building to be in the new Kevin Costner move, Draft Day. They are even going to pay us.....I would have let them use it for free....or a chance to meet Kevin Costner. They are going to film early Wednesday morning. I can't wait. Maybe it well help business too! Wow! (Manager at Berea Union Depot Taverne) (Posted 6:39pm May 20th)

Julie Bunce ‏@juliebunce tweeted: hey kevin costner, i don't know if you read tweets, but come to the cyc bar tomorrow night and i'll make you some tasty ass dranks Posted 11:36pm May 20th)

Picture by CBS

By Dennis Manoloff Indians beat Mariners 6-0 Film actor/director Kevin Costner returns a pen to a fan after signing an autograph during the Cleveland Indians-Seattle Mariners baseball game on May 19, 2013, at Progressive Field.

Sarah-Cate ‏@scourtney3 tweeted: Super jeals of all the people who met/saw Kevin Costner yesterday at the Indians game! (Posted May 20th)

Picture by jodeci5150 kevin costner at the ballgame:

Picture by baseballdreamin #KevinCostner was at the same @indians game I was at. It is my new dream to watch a ball game with him at the #indians or @tigers and here is why it would be so amazing for me:

See the picture and article entitled: 'Another type of draft day held in Berea' By Sun News staff:

See the pictures and article entitled: 'Jennifer Garner Puts in Real "Work" on Set' by Ivana Dukanovic:

See the pictures: 'Kevin Costner Films "Draft Day" on May 21, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Shayla Kotanides ‏@ShayAnn_ tweeted: I think that instead of going to work today, I will go stalk Kevin Costner... 😏 #DraftDay (Posted 5:54am May 21st)

Not The Browns ‏@NotBrowns tweeted: The Cleveland Browns ... Where Kevin Costner is the most exciting thing to happen in a decade. (posted 10:36am May 21st)

Squirrel Master ‏@thatdudebradley tweeted: I'm gonna be on a Kevin Costner watch until they finish this movie. (Posted 11:05am May 21st)

Dayvet Browns ‏@Chudzinksi tweeted: "So u walk through the building at work, look up and there's Kevin Costner doing a movie scene. #justatypicaldayinberea.” Cant wait for film (Posted 1:36pm May 21st)

Angela ‏@Angela_Mahakian tweeted: Kevin Costner got take out from our restaurant 🆒☺ (Posted 1:47pm May 21st)

Monday, May 20, 2013

More 'Draft Day' and Kevin at Cleveland/Mariners game...

Vincent O'Keefe ‏@VincentAOKeefe tweeted: @MichaelMcIntyre Great piece! Made me hungry. Any celebrity sightings? I'd prefer Jennifer Garner; my wife would prefer Kevin Costner. (Posted May 18th)

Zac Rieke ‏@prettyrieke tweeted: Cleveland is poppin this weekend! @Indians playing, filming Captain America sequel & Kevin Costner's 'Draft Day', and CLE marathon (Posted May 18th)

Kleyton Cooper ‏@kleytoncooper tweeted: Photo of Jennifer Garner & Rachel, my niece, in Cleveland Metro Parks. Garner & Kevin Costner filming "Draft Day"! (Posted 10:54am May 18th)

Portchielulu ‏@Portchielulu tweeted: My auntie & uncle nonchalantly told me that Kevin Costner is renting their penthouse in Cleveland. #nbd #TheyreDoctors #HowTheOtherHalfLive (Posetd 5:45pm May 18th)

Julie Bunce ‏@juliebunce tweeted: Kevin Costner was at the Cyc tonight and I didn't even serve him and nip slip for a tip (Posted 8:38pm May 18th)

May 19, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; A fan takes a picture of motion picture actor Kevin Costner during a game between the Cleveland Indians and the Seattle Mariners at Progressive Field. (David Richard-USA TODAY Sports)

Actor Kevin Costner Attends Tribe Game CLEVELAND — Actor Kevin Costner took a break from filming his new movie ‘Draft Day’ to cheer on the Cleveland Indians! Costner was spotted at Progressive Field Sunday for the Indians game against the Seattle Mariners. Tribe fans flooded Twitter with pictures of the celebrity spotted in the stands.

Two pictures at the following link:

margaret watson ‏@watsonm_m tweeted: Talking to Kevin Costner thanking him for coming out to watch my dad throw out the first pitch! (Posted 10:10am May 19th)

Shane ⚾ ‏@ShaneDeFranco2 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the tribe game. Pretty cool considering the fact he's been in three of the best baseball movies ever made (Posted 11:07am May 19th)

Rachel Martin ‏@Rae_Mar9 tweeted: Kevin Costner sighting at the Tribe game right now...on TV. #CrashDavis (Posted 11:07am May 19th)

Brett Alltop ‏@BrettAlltop13 tweeted: Wait Kevin Costner is at the indians game.. Those people are sitting next to an academy award winner and they don't even know it (Posted 11:14am May 19th)

Jim Berdysz ‏@JBirdman27 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the #Tribe game? Is this Heaven?! No it's CLEVELAND! (Posted 11:15am May 19th)

Hauck 2016 ‏@NicholasHauck tweeted: I mean, It makes sense for Kevin Costner to be at the Indians game... He's filming a movie in Cleveland. (Posted 11:18am May 19th)

Twan ‏@GameOfTwans tweeted: Even Kevin Costner is I'm the Tribe #Indians #ClevelandRocks #GoTribe

Shannon Drayer ‏@shannondrayer tweeted: They are doing the wave at Progressive Field. Kevin Costner did not do the wave. (Posted 11:37am May 19th)

Brian Musick ‏@BrianMusick tweeted: Kevin Costner in attendance at today's #Tribe game (Posted 11:41am May 19th)

Michael Hill ‏@meandtish tweeted: "@BrownsGirl19: I'm not a Kevin Costner fan, but it's cool he's sitting just in the middle of the crowd. #Indians" #Windians

Shane Casimir ‏@raidercas tweeted: Kevin Costner sitting one section over. Pretty cool. #CrashDavis (Posted 12:19pm May 19th)

Todd Sheppard ‏@taawd Too cool seeing Kevin Costner up on the scoreboard at the @indians game. (Posted 12:20pm May 19th)

W. Daniel Fichtel ‏@wdfichtel tweeted: 3 rows behind Kevin Costner at the Indians game. :) (Posted 12:23pm May 19th)

Claire ‏@clarr10 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the tribe game? H (Posted 12:40pm May 19th)

Amanda Glorioso ‏@glorr2210 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Indians game!! Picked a good game to come to! (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Picture by raidercas - Shane Casimir Recognize this guy!!! At Tribe game. #KevinCostner (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Ian Grubman ‏@IRGrubsy tweeted: Crash Davis now with the Indians' organization? Kevin Costner spotted at Progressive Field. (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Nick Shook ‏@Shookie_Cookie tweeted: Kevin Costner took all attention away from a ninth inning situation at the Tribe game. Lol. (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Kyle Lanker ‏@Klanker23 tweeted: Haha Kevin Costner at the Tribe game... Seems like a class act. (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Emma Conroy ‏@erc623 tweeted: Omg Kevin Costner has been sitting behind me this entire game and I just found out as he was leaving #sosexy #lovehim!!! (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Picture by vmyhal - Victoria Myhal #kevincostner #nbd #cle (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Scott Shurtleff ‏@Shurty4 tweeted: Tribe game with the fam just got better ... Mrs Shurty high fives Kevin Costner! (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Lindsay Ackerman ‏@lackerm3 tweeted: Kevin Costner is at the #Indians game and shaking hands with the fans! #awesome #lovehim (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Paul Biacsi ‏@pbiacsi tweeted: Good job by Kevin Costner giving the #Tribe fans some love on his way out (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Andrew Sabio ‏@asabs32 tweeted: Kevin Costner getting mauled by fans leaving the game (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Tim Caton ‏@T_JamesCaton tweeted: Pretty cool seeing Kevin Costner at the tribe game. Dude stayed for 9 innings #legit (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Barb G ‏@barbglow tweeted: OMG!!! Kevin Costner just walked by our section!!! #gotapic#socute (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

George Slyman ‏@LVDAWG11 So cool to see Kevin Costner taking in a game. #ifyoubuildittheywillcome (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Courtney Noster ‏@CourtneyMinaj25 tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER WAS AT THE GAME TODAY! @ Progressive Field (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Jacquie Chakirelis ‏@Jchakirelis tweeted: Always a baseball fan - Field of Dreams star Kevin Costner @indians today! #rolltribe #TribeTown @… (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Sue Bandy ‏@root4browns tweeted: Kevin Costner getting lots of love from #Tribe fans as he leaves the game. (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Steph ‏@Stephh_Jeff tweeted: Kevin Costner. Real casual. #rolltribe (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Morgan Davis ‏@KaptainMorganD tweeted: @jamesblair06 did I just see you high five Kevin Costner on TV? (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Virgil @mrvooch tweeted: Props to Kevin Costner for not strolling down the tunnel, and instead saying hi and shaking hands. Classy and u can visit Ctown any time! (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Tabitha Toler ‏@tabimarie1 tweeted: @Indians are bringing out the Celebs! Kevin Costner is at the #Cleveland Game!! (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Tom ‏@tec6062 tweeted: @jcrasnick Seeing Kevin Costner at a baseball game is like seeing Jesus Christ at a wine tasting #TooGoodToBeTrue (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Zach Alexander ‏@Zach_Norrison tweeted: Just bought Kevin Costner a beer no joke guys (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Katherine Saine ‏@katherINesaine tweeted: Kevin Costner just walked past me at the @Indians game (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Tony Rogonjich ‏@TonyRogo3871 tweeted: How cool is it that Kevin Costner was at the Tribe game today, sitting amongst the fans? That's awesome, and the Tribe is rolling!! Yes!! (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Bradley Grahovac ‏@_Brxdlxy tweeted: Kevin Costner is 10 feet in front of me (Posted 12:45pm May 19th)

Michael Bekeny ‏@Mike_bekeny tweeted: Just met Kevin costner at the Indians game (Posted 12:45pm May 19th)

Mike Ogorzaly ‏@mikeogor1 tweeted: People were more excited to see Kevin Costner at the game than the game itself (Posted 12:45pm May 19th)

Katy Hanawalt ‏@HeyItsMeKatySue tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Tribe game! (Posted 12:45pm May 19th)

Coleen Newkirk ‏@Cailin1234 tweeted: @zojenk We should've gone to today's Indians game. Kevin Costner went to the game! 😍 (Posted 12:46pm May19th)

Krista D'Amore ‏@kcdamore tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Indians game. It is catching fire with everyone. #indiansfever (Posted 12:46pm May 19th)

Jacob Young ‏@jcbyng tweeted: Kevin Costner was at Progressive Field for the game today. The Tribe put on a good show for him! (Posted 12:46pm May19th)

Jannette ‏@nnpooks tweeted: Kevin Costner showing Cleve some love shaking hands, waving & accepting hugs at the Tribe game. (Posted 12:46pm May 19th)

Taylor_Sweeney ‏@Taylor_Sweeney tweeted: Kevin Costner is at the game ! (Posted 12:46pm May 19th)

Brendan Zawadzki ‏@Zawad_20 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at the game #sweet (Posted 12:47pm May 19th)

andres c ‏@andrescristales tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Indians game (Posted 12:47pm May 19th)

James Gepperth ‏@JimGepperth tweeted: Awesome to see Kevin Costner at the Indians game! (Posted 12:48pm May 19th)

Grant Miller ‏@GrantTMiller tweeted: Kevin Costner is already a Cleveland hero #RollTribe (Posted 12:48pm May 19th)

Picture by liv_9_9 Even famous people watch the indians! #KevinCostner #WINdians #baseball #rolltribe (Posted 12:49pm May 19th)

Lindsay Ackerman ‏@lackerm3 tweeted: @katherINesaine @DJ_SMan just rewound them showing Kevin Costner walking through the stands & I saw you on TV!!! What a great game to be at! (Posted 12:49pm May 19th)

Andrew Leachko ‏@ALeachko tweeted: And here's the picture right before @torystewart11 and myself met Kevin Costner at the Indians game!… (Posted 12:50pm May 19th)

Sam Rosen ‏@SjRosen18 tweeted: Kevin Costner is the first celebrity to ever be at an Indians game. (Posted 12:50pm May 19th)

Princess Lindsay ‏@princesslinzaye tweeted: . @ElSeeVee13 just told my mom that Kevin Costner was at the the Indians game today. Her response "awl my favorite pitcher" 😂😂😂 (Posted 12:50pm May 19th)

I ❤USA, PEOPLE!✌ ‏@StassyLovesMJ tweeted: Why is Kevin Costner trending??? :0 (Posted 12:51pm May 19th)

Picture by kraskalr Sitting in front of #kevincostner and I didn't even know it @eekraska yeahh buddy (Posted 12:51pm May 19th)

jamie germuska ‏@jamiegermuska tweeted: the Indians won and Kevin Costner walked by us right before the end of the game! #WINDIANS! (Posted 12:56pm May 19th)

Tiffany French ‏@tiff_french tweeted: Oh hey KEVIN COSTNER!! Thanks for supporting the #tribe and for SHAKING MY HAND!!! #saywhat #cle… (Posted 12:57pm May 19th)

spit fuck ‏@fear_boner tweeted: Yes, that is Kevin Costner sitting 20 feet from us. (Posted 12:58pm May 19th)

Lauryn Wermer ‏@Lauryn_Wermer tweeted: Kevin Costner just walked by us at the Indians game (Posted 1:01pm May 19th)

Bob Toth ‏@TheBobToth tweeted: Kevin Costner walked by me today. That's my claim to fame. #Indians (Posted 1:01pm May 19th)

Joe Hallahan™ ‏@josephallahan tweeted: FieldofDreams today.Kevin Costner in the house.Tribe mows down yet another Cy young winner Masty continues being Nasty #RollTribe #windians (Posted 1:02pm May 19th)

§†£Ú ‏@Its_MeSari tweeted: Ooh Kevin costner is at an Indians game, cool. I always liked him. (Posted 1:04pm May 19th)

Erin Gorrell ‏@twitttERIN tweeted: Beautiful game day! The Indians won and we saw Kevin Costner! (Posted at 1:04pm May 19th)

Mitchell Peterson ‏@Mitch_Daddy tweeted: Kevin Costner was at the Indians game today. He got a standing O (Posted 1:05pm)

Bryan Healey ‏@bhealey14 tweeted: Just saw 5 rows in front of Kevin Costner! (Posted 1:07pm May 19th)

Grace Delehanty ‏@delehanty3 tweeted: “@cjewstick2573: Kevin Costner at the ballgame” my brother told me he saw him just after we left! (Posted 1:08pm May 19th)

Russell Williams ‏@Cavs247dotcom tweeted: Kevin Costner in town attending the game, as well. People were pushing and shoving to see him. Rest of us? Just watched the game w/ beer. (Posted 1:10pm May 19th)

Picture by rosolowski_13 - Brandon Rosolowski Saw Kevin Costner today at the game. He was a section over from us, but the funny part is that we had better seats than him #celebrity #kevincostner #indians #cleveland #instaguy #instadaily #followback #followme (Posted 1:16pm May 19th)

Abby Kuhn ‏@Abby_Cadabbyyy tweeted: What a great day to see the Cleveland Indians play! Seeing Kevin Costner was an added bonus!… (Posted 1:16pm May 19th)

Jon C. Marshall ‏@jcmarshall1 tweeted: Kevin Costner (Posted 1:18pm May 19th)

19 Action News WOIO ‏@19ActionNews tweeted: Kevin Costner at Tribe game Sunday. (Posted 1:27pm May 19th)

hi, im fabulous✌ ‏@kelseyyalixx tweeted: Indians won, saw Kevin Costner, won the seat upgrade.. it was a good game. (Posted 1:27pm May 19th)

abby chesnik ‏@abbychez tweeted: “@19ActionNews: Kevin Costner at Tribe game Sunday. THERE WE AREEEE 😱 (Posted 1:32pm May 19th)

lexi hersh ‏@lexi_hershykiss tweeted: “@19ActionNews: Kevin Costner at Tribe game Sunday. yep there I am 😊 (Posted 1:31pm May 19th)

ⓜⓔⓖⓗⓐⓝ ⓚⓞⓜⓞ ‏@MeghanKomo tweeted: “@19ActionNews: Kevin Costner at Tribe game Sunday. theres us in the picture with kevin costner! #famous (Posted 1:31pm May 19th)

Jake Young ‏@cspan3 tweeted: My Dad shook Kevin Costner's hand at the Indians game today. If he were a politician, I would've gotten excited... Posted 1:53pm May 19th)

Marcus Troyer ‏@Marcus48troyer tweeted: Kevin Costner at progressive field (Posted 1:54pm May 19th)

heidZILLAS ‏@heidZILLAS tweeted: “@JimGepperth: Awesome to see Kevin Costner at the Indians game!” Cc: hope @DBaumgart sees him while he's here! (Posted 1:56pm May 19th)

gigi,CPC,HUC,MS,MA ‏@dayzfan tweeted: @maciejepson Did you see Kevin Costner at the TRIBE game? Pictures are all over twitter! (Posted 2:01pm May 19th)

Tim ‏@ShadowScars tweeted: If I controlled the scoreboard at Progressive Field, as soon as Kevin Costner looked up, I woulda flashed something about Moonlight Graham. (Posted 2:04pm May 19th)

King Anthony ‏@APetranic tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at the Indians game today #rolltribe #indians (Posted 2:05pm May 19th)

Sarah Dinda ‏@sexiililmonster tweeted: Walked right past kevin Costner at the Indians game!!!!! (Posted 2:17pm May 19th)

lexi hersh ‏@lexi_hershykiss tweeted: @AlexKrasnow haha yeah the camera people kept on putting the camera on us cause of Kevin Costner !! (Posted 2:17pm May 19th)

Picture by mr_sdiddy - Mister Starks (Posted 2:21pm May 19th)

Optimus Chive ‏@Lou_Vaz tweeted: So they did a celebrity look a like at the indians game and it ended up being the celebrity. Kevin Costner is in town filming a movie. (Posted 2:32pm May 19th)

Picture by heidireese31 I'm not sure how we got better seats than this guy! :) #KevinCostner (Posted 2:48pm May 19th)

Brian Musick ‏@BrianMusick tweeted: My Kevin Costner signed baseball #FieldOfDreams #CLE #Cleveland (Posted 2:56pm May 19th)

Manny Durtaugh ‏@MoonMan_Dan tweeted: They just filmed part of the Kevin Costner movie on my street! #cleveland (Posted 3:10pm May 19th)

chris thomas ‏@truetoken tweeted: Kevin Costner in our section at the game. #nbd #prettycool #baseballmovie #tribe #indians (Posted 3:19pm May 19th)

Whitney ‏@whitneygarr tweeted: Kevin Costner was behind us! (Posted 4:32pm May 19th)

Barb Wallace ‏@realBKW tweeted: Excited as sportscaster teased "celebrity" in attendance at Indians game. Then they showed... Kevin Costner. Yeah, I know, right? #NBCch3 (Posted 3:30pm May 19th)

Picture by batdee - De'Ann Brossia #kevincostner at the #cleveland #indians #baseball #game #awesome (Posted 5:01pm May 19th)

Tommy Ando ‏@Ando83 tweeted: Kevin Costner was at work today. Good stuff. (Posted 5:49pm May 19th)

chad zumock ‏@chadzumock tweeted: Just got the call to be on the set of #DraftDay w/Kevin Costner tomorrow at 6am. If I don't get 2nd billing as "Guy #2" I'm firing my agent. (Posted May 19th)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lots of items of interest to view....

The Kent Stage ‏@kentstage tweeted: Tix for Kevin Costner & Modern West on 6/22 are on sale 5/17 @ 11am. Get them while they're hot.

VIDEO: Man of Steel - Behind the Scenes by Walmart Published on May 18, 2013 - Watch exclusive interviews from the cast & crew of Man of Steel - one of the summer's most anticipated films releasing in theaters on June 14th. Purchase your exclusive advanced screening tickets at Walmart to see it before anyone else on June 13th in your local theater. Visit to locate a store near you.

“Man of Steel” Lands at Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s in Warner Bros. Partnership Super program includes advertising campaign, new burger and more. See press release for details:

Interview with Kevin Costner: On Taking Risks, His New Movie Man Of Steel, The Superman And The Baseball Movies Curse, His Love For Cowboy Movies And Playing Around The World With His Band By Sian Edwards / The Interview Feed:

Jenna Godfrey ‏@jennakate97 tweeted: I WILL be going to see the new Superman movie just because of Kevin Costner (Posted May 16th)

Picture of Henry Cavill advocating reading for young people:

VIDEO: MAN OF STEEL - Official Trailer #3 (With Henry Cavill Intro) (2013) [HD] by CBMTrailers Published on May 17, 2013:

Interview Questions for Kevin Costner by Chuck Richter - he gets to interview Kevin and is asking for questions to ask him. I think you have to join the forum or maybe you can email him. Details at link:

Why Did I Graduate? ‏@WhyDidIGraduate tweeted: Is it pathetic that my mom has a cooler life than me? She's having dinner with Johnny Cash's grandson tonight. She also had lunch the other day with Kevin Costner, and she accidentally wore two different shoes (Posted May 2nd)

Picture by lifeoflucaspeter - Lucas Peter #kevincostner #thebodyguard #fieldofdreams #manofsteel

M_eL ‏@Mary_eLTweets tweeted: Kevin Costner toasting his audience! A great show! @modernwest (Posted May 16th)

Natja Kristy commented: Tarantino recommended a movie in passing in an interview on TV when the host of the show asked him if he saw any good movies recently. He thought for a second then said "Oh yea, The Hatfields and Mcoys, With kevin Costner, that was a good one". So I watched it. Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton, Powers Boothe, Tom Beringer, Jena Malone-who played the young Jodie Foster in Contact, and other familiar faces. It's 4 hours long but was a great movie! (Posted May 11th)

Picture by valeriarubinonyc: #kevincostner #tonywilliams #nfl #hollywood #valeriarubino #villaricca Hahahaha

Tracy Weisert ‏@TracyWeisertLA tweeted: #ThrowbackThursday It was such a pleasure to do SILVERADO & WYATT EARP with Kevin Costner in Santa Fe @modernwest

Picture by fatsopatso:

almostf8mous ‏@masterandmargar tweeted: Kevin Costner. Shadows Run Black.

Picture by lilirishgf @lilirishgf My most prized possession !!!! Signed Kevin Costner and @modernwest shirt!!! @b0bbyyang

EUTERPA with Milan Savic and Kevin Costner at Cafe Jerry. April 20, 2013:

Kevin Costner & Euterpa - Kevin Costner's Belgrade farewell party 20.04.2013:

Picture by By 6829franck - FRANCK T:

Picture by jules31victor - Julie Victor Us with Kevin a few yrs back.

Picture from Barcelona 2010, El Palau de la Musica theatre:

Picture of 'Jack Ryan' filming:

Testament - a young Kevin Costner (1983) by BabyBoomerGen Published on Apr 29, 2013:

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Superman 14 - Untold Truth by ichiban2592007:

VIDEO: You Didn't Have To Be So Nice - "The Postman" soundtrack by hellomouse115 Published on Apr 30, 2013 Written by: John Sebastian & Steve Boone - Performed by: Amy Grant & Kevin Costner - The Postman Soundtrack - Music From The 1997 Movie "The Postman":

VIDEO: Kevin Costner I will always love you by melissa52ru Published on May 11, 2013 Фотографии Ирины Любимовой концерт в Санкт -Петербурге 11 апреля в БКЗ «Октябрьский»:

Friday, May 17, 2013

More of Kevin filming 'Draft Day' in Cleveland, Ohio....

Kayse Schmucker ‏@WhatTheSchmuck tweeted: Hey does anyone wanna be an extra in Draft Day (starring Kevin Costner) with me and @K_Fert93 tomorrow? (Posted May 17th) email

ZAPPA STUDIOS looking for kids, ages 18-26 to be part of filming this Saturday, May 18. Location: Kent State - If you know of anyone, nieces, nephews, sones, daughters, friends who would like to be part of Draft Day, please have them send an email to SUBJECT: FAN Please include name, call, sizes, date of birth and a photo for consideration. All extras positions are paid.

Excerpt by Dominic Patten: EXCLUSIVE: He’s not on the field but he is in the game. Sam Elliott has joined Ivan Reitman‘s Draft Day, playing a college coach whose quarterback is a top NFL draft pick.:

See the picture and article entitled: '"Draft Day" movie is filming in Shaker Heights' by Thomas Jewell, Sun News:

See the three videos, pictures and article entitled: ''Draft Day' scenes featuring Kevin Costner shot at Shaker Heights home' by Terrence Lee and Dave Arnold, of newsnet5:

See the three pictures and article entitled: 'Kevin Costner Movie Filming in Shaker Heights - Cast and crew for movie "Draft Day" filming at Shaker Heights home through Wednesday' by Nikki Ferrell:

Picture by charliemertz - Charlie Mertz On set at #draftday. Cleveland - where even stars go to get away. #kevincostner 05-15-13:

Picture by WEWS NewsChannel5:

Picture: Kevin Costner leaves Shaker Heights set for lunch. 5/15:

VIDEO: 'Shaker Heights: 'Draft Day' filming with Kevin Costner' - WKYC's Maureen Kyle sneaked a peek at the activity:

'Kevin Costner Films in Shaker Heights: Share Your Photos!' By Nikki Ferrell:

See the article entitled: 'Where celebrities go for Cleveland nightlife; share your sightings' by John Petkovic, The Plain Dealer:

See article entitled: 'Scene of 'Draft Day' Filmed at Mayfield Village Dance & Gymnastics Studio - Film starring Kevin Costner has scene at Lakeshore Dance and Gymnastics Studio' by Brandon Baker:

Connor E. O'Hearn ‏@CEOHEARN tweeted: Just casually filming a movie in the backyard. kevin Costner is chilling in that chair. (Posted May 15th):

Maureen Kyle ‏@maureenkyle tweeted: Draft Day filming! Kevin Costner sighting in Shaker “@FollowWIN: I spy a Star, out with @maureenkyle (Posted May 15th):

Mandy ‏@mandy524 tweeted: Seriously ch. 5? `These ladies drove all the way from Beachwood to Shaker Heights for a glimpse of Kevin Costner`. A whole 10 minute drive. (Posted May 15th)

J Corbin DiMeglio ‏@JCDiMeglio tweeted: Apparently Kevin Costner is like 20 feet from me right now. Who woulda thunk it? #ClevelandRocks (Posted May 15th)

Amanda Jean ‏@amandathecow tweeted: Kevin Costner was in my neighborhood today! (Posted May 15th)

Shay Harris ‏@IAmShayHarris tweeted: Having fun with the little gymnasts from the Kevin Costner film "Draft Day"!!! They were hilarious!!! (Posted May 15th)

Eva Karl ‏@Eva_la_Viva88 tweeted: They're filming the Kevin Costner movie right outside my work!!!🎥this just changed my entire outfit for today. (Posted 4:18am May 16th)

Chris Ball ‏@ChrisBall99 tweeted: Film crew for "Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner left my neighborhood last night. I miss them already. (Posted May 16th)

Ashez14 ‏@ashez14 tweeted: Draft Day with Kevin Costner is filming just outside my office. (Posted 7:21am May 16th)

Seth Erik Yergin ‏@HungarianFever tweeted: Looks like I'll be meeting Kevin Costner on Saturday. (Posted May 16th)

Heidi Knapp ‏@nanahknapp tweeted: My sister is working where Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner are filming a movie in River! She got this pic!!! 😍🎬🎥❤ Kevin Costner is in the white dress shirt!!! 😍 (Posted 8:36am May 16th)

WEWS NewsChannel5 ‏@WEWS tweeted: Anyone get any photos of the stars in town for 'Draft Day' filming? Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner are here. Tweet us your pics (Posted May 16th)

Amy's Shoes ‏@amysshoes tweeted: 'Draft Day' movie trucks outside Rocky River store. I wouldn't mind seeing Kevin Costner today:

K-Von ‏@kvon216 tweeted: I'm going to be busy shooting #DraftDay with Kevin Costner, Diddy & them ALL weekend. I'm trying to kick it tonight. Who's down? (Posted 9:03am May 16th)

Roger Conners commented: Jennifer Garner and Kevin Costner are filming TWO BLOCKS from Erie Island Coffee at this VERY MOMENT. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!?! (Posted 9:09am May 16th)

Robert Marin Uhoda tweeted: KC used to own a house on Lorain, right at Wooster (Posted May 16th)

Meredith Kaltenecker ‏@merekalt tweeted: Kevin Costner movie being filmed at my school this weekend and they need extras. If I was in town I would try to do that! (Posted May 16th)

Restaurant Jerry ‏@JerryRestoran tweeted: Kevin Costner u restoranu Jerry (Posted 10:13am May 16th)

Restaurant Jerry's website:

sandy vidovich ‏@sandyvido tweeted: Kevin Costner filming "Draft Day" next to our building today. (Posted 12:14pm May 16th)

kacie park(e) ‏@kcparke tweeted: Jennifer Garner and Kevin Costner were filming a movie in Rocky River today I'm so glad I just found out and did nothing today (Posted 4:44pm May 16th)

anthony j. trzaska ‏@trazberries tweeted: Kevin Costner is so out in Cleveland right now. #FieldofCLEams #CLEdurham #CLEterworld (Posted 5:13pm May 16th)

Agnes Audebert ‏@AMPCA88 tweeted: So that Kevin Costner movie is shooting in front of my building #neat (Posted 5:47pm May 16th)

Christie Klima ‏@christieklima tweeted: Jennifer Garner & Kevin Costner filming the movie Draft Day down the street from my street 2 minutes away today (Posted 7:19pm May 16th)

Thea Meder ‏@PrincessTHEA_ tweeted: Kevin Costner and Jennifer garner are in Lakewood filming a movie based on the browns called Draft Day and someone said they're at vosh (Posted 7:52pm May 16th)

Jack Curran ‏@Gcurranjack96 tweeted: Kevin Costner was at vosh last Saturday and I never got to see him.... He disappeared (Posted May 16th)

Mikey Gallas ‏@DiamdGallasPage tweeted: Kevin Costner is in Berea right now filming a movie at the Browns Facility. Enough said. (Posted 11:24am May 17th)

MIAMIAN magazine ‏@MiamianMagazine tweeted: 1996 Miamian Rajiv Joseph co-wrote screenplay for "Draft Day," movie now filming in Shaker Heights with Kevin Costner. Rajiv is on set too! (Posted 4:43am May 17th)

Brittany Kula ‏@BobDylansWife tweeted: Kevin Costner is filming in Rocky River today?? That's where I work aah. @KelsKuls your favorite actor! (Posted 4:47am May 17th)

Josh Gordon ‏@JOSH_GORDONXII tweeted: Currently watching Kevin Costner in our weight room making magic.. #draftday2014 (Posted 8:45am May 17th)

Squirrel Master ‏@thatdudebradley tweeted: Kevin Costner is literally a football field away from my apartment righf now. (Posted 8:50am May 17th)

John Lee ‏@JohnLee216 tweeted: Just had a REAL HEART TO HEART w/ Kevin Costner! I'm SO THANKFUL GOD. Just get me in the room and I WILL NETWORK MY ASS OFF! (Posted 9:11am May 17th)

Marc Spaulding ‏@MarcSpaulding tweeted: I saw Kevin Costner out in Lakewood last night...that was random (Posted May 17th)

Tony Grossi ‏@TonyGrossi tweeted: While #Browns were at charity golf outing, Kevin Costner was filming scenes today for 'Draft Day' in team facility in Berea. #brownsgolf (Posted 11:05am May 17th)

Mike Buehner ‏@MikeBuehner tweeted: Long ass work day! At least I got to hang around Kevin Costner... (Posted 7:44pm May 17th)

Celina Hutchens ‏@CelinaHutchens tweeted: @NateBoneWurm24 and I just booked our first feature film with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. Yea baby, just checked that off bucket list (Posted 6:46pm May 17th)

Andy Stuckert: Just got home from Cleveland, I wonder how nervous Kevin Costner was to meet an actor of my skill level? (Posted 11:07pm May 17th)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

KC & MW to play Kent Stage, Kent, Ohio....

According to the article by Rich Heldenfesl, Kevin Costner & Modern West will be playing on the Kent Stage, 175 E Main St, Kent, Ohio, on Sat. June 22 at 8pm. The concert will coincide with the filming of 'Draft Day' in various locations in Northeast Ohio. The concert is a fundraiser for The Kent Stage. Tickets will go on sale Friday at 11 am exclusively at and 877-987-6487. (Tickets, according to the Kent Stage website, start at $50 for SRO and peak at $150, which includes a meet-and-greet.)

The Kent Stage website:

The Kent Stage is managed by the Western Reserve Folk Arts Association, a 501(c)3 not-for profit. Since 2002, the historic Kent Stage has been the host to dozens of Rock and Roll HOF inductees, numerous Grammy award winners, Acadamy award winners, IBMA award winners, WC Hardy award winners, folk, blues, doo wop, and rock icons as well as hundreds of regional folk and blues artists. The Kent Stage also produces the major concert portions of the Kent State Folk Festival, Kent Blues Festival, Up From The River Music Festival, Kent Reggae Meltdown, as well as non-concert events such as film festivals, children's theatrical performances and numerous community activities, The Kent Stage drawing its audience from across the country and with more than 120 events a year, the iconic venue generates millions for the local economy on an annual basis. All profits generated by this concert will contribute to its continued success. For more infomation, please visit

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More pictures and videos about 'Man of Steel'...

Rj Lopena ‏@akoRJ tweeted: Excited for man of steel. Mom will surely watch this coz she has a huge crush on Kevin Costner. (Posted May 11th)

'Man Of Steel' posters collection:

Picture by stormshadow83 - Charly: Papa de clark #kevincostner #waterworld #superman #batman #justiceleague #wonderwoman #superdad #manofsteel #amyadams #cast

Picture by manofsteelpictures - Man of Steel 2013: #ManofSteel #Superman #ZackSnyder #ChristopherNolan #Movies #Films #Cinema #2013 #Instagram #Pictures #Photos #Stills #Like #FollowMe #JonathanKent #KevinCostner

html Twizzlers® Candy Joins Man Of Steel™ For An Invincible Summer - Facebook Video Application Allows Fans to 'Create The Invincible You' For a Chance to Win the Ultimate Man of Steel Getaway:

VIDEO: Super Powers of the Man of Steel: SPEED by norton· Published on May 13, 2013 - Discover the powers of the Man of Steel in exclusive clips brought to you by Norton. Watch all three and get more at

VIDEO: Super Powers of the Man of Steel: FLIGHT by norton· Published on May 13, 2013:

VIDEO: Super Powers of the Man of Steel: STRENGTH by norton· Published on May 13, 2013:

VIDEO: Man of Steel - TV Spot 3 by WarnerBrosPictures Published on May 6, 2013:

VIDEO: Man Of Steel - Official TV Spot 4 by 360manofsteel Published on May 12, 2013:

VIDEO: Man of Steel - TV Spot 5 by WarnerBrosPictures Published on May 13, 2013:

VIDEO: Man of Steel - Extended TV Spot 5 by 360manofsteel Published on May 12, 2013:

VIDEO: Walmart TV's Showing Man of Steel Trailer #3 360manofsteel Published on May 8, 2013:

VIDEO: Man of Steel - HD 'Greater' TV Spot - Official Warner Bros. UK warnerbrosuktrailers Published on May 11, 2013:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More of Kevin filming 'Draft Day' in Cleveland, Ohio...

Jet Ruffin ‏@Do_it_Like_Tony tweeted: On set with Kevin Costner. (Posted 11:38pm May 11th)

See the picture and article entitled: 'Kevin Costner Spends His Saturday Night in Lakewood' by Colin McEwen:

Tyler Holtzman: A whole bunch of people from Young Harvest met Kevin Costner last night after The Schmooze. How jealous am I? Very. (Posted May 12th)

See the picture, video and article entitled: 'Hollywood crews film 'Draft Day' starring Kevin Costner at Mayfield Village business' by Terrence Lee:

JayFree ‏@Heretotellit tweeted: @terrenceleeTV Kevin Costner is set to film #DraftDay scenes in Mayfield Village later. Extras starting to arrive now. (Posted 8:44am May13th)

Glenn Moore ‏@GlennMooreCLE tweeted: My east side friends, Kevin Costner is in Mayfield Village. #fieldofdreams (Posted 9:56am May 13th)

Kate Shafer ‏@kpshafer tweeted: Had to drive through all of the movie trucks and craft services to get to Crossfit this morning... (Posted 11:18am May 13th)

Eryn McNichol ‏@emcnichol18 Kevin Costner was at my gym :) (Posted 2:16pm May 13th)

Cassie McCartney ‏@cassiemac_17 tweeted: Was an extra in a movie with Kevin Costner (Posted 2:45am May 13th)

Sarah Jessica Graber ‏@sarah_graber tweeted: Movie being filmed at lakeshore👌☺ met Kevin Costner (Posted 4:49pm May 13th)

See the video and article entitled: 'Shooting continues in Cleveland for movie 'Draft Day'; Seven young gymnasts become stars' by Shay Harris:

D Stone ‏@nae_iDance tweeted: My cousin was taped for #KevinCostner upcoming movie! She's flipping at 0:59! #Exciting (Posted May 13th)

Jen Ludgin commented: Kevin Costner and Jennifer Gardner in my neighborhood filming for the week. Good motivation to go running :) (Posted May 13th)

Terri Cavoli ‏@TerriCavoli tweeted: Looking to find out where Kevin Costner is filming tomorrow in Cleveland area. Want to do something upbeat before heading back to Florida. (Posted May 13th)

See article entitled: 'Tom Welling Suits Up For ‘Draft Day’' by Mike Fleming JR:

Nick Bowser ‏@nickbowser8 tweeted: Walk into the gym and I see Kevin Costner! #sick #billychappel (Posted 7:20am May 14th)

See picture and article entitled: '"Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner being shot in Shaker Heights home' by Michael Heaton:

GABE SPIEGEL ‏@GABESPIEGEL tweeted: Kevin Costner is in #Cleveland shooting "Draft Day" right now. I'll be honest, I would be star stuck if I bumped into him. #draftday (Posted May 14th)