Monday, May 20, 2013

More 'Draft Day' and Kevin at Cleveland/Mariners game...

Vincent O'Keefe ‏@VincentAOKeefe tweeted: @MichaelMcIntyre Great piece! Made me hungry. Any celebrity sightings? I'd prefer Jennifer Garner; my wife would prefer Kevin Costner. (Posted May 18th)

Zac Rieke ‏@prettyrieke tweeted: Cleveland is poppin this weekend! @Indians playing, filming Captain America sequel & Kevin Costner's 'Draft Day', and CLE marathon (Posted May 18th)

Kleyton Cooper ‏@kleytoncooper tweeted: Photo of Jennifer Garner & Rachel, my niece, in Cleveland Metro Parks. Garner & Kevin Costner filming "Draft Day"! (Posted 10:54am May 18th)

Portchielulu ‏@Portchielulu tweeted: My auntie & uncle nonchalantly told me that Kevin Costner is renting their penthouse in Cleveland. #nbd #TheyreDoctors #HowTheOtherHalfLive (Posetd 5:45pm May 18th)

Julie Bunce ‏@juliebunce tweeted: Kevin Costner was at the Cyc tonight and I didn't even serve him and nip slip for a tip (Posted 8:38pm May 18th)

May 19, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; A fan takes a picture of motion picture actor Kevin Costner during a game between the Cleveland Indians and the Seattle Mariners at Progressive Field. (David Richard-USA TODAY Sports)

Actor Kevin Costner Attends Tribe Game CLEVELAND — Actor Kevin Costner took a break from filming his new movie ‘Draft Day’ to cheer on the Cleveland Indians! Costner was spotted at Progressive Field Sunday for the Indians game against the Seattle Mariners. Tribe fans flooded Twitter with pictures of the celebrity spotted in the stands.

Two pictures at the following link:

margaret watson ‏@watsonm_m tweeted: Talking to Kevin Costner thanking him for coming out to watch my dad throw out the first pitch! (Posted 10:10am May 19th)

Shane ⚾ ‏@ShaneDeFranco2 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the tribe game. Pretty cool considering the fact he's been in three of the best baseball movies ever made (Posted 11:07am May 19th)

Rachel Martin ‏@Rae_Mar9 tweeted: Kevin Costner sighting at the Tribe game right now...on TV. #CrashDavis (Posted 11:07am May 19th)

Brett Alltop ‏@BrettAlltop13 tweeted: Wait Kevin Costner is at the indians game.. Those people are sitting next to an academy award winner and they don't even know it (Posted 11:14am May 19th)

Jim Berdysz ‏@JBirdman27 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the #Tribe game? Is this Heaven?! No it's CLEVELAND! (Posted 11:15am May 19th)

Hauck 2016 ‏@NicholasHauck tweeted: I mean, It makes sense for Kevin Costner to be at the Indians game... He's filming a movie in Cleveland. (Posted 11:18am May 19th)

Twan ‏@GameOfTwans tweeted: Even Kevin Costner is I'm the Tribe #Indians #ClevelandRocks #GoTribe

Shannon Drayer ‏@shannondrayer tweeted: They are doing the wave at Progressive Field. Kevin Costner did not do the wave. (Posted 11:37am May 19th)

Brian Musick ‏@BrianMusick tweeted: Kevin Costner in attendance at today's #Tribe game (Posted 11:41am May 19th)

Michael Hill ‏@meandtish tweeted: "@BrownsGirl19: I'm not a Kevin Costner fan, but it's cool he's sitting just in the middle of the crowd. #Indians" #Windians

Shane Casimir ‏@raidercas tweeted: Kevin Costner sitting one section over. Pretty cool. #CrashDavis (Posted 12:19pm May 19th)

Todd Sheppard ‏@taawd Too cool seeing Kevin Costner up on the scoreboard at the @indians game. (Posted 12:20pm May 19th)

W. Daniel Fichtel ‏@wdfichtel tweeted: 3 rows behind Kevin Costner at the Indians game. :) (Posted 12:23pm May 19th)

Claire ‏@clarr10 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the tribe game? H (Posted 12:40pm May 19th)

Amanda Glorioso ‏@glorr2210 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Indians game!! Picked a good game to come to! (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Picture by raidercas - Shane Casimir Recognize this guy!!! At Tribe game. #KevinCostner (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Ian Grubman ‏@IRGrubsy tweeted: Crash Davis now with the Indians' organization? Kevin Costner spotted at Progressive Field. (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Nick Shook ‏@Shookie_Cookie tweeted: Kevin Costner took all attention away from a ninth inning situation at the Tribe game. Lol. (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Kyle Lanker ‏@Klanker23 tweeted: Haha Kevin Costner at the Tribe game... Seems like a class act. (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Emma Conroy ‏@erc623 tweeted: Omg Kevin Costner has been sitting behind me this entire game and I just found out as he was leaving #sosexy #lovehim!!! (Posted 12:41pm May 19th)

Picture by vmyhal - Victoria Myhal #kevincostner #nbd #cle (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Scott Shurtleff ‏@Shurty4 tweeted: Tribe game with the fam just got better ... Mrs Shurty high fives Kevin Costner! (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Lindsay Ackerman ‏@lackerm3 tweeted: Kevin Costner is at the #Indians game and shaking hands with the fans! #awesome #lovehim (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Paul Biacsi ‏@pbiacsi tweeted: Good job by Kevin Costner giving the #Tribe fans some love on his way out (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Andrew Sabio ‏@asabs32 tweeted: Kevin Costner getting mauled by fans leaving the game (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Tim Caton ‏@T_JamesCaton tweeted: Pretty cool seeing Kevin Costner at the tribe game. Dude stayed for 9 innings #legit (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

Barb G ‏@barbglow tweeted: OMG!!! Kevin Costner just walked by our section!!! #gotapic#socute (Posted 12:42pm May 19th)

George Slyman ‏@LVDAWG11 So cool to see Kevin Costner taking in a game. #ifyoubuildittheywillcome (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Courtney Noster ‏@CourtneyMinaj25 tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER WAS AT THE GAME TODAY! @ Progressive Field (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Jacquie Chakirelis ‏@Jchakirelis tweeted: Always a baseball fan - Field of Dreams star Kevin Costner @indians today! #rolltribe #TribeTown @… (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Sue Bandy ‏@root4browns tweeted: Kevin Costner getting lots of love from #Tribe fans as he leaves the game. (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Steph ‏@Stephh_Jeff tweeted: Kevin Costner. Real casual. #rolltribe (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Morgan Davis ‏@KaptainMorganD tweeted: @jamesblair06 did I just see you high five Kevin Costner on TV? (Posted 12:43pm May 19th)

Virgil @mrvooch tweeted: Props to Kevin Costner for not strolling down the tunnel, and instead saying hi and shaking hands. Classy and u can visit Ctown any time! (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Tabitha Toler ‏@tabimarie1 tweeted: @Indians are bringing out the Celebs! Kevin Costner is at the #Cleveland Game!! (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Tom ‏@tec6062 tweeted: @jcrasnick Seeing Kevin Costner at a baseball game is like seeing Jesus Christ at a wine tasting #TooGoodToBeTrue (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Zach Alexander ‏@Zach_Norrison tweeted: Just bought Kevin Costner a beer no joke guys (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Katherine Saine ‏@katherINesaine tweeted: Kevin Costner just walked past me at the @Indians game (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Tony Rogonjich ‏@TonyRogo3871 tweeted: How cool is it that Kevin Costner was at the Tribe game today, sitting amongst the fans? That's awesome, and the Tribe is rolling!! Yes!! (Posted 12:44pm May 19th)

Bradley Grahovac ‏@_Brxdlxy tweeted: Kevin Costner is 10 feet in front of me (Posted 12:45pm May 19th)

Michael Bekeny ‏@Mike_bekeny tweeted: Just met Kevin costner at the Indians game (Posted 12:45pm May 19th)

Mike Ogorzaly ‏@mikeogor1 tweeted: People were more excited to see Kevin Costner at the game than the game itself (Posted 12:45pm May 19th)

Katy Hanawalt ‏@HeyItsMeKatySue tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Tribe game! (Posted 12:45pm May 19th)

Coleen Newkirk ‏@Cailin1234 tweeted: @zojenk We should've gone to today's Indians game. Kevin Costner went to the game! 😍 (Posted 12:46pm May19th)

Krista D'Amore ‏@kcdamore tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Indians game. It is catching fire with everyone. #indiansfever (Posted 12:46pm May 19th)

Jacob Young ‏@jcbyng tweeted: Kevin Costner was at Progressive Field for the game today. The Tribe put on a good show for him! (Posted 12:46pm May19th)

Jannette ‏@nnpooks tweeted: Kevin Costner showing Cleve some love shaking hands, waving & accepting hugs at the Tribe game. (Posted 12:46pm May 19th)

Taylor_Sweeney ‏@Taylor_Sweeney tweeted: Kevin Costner is at the game ! (Posted 12:46pm May 19th)

Brendan Zawadzki ‏@Zawad_20 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at the game #sweet (Posted 12:47pm May 19th)

andres c ‏@andrescristales tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Indians game (Posted 12:47pm May 19th)

James Gepperth ‏@JimGepperth tweeted: Awesome to see Kevin Costner at the Indians game! (Posted 12:48pm May 19th)

Grant Miller ‏@GrantTMiller tweeted: Kevin Costner is already a Cleveland hero #RollTribe (Posted 12:48pm May 19th)

Picture by liv_9_9 Even famous people watch the indians! #KevinCostner #WINdians #baseball #rolltribe (Posted 12:49pm May 19th)

Lindsay Ackerman ‏@lackerm3 tweeted: @katherINesaine @DJ_SMan just rewound them showing Kevin Costner walking through the stands & I saw you on TV!!! What a great game to be at! (Posted 12:49pm May 19th)

Andrew Leachko ‏@ALeachko tweeted: And here's the picture right before @torystewart11 and myself met Kevin Costner at the Indians game!… (Posted 12:50pm May 19th)

Sam Rosen ‏@SjRosen18 tweeted: Kevin Costner is the first celebrity to ever be at an Indians game. (Posted 12:50pm May 19th)

Princess Lindsay ‏@princesslinzaye tweeted: . @ElSeeVee13 just told my mom that Kevin Costner was at the the Indians game today. Her response "awl my favorite pitcher" 😂😂😂 (Posted 12:50pm May 19th)

I ❤USA, PEOPLE!✌ ‏@StassyLovesMJ tweeted: Why is Kevin Costner trending??? :0 (Posted 12:51pm May 19th)

Picture by kraskalr Sitting in front of #kevincostner and I didn't even know it @eekraska yeahh buddy (Posted 12:51pm May 19th)

jamie germuska ‏@jamiegermuska tweeted: the Indians won and Kevin Costner walked by us right before the end of the game! #WINDIANS! (Posted 12:56pm May 19th)

Tiffany French ‏@tiff_french tweeted: Oh hey KEVIN COSTNER!! Thanks for supporting the #tribe and for SHAKING MY HAND!!! #saywhat #cle… (Posted 12:57pm May 19th)

spit fuck ‏@fear_boner tweeted: Yes, that is Kevin Costner sitting 20 feet from us. (Posted 12:58pm May 19th)

Lauryn Wermer ‏@Lauryn_Wermer tweeted: Kevin Costner just walked by us at the Indians game (Posted 1:01pm May 19th)

Bob Toth ‏@TheBobToth tweeted: Kevin Costner walked by me today. That's my claim to fame. #Indians (Posted 1:01pm May 19th)

Joe Hallahan™ ‏@josephallahan tweeted: FieldofDreams today.Kevin Costner in the house.Tribe mows down yet another Cy young winner Masty continues being Nasty #RollTribe #windians (Posted 1:02pm May 19th)

§†£Ú ‏@Its_MeSari tweeted: Ooh Kevin costner is at an Indians game, cool. I always liked him. (Posted 1:04pm May 19th)

Erin Gorrell ‏@twitttERIN tweeted: Beautiful game day! The Indians won and we saw Kevin Costner! (Posted at 1:04pm May 19th)

Mitchell Peterson ‏@Mitch_Daddy tweeted: Kevin Costner was at the Indians game today. He got a standing O (Posted 1:05pm)

Bryan Healey ‏@bhealey14 tweeted: Just saw 5 rows in front of Kevin Costner! (Posted 1:07pm May 19th)

Grace Delehanty ‏@delehanty3 tweeted: “@cjewstick2573: Kevin Costner at the ballgame” my brother told me he saw him just after we left! (Posted 1:08pm May 19th)

Russell Williams ‏@Cavs247dotcom tweeted: Kevin Costner in town attending the game, as well. People were pushing and shoving to see him. Rest of us? Just watched the game w/ beer. (Posted 1:10pm May 19th)

Picture by rosolowski_13 - Brandon Rosolowski Saw Kevin Costner today at the game. He was a section over from us, but the funny part is that we had better seats than him #celebrity #kevincostner #indians #cleveland #instaguy #instadaily #followback #followme (Posted 1:16pm May 19th)

Abby Kuhn ‏@Abby_Cadabbyyy tweeted: What a great day to see the Cleveland Indians play! Seeing Kevin Costner was an added bonus!… (Posted 1:16pm May 19th)

Jon C. Marshall ‏@jcmarshall1 tweeted: Kevin Costner (Posted 1:18pm May 19th)

19 Action News WOIO ‏@19ActionNews tweeted: Kevin Costner at Tribe game Sunday. (Posted 1:27pm May 19th)

hi, im fabulous✌ ‏@kelseyyalixx tweeted: Indians won, saw Kevin Costner, won the seat upgrade.. it was a good game. (Posted 1:27pm May 19th)

abby chesnik ‏@abbychez tweeted: “@19ActionNews: Kevin Costner at Tribe game Sunday. THERE WE AREEEE 😱 (Posted 1:32pm May 19th)

lexi hersh ‏@lexi_hershykiss tweeted: “@19ActionNews: Kevin Costner at Tribe game Sunday. yep there I am 😊 (Posted 1:31pm May 19th)

ⓜⓔⓖⓗⓐⓝ ⓚⓞⓜⓞ ‏@MeghanKomo tweeted: “@19ActionNews: Kevin Costner at Tribe game Sunday. theres us in the picture with kevin costner! #famous (Posted 1:31pm May 19th)

Jake Young ‏@cspan3 tweeted: My Dad shook Kevin Costner's hand at the Indians game today. If he were a politician, I would've gotten excited... Posted 1:53pm May 19th)

Marcus Troyer ‏@Marcus48troyer tweeted: Kevin Costner at progressive field (Posted 1:54pm May 19th)

heidZILLAS ‏@heidZILLAS tweeted: “@JimGepperth: Awesome to see Kevin Costner at the Indians game!” Cc: hope @DBaumgart sees him while he's here! (Posted 1:56pm May 19th)

gigi,CPC,HUC,MS,MA ‏@dayzfan tweeted: @maciejepson Did you see Kevin Costner at the TRIBE game? Pictures are all over twitter! (Posted 2:01pm May 19th)

Tim ‏@ShadowScars tweeted: If I controlled the scoreboard at Progressive Field, as soon as Kevin Costner looked up, I woulda flashed something about Moonlight Graham. (Posted 2:04pm May 19th)

King Anthony ‏@APetranic tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at the Indians game today #rolltribe #indians (Posted 2:05pm May 19th)

Sarah Dinda ‏@sexiililmonster tweeted: Walked right past kevin Costner at the Indians game!!!!! (Posted 2:17pm May 19th)

lexi hersh ‏@lexi_hershykiss tweeted: @AlexKrasnow haha yeah the camera people kept on putting the camera on us cause of Kevin Costner !! (Posted 2:17pm May 19th)

Picture by mr_sdiddy - Mister Starks (Posted 2:21pm May 19th)

Optimus Chive ‏@Lou_Vaz tweeted: So they did a celebrity look a like at the indians game and it ended up being the celebrity. Kevin Costner is in town filming a movie. (Posted 2:32pm May 19th)

Picture by heidireese31 I'm not sure how we got better seats than this guy! :) #KevinCostner (Posted 2:48pm May 19th)

Brian Musick ‏@BrianMusick tweeted: My Kevin Costner signed baseball #FieldOfDreams #CLE #Cleveland (Posted 2:56pm May 19th)

Manny Durtaugh ‏@MoonMan_Dan tweeted: They just filmed part of the Kevin Costner movie on my street! #cleveland (Posted 3:10pm May 19th)

chris thomas ‏@truetoken tweeted: Kevin Costner in our section at the game. #nbd #prettycool #baseballmovie #tribe #indians (Posted 3:19pm May 19th)

Whitney ‏@whitneygarr tweeted: Kevin Costner was behind us! (Posted 4:32pm May 19th)

Barb Wallace ‏@realBKW tweeted: Excited as sportscaster teased "celebrity" in attendance at Indians game. Then they showed... Kevin Costner. Yeah, I know, right? #NBCch3 (Posted 3:30pm May 19th)

Picture by batdee - De'Ann Brossia #kevincostner at the #cleveland #indians #baseball #game #awesome (Posted 5:01pm May 19th)

Tommy Ando ‏@Ando83 tweeted: Kevin Costner was at work today. Good stuff. (Posted 5:49pm May 19th)

chad zumock ‏@chadzumock tweeted: Just got the call to be on the set of #DraftDay w/Kevin Costner tomorrow at 6am. If I don't get 2nd billing as "Guy #2" I'm firing my agent. (Posted May 19th)

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