Friday, May 31, 2013

More from 'Draft Day' and Kevin headed to L.A....

See the article entitled: Berea: Theft on set of "Draft Day":

See the article entitled: 'Hall of Famer Jim Brown back with Browns' by Associated Press:

Rena Katz Durn ‏@RKD0407 tweeted: Frank Langella is here with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner filming a movie. (@ Corporate College East) (Posted 11:42am May 30th)

Heather Light ‏@HeatherALight tweeted: Just got a phone call from a "source" Kevin Costner is having dinner at Blue Point!! (Posted 6:02pm May 30th)

Devin Baumgart ‏@DBaumgart tweeted: Got to shake hands with Kevin Costner tonight. I love my job. (Posted 10:02pm May 30th)

0OoSpaceO_oNomade0Oo I had the pleasure of taking care of his table, he doesn't drink alcohol and only had pineapple juice all night. Great tipper! Warehouse District, Cleveland, Ohio (May 27th)

Craig Robertson ‏@C__Robertson tweeted: Jennifer Gardner was at practice chillin today! (Posted May 28th)

CoachAdam ‏@coachadam Adam K. checked in at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) Apparently CLE is the place to be. Kevin Costner and I crossing paths as I arrive from, and he departs to, Los Angeles. (Posted 4:30pm May 31st)

Kelly Kubach Addis: While boarding my plane to LA, I walked passed 1st class and who is sitting there handsomely waiting for me to tell him I love him? My 8th grade Robin Hood crush Kevin Costner!!!!! I touched his shoulder and yes, told him I loved him... (Posted 3:43pm May 31st)

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