Saturday, May 11, 2013

More of 'Draft Day' and Kevin in Cleveland, Ohio...

Lisa Kradlak ‏@LKradlak tweeted: I heard that Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner will be in town filming a movie soon. And by 'in town' I mean BEREA. Awesome. (Posted May 9th)

Costner's Browns @KevinCostnerGM - Imagining the world with Kevin Costner as the actual Cleveland #Browns GM.

John Lee ‏@JohnLee216 tweeted: We in them MOVIES now yall... Exec Producer Michael Bay, Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Arian Foster... I'm humbled (Posted May 9th)

Andrew Knode ‏@AndrewKnode tweeted: Going to have lunch with Kevin Costner...well his stand in anyway #closeenough (Posted May 9th)

BWU Equipment. ‏@BWEquipment tweeted: On our way to consult about Kevin Costner's new movie about the Browns Draft Day #FittinAllTheExtras (Posted May 9th)

marie a. garton ‏@vocalist4Him tweeted: Contacted by 2 feature films ("Draft Day" w/ Kevin Costner and "Holiday Miracle" w/ Dean Cain) within 3 days...crazy! Crazy good :) (Posted May 9th)

Tina Grimm ‏@TinaMGrimm tweeted: I met Kevin Costner yesterday on the set of "Draft Day." Very nice man. (Posted May 10th)

Stephen Tomaino ‏@TomainoTT5 tweeted: Cleveland browns movie being made now including Kevin Costner, and "Jackie Robinson" (Posted May 10th)

Rich goteri ‏@Richgoteri tweeted: Looking forward to start filming Draft Day with Kevin Costner in Cleveland starting May 29 #draftday (Posted May 10th)

Jay Paskan ‏@NotJayPaskan tweeted: Arian Foster in a browns uni. Kevin Costner could be gm any day (Posted May 10th)

Ceven MZK Lugo ‏@Ceven216 tweeted: Just ran into Kevin Costner on the humble across the street fron the shop. Dude was cool as %$#@. At Constantinos market. (Posted May 10th)

See article entitled: 'Running back Arian Foster wears Cleveland Browns uniform for 'Draft Day' movie' by Jen Steer:

amanda liska ‏@AWhiskeyliskey tweeted: Kevin Costner @BarLouieCLE right meow! About to pee myself, really want to talk to him but so afraid! 😝😝😅😅😶 (Posted 11:04am May 11th)

Bar Louie Cleveland, Ohio - Warehouse District on West 6th:

Gina Russo ‏@Ginaa_Russo tweeted: Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner are filming a movie downtown. (Posted May 11th)

Tim Mark commented: hey posting this for all the true browns fans, there r pictures floating around of arian foster in a #35 browns jersey. before u start getting in an uproar of what about t-rich and whats going on,they r filming a movie of the browns,kevin costner is playing the gm,denis leary is playing the coach, and arian foster is playing the running back. so when u see the pics , thats what it is all about, just thought i would disspell all the rumors before everyone gets excited or gets there panties in a bunch. btw ur all welcome,..... (Posted May 11th)

Picture by hollyyyyym: Just met Kevin Costner , NO BIG DEAL #withapenisaroundmyneck #welcometoclevelandsir @amarie_kc @carmengrape @ttaylordd (Posted 6:16pm May 11th)

Cameron McKendry ‏@cameronmckendry tweeted: I JUST MET KEVIN COSTNER (Posted 6:36pm May 11th)

Sarah ‏@sarahs_balls4 tweeted: Eating sushi in Cleveland across from KEVIN COSTNER. :) (Posted 6:42pm May 11th)

Rebecca Danielle K. ‏@beccakirschbaum tweeted: Oh you kno. Just sitting at unnamed bar in Cleveland, and hey, there's Kevin Costner. Poor guy. People won't let him eat! Let the man eat. (Posted 6:43pm May 11th)

Cameron McKendry ‏@cameronmckendry tweeted: just met Kevin Costner!! absolute honor. great guy! (Posted 6:46pm May 11th)

Rebecca Danielle K. ‏@beccakirschbaum tweeted: “@sarahs_balls4: Eating sushi in Cleveland across from KEVIN COSTNER. :)” mhmmmm. (Posted 6:48pm May 11th)

⚾Jacob Willmann⚾ ‏@jacob_willmann tweeted: My cousin just met Kevin Costner (Posted 6:52pm May 11th)

Adam Odetallah ‏@Ody723 tweeted: So Kevin Costner was just at my job 😳 (Posted 8:06pm May 11th)

Emily Barnett ‏@emilyaileen17 tweeted: met Kevin Costner tonight at Tomo CLE as we were just picking up our sushi... i have more respect for this talented, handsome man :) (Posted 8:10pm May 11th)

Tomo Sushi and Hibachi Restaurant and Lounge, 1293 W 9th St, Cleveland, Ohio:

Eli Andrews ‏@Luckyday89 tweeted: Uhh i just met Kevin Costner lol #random #valetperks (Posted 8:13pm May 11th)

Christian (Whitey) ‏@whitetizzle tweeted: My dear friend Conrad Faraj hanging out with the likes of Kevin Costner. That lucky dog! (Posted 8:46pm May 11th)

Chris Sherman ‏@RChrisSherman tweeted: @Kevin Costner just asked me to take a picture with him. (Posted 9:38pm May 11th)

Tim LaBar ‏@timlabar13 tweeted: Is Kevin Costner really at vosh right now?! (Posted 9:32pm May 11th)

Vosh Club, Lakewood, Ohio:

Conrad Faraj ‏@ConradFaraj tweeted: Hanging with Kevin Costner downtown. (Posted 10:31pm May 11th)

Brennan Eden ‏@BrennanEden tweeted: Met Kevin Costner today, and finished with filming Young Harvest. It has been a marvelous past few weeks! (Posted May 11th)

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