Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More of Kevin filming 'Draft Day' in Cleveland, Ohio...

Jet Ruffin ‏@Do_it_Like_Tony tweeted: On set with Kevin Costner. (Posted 11:38pm May 11th)

See the picture and article entitled: 'Kevin Costner Spends His Saturday Night in Lakewood' by Colin McEwen:

Tyler Holtzman: A whole bunch of people from Young Harvest met Kevin Costner last night after The Schmooze. How jealous am I? Very. (Posted May 12th)

See the picture, video and article entitled: 'Hollywood crews film 'Draft Day' starring Kevin Costner at Mayfield Village business' by Terrence Lee:

JayFree ‏@Heretotellit tweeted: @terrenceleeTV Kevin Costner is set to film #DraftDay scenes in Mayfield Village later. Extras starting to arrive now. (Posted 8:44am May13th)

Glenn Moore ‏@GlennMooreCLE tweeted: My east side friends, Kevin Costner is in Mayfield Village. #fieldofdreams (Posted 9:56am May 13th)

Kate Shafer ‏@kpshafer tweeted: Had to drive through all of the movie trucks and craft services to get to Crossfit this morning... (Posted 11:18am May 13th)

Eryn McNichol ‏@emcnichol18 Kevin Costner was at my gym :) (Posted 2:16pm May 13th)

Cassie McCartney ‏@cassiemac_17 tweeted: Was an extra in a movie with Kevin Costner (Posted 2:45am May 13th)

Sarah Jessica Graber ‏@sarah_graber tweeted: Movie being filmed at lakeshore👌☺ met Kevin Costner (Posted 4:49pm May 13th)

See the video and article entitled: 'Shooting continues in Cleveland for movie 'Draft Day'; Seven young gymnasts become stars' by Shay Harris:

D Stone ‏@nae_iDance tweeted: My cousin was taped for #KevinCostner upcoming movie! She's flipping at 0:59! #Exciting (Posted May 13th)

Jen Ludgin commented: Kevin Costner and Jennifer Gardner in my neighborhood filming for the week. Good motivation to go running :) (Posted May 13th)

Terri Cavoli ‏@TerriCavoli tweeted: Looking to find out where Kevin Costner is filming tomorrow in Cleveland area. Want to do something upbeat before heading back to Florida. (Posted May 13th)

See article entitled: 'Tom Welling Suits Up For ‘Draft Day’' by Mike Fleming JR:

Nick Bowser ‏@nickbowser8 tweeted: Walk into the gym and I see Kevin Costner! #sick #billychappel (Posted 7:20am May 14th)

See picture and article entitled: '"Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner being shot in Shaker Heights home' by Michael Heaton:

GABE SPIEGEL ‏@GABESPIEGEL tweeted: Kevin Costner is in #Cleveland shooting "Draft Day" right now. I'll be honest, I would be star stuck if I bumped into him. #draftday (Posted May 14th)

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