Friday, May 17, 2013

More of Kevin filming 'Draft Day' in Cleveland, Ohio....

Kayse Schmucker ‏@WhatTheSchmuck tweeted: Hey does anyone wanna be an extra in Draft Day (starring Kevin Costner) with me and @K_Fert93 tomorrow? (Posted May 17th) email

ZAPPA STUDIOS looking for kids, ages 18-26 to be part of filming this Saturday, May 18. Location: Kent State - If you know of anyone, nieces, nephews, sones, daughters, friends who would like to be part of Draft Day, please have them send an email to SUBJECT: FAN Please include name, call, sizes, date of birth and a photo for consideration. All extras positions are paid.

Excerpt by Dominic Patten: EXCLUSIVE: He’s not on the field but he is in the game. Sam Elliott has joined Ivan Reitman‘s Draft Day, playing a college coach whose quarterback is a top NFL draft pick.:

See the picture and article entitled: '"Draft Day" movie is filming in Shaker Heights' by Thomas Jewell, Sun News:

See the three videos, pictures and article entitled: ''Draft Day' scenes featuring Kevin Costner shot at Shaker Heights home' by Terrence Lee and Dave Arnold, of newsnet5:

See the three pictures and article entitled: 'Kevin Costner Movie Filming in Shaker Heights - Cast and crew for movie "Draft Day" filming at Shaker Heights home through Wednesday' by Nikki Ferrell:

Picture by charliemertz - Charlie Mertz On set at #draftday. Cleveland - where even stars go to get away. #kevincostner 05-15-13:

Picture by WEWS NewsChannel5:

Picture: Kevin Costner leaves Shaker Heights set for lunch. 5/15:

VIDEO: 'Shaker Heights: 'Draft Day' filming with Kevin Costner' - WKYC's Maureen Kyle sneaked a peek at the activity:

'Kevin Costner Films in Shaker Heights: Share Your Photos!' By Nikki Ferrell:

See the article entitled: 'Where celebrities go for Cleveland nightlife; share your sightings' by John Petkovic, The Plain Dealer:

See article entitled: 'Scene of 'Draft Day' Filmed at Mayfield Village Dance & Gymnastics Studio - Film starring Kevin Costner has scene at Lakeshore Dance and Gymnastics Studio' by Brandon Baker:

Connor E. O'Hearn ‏@CEOHEARN tweeted: Just casually filming a movie in the backyard. kevin Costner is chilling in that chair. (Posted May 15th):

Maureen Kyle ‏@maureenkyle tweeted: Draft Day filming! Kevin Costner sighting in Shaker “@FollowWIN: I spy a Star, out with @maureenkyle (Posted May 15th):

Mandy ‏@mandy524 tweeted: Seriously ch. 5? `These ladies drove all the way from Beachwood to Shaker Heights for a glimpse of Kevin Costner`. A whole 10 minute drive. (Posted May 15th)

J Corbin DiMeglio ‏@JCDiMeglio tweeted: Apparently Kevin Costner is like 20 feet from me right now. Who woulda thunk it? #ClevelandRocks (Posted May 15th)

Amanda Jean ‏@amandathecow tweeted: Kevin Costner was in my neighborhood today! (Posted May 15th)

Shay Harris ‏@IAmShayHarris tweeted: Having fun with the little gymnasts from the Kevin Costner film "Draft Day"!!! They were hilarious!!! (Posted May 15th)

Eva Karl ‏@Eva_la_Viva88 tweeted: They're filming the Kevin Costner movie right outside my work!!!πŸŽ₯this just changed my entire outfit for today. (Posted 4:18am May 16th)

Chris Ball ‏@ChrisBall99 tweeted: Film crew for "Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner left my neighborhood last night. I miss them already. (Posted May 16th)

Ashez14 ‏@ashez14 tweeted: Draft Day with Kevin Costner is filming just outside my office. (Posted 7:21am May 16th)

Seth Erik Yergin ‏@HungarianFever tweeted: Looks like I'll be meeting Kevin Costner on Saturday. (Posted May 16th)

Heidi Knapp ‏@nanahknapp tweeted: My sister is working where Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner are filming a movie in River! She got this pic!!! 😍🎬πŸŽ₯❤ Kevin Costner is in the white dress shirt!!! 😍 (Posted 8:36am May 16th)

WEWS NewsChannel5 ‏@WEWS tweeted: Anyone get any photos of the stars in town for 'Draft Day' filming? Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner are here. Tweet us your pics (Posted May 16th)

Amy's Shoes ‏@amysshoes tweeted: 'Draft Day' movie trucks outside Rocky River store. I wouldn't mind seeing Kevin Costner today:

K-Von ‏@kvon216 tweeted: I'm going to be busy shooting #DraftDay with Kevin Costner, Diddy & them ALL weekend. I'm trying to kick it tonight. Who's down? (Posted 9:03am May 16th)

Roger Conners commented: Jennifer Garner and Kevin Costner are filming TWO BLOCKS from Erie Island Coffee at this VERY MOMENT. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!?! (Posted 9:09am May 16th)

Robert Marin Uhoda tweeted: KC used to own a house on Lorain, right at Wooster (Posted May 16th)

Meredith Kaltenecker ‏@merekalt tweeted: Kevin Costner movie being filmed at my school this weekend and they need extras. If I was in town I would try to do that! (Posted May 16th)

Restaurant Jerry ‏@JerryRestoran tweeted: Kevin Costner u restoranu Jerry (Posted 10:13am May 16th)

Restaurant Jerry's website:

sandy vidovich ‏@sandyvido tweeted: Kevin Costner filming "Draft Day" next to our building today. (Posted 12:14pm May 16th)

kacie park(e) ‏@kcparke tweeted: Jennifer Garner and Kevin Costner were filming a movie in Rocky River today I'm so glad I just found out and did nothing today (Posted 4:44pm May 16th)

anthony j. trzaska ‏@trazberries tweeted: Kevin Costner is so out in Cleveland right now. #FieldofCLEams #CLEdurham #CLEterworld (Posted 5:13pm May 16th)

Agnes Audebert ‏@AMPCA88 tweeted: So that Kevin Costner movie is shooting in front of my building #neat (Posted 5:47pm May 16th)

Christie Klima ‏@christieklima tweeted: Jennifer Garner & Kevin Costner filming the movie Draft Day down the street from my street 2 minutes away today (Posted 7:19pm May 16th)

Thea Meder ‏@PrincessTHEA_ tweeted: Kevin Costner and Jennifer garner are in Lakewood filming a movie based on the browns called Draft Day and someone said they're at vosh (Posted 7:52pm May 16th)

Jack Curran ‏@Gcurranjack96 tweeted: Kevin Costner was at vosh last Saturday and I never got to see him.... He disappeared (Posted May 16th)

Mikey Gallas ‏@DiamdGallasPage tweeted: Kevin Costner is in Berea right now filming a movie at the Browns Facility. Enough said. (Posted 11:24am May 17th)

MIAMIAN magazine ‏@MiamianMagazine tweeted: 1996 Miamian Rajiv Joseph co-wrote screenplay for "Draft Day," movie now filming in Shaker Heights with Kevin Costner. Rajiv is on set too! (Posted 4:43am May 17th)

Brittany Kula ‏@BobDylansWife tweeted: Kevin Costner is filming in Rocky River today?? That's where I work aah. @KelsKuls your favorite actor! (Posted 4:47am May 17th)

Josh Gordon ‏@JOSH_GORDONXII tweeted: Currently watching Kevin Costner in our weight room making magic.. #draftday2014 (Posted 8:45am May 17th)

Squirrel Master ‏@thatdudebradley tweeted: Kevin Costner is literally a football field away from my apartment righf now. (Posted 8:50am May 17th)

John Lee ‏@JohnLee216 tweeted: Just had a REAL HEART TO HEART w/ Kevin Costner! I'm SO THANKFUL GOD. Just get me in the room and I WILL NETWORK MY ASS OFF! (Posted 9:11am May 17th)

Marc Spaulding ‏@MarcSpaulding tweeted: I saw Kevin Costner out in Lakewood last night...that was random (Posted May 17th)

Tony Grossi ‏@TonyGrossi tweeted: While #Browns were at charity golf outing, Kevin Costner was filming scenes today for 'Draft Day' in team facility in Berea. #brownsgolf (Posted 11:05am May 17th)

Mike Buehner ‏@MikeBuehner tweeted: Long ass work day! At least I got to hang around Kevin Costner... (Posted 7:44pm May 17th)

Celina Hutchens ‏@CelinaHutchens tweeted: @NateBoneWurm24 and I just booked our first feature film with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. Yea baby, just checked that off bucket list (Posted 6:46pm May 17th)

Andy Stuckert: Just got home from Cleveland, I wonder how nervous Kevin Costner was to meet an actor of my skill level? (Posted 11:07pm May 17th)

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