Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More of Kevin filming in Cleveland, Ohio...

Michele DeScioli ‏@bbwmanager tweeted: Just another day at the office. Hangin' with Kevin Costner! Incredibly nice guy. #kevincostner (Posted 10:19am May 20th) https://twitter.com/bbwmanager/status/336531638001471488/photo/1

Carrie Drummond ‏@carriedrummond tweeted: Perfect day for a lunchtime outing with @hannahnotmt. Feels like summer out there. Too bad we didn't run into Chris Evans or Kevin Costner. (Posted 10:47am May 20th)

Hannah Rule ‏@htrule tweeted: Omg I actually met Kevin Costner in person!!!!! (Posted 11:37am May 20th) https://twitter.com/htrule/status/336551149467488256/photo/1

Tena D (MJ's Voice) ‏@steamyhotlatin tweeted: There filming in downtown Cleveland right by my job so I think i'll go rub shoulders with a few Hollywood actors today... Saw Kevin Costner (Posted 11:50am May 20th)

lauren faddoul ‏@lofaddoul tweeted: Lolz apparently it's cool that I shared a laugh with Kevin Costner yesterday at the Indians game when he came to the stand. TWICE. 😊 (Posted May 20th)

Glade Pauley ‏@gladepauley tweeted: Crazier day than usual @ Browns today w/ movie filming in Berea. Cool to have Kevin Costner hold the door 4 me tho! (Posted May 20th)

MA®GO ‏@margo_costner tweeted: rocking our wild thing tee with Kevin Costner. RT"Got the chance to watch a few scenes of Draft Day (Posted 7:34pm May 20th)

James Ferguson ‏@jamessferguson tweeted: So ironic that my dad met & hung out with Kevin Costner in the Dominican Republic just last month and saw & had drinks with him today in CLE (Posted May 20th)

Elle Valestin: Kevin Costner is in town filming a movie and my sister is on call to work as an extra.... I'll be sure to go with her....:) (Posted 3:35pm May 20th)

Micki Ezzo commented: We just got an offer for our building to be in the new Kevin Costner move, Draft Day. They are even going to pay us.....I would have let them use it for free....or a chance to meet Kevin Costner. They are going to film early Wednesday morning. I can't wait. Maybe it well help business too! Wow! (Manager at Berea Union Depot Taverne) (Posted 6:39pm May 20th)   http://www.bereadepot.com/

Julie Bunce ‏@juliebunce tweeted: hey kevin costner, i don't know if you read tweets, but come to the cyc bar tomorrow night and i'll make you some tasty ass dranks Posted 11:36pm May 20th)

Picture by CBS Sports.com:

By Dennis Manoloff Indians beat Mariners 6-0 Film actor/director Kevin Costner returns a pen to a fan after signing an autograph during the Cleveland Indians-Seattle Mariners baseball game on May 19, 2013, at Progressive Field.

Sarah-Cate ‏@scourtney3 tweeted: Super jeals of all the people who met/saw Kevin Costner yesterday at the Indians game! (Posted May 20th)

Picture by jodeci5150 kevin costner at the ballgame:

Picture by baseballdreamin #KevinCostner was at the same @indians game I was at. It is my new dream to watch a ball game with him at the #indians or @tigers and here is why it would be so amazing for me:

See the picture and article entitled: 'Another type of draft day held in Berea' By Sun News staff:

See the pictures and article entitled: 'Jennifer Garner Puts in Real "Work" on Set' by Ivana Dukanovic:

See the pictures: 'Kevin Costner Films "Draft Day" on May 21, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Shayla Kotanides ‏@ShayAnn_ tweeted: I think that instead of going to work today, I will go stalk Kevin Costner... 😏 #DraftDay (Posted 5:54am May 21st)

Not The Browns ‏@NotBrowns tweeted: The Cleveland Browns ... Where Kevin Costner is the most exciting thing to happen in a decade. (posted 10:36am May 21st)

Squirrel Master ‏@thatdudebradley tweeted: I'm gonna be on a Kevin Costner watch until they finish this movie. (Posted 11:05am May 21st)

Dayvet Browns ‏@Chudzinksi tweeted: "So u walk through the building at work, look up and there's Kevin Costner doing a movie scene. #justatypicaldayinberea.” Cant wait for film (Posted 1:36pm May 21st)

Angela ‏@Angela_Mahakian tweeted: Kevin Costner got take out from our restaurant 🆒☺ (Posted 1:47pm May 21st)

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