Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More of the latest of Kevin filming 'Draft Day'....

Listen to the AUDIO: Listener Tiffany Met Kevin Costner At The Tribe Game:

See the two VIDEOS and article by Brian Archer, entitled: 'Shaker Heights family has 'Draft Day' scenes filmed at their home - Crew filmed for three days':

See the article by Mike Florio entitled: 'Greetings from Cleveland':

Tom Withers ‏@twithersAP tweeted: No, I didn't see Kevin Costner at the #Browns facility yesterday where they are filming "Draft Day." I was looking for Jennifer Garner. (Posted 8:00am May 24th)

Cleveland Browns ‏@Browns tweeted: Earlier this week, Kevin Costner took in a #Browns OTA session in Berea and met with @bweeden3 (Posted 6:02am May 24th)

Jeff Darlington ‏@JeffDarlington tweeted: On the set of @draftdaymovie, starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner, ESPN's @SethWickersham NEEDS makeup: (Posted 11:11am May 24th)

Lisa Kradlak ‏@LKradlak tweeted: Saw lots of the FPP signs for #DraftDay filming near the Browns facility in Berea today. No sign of Kevin Costner or Jennifer Garner. (Posted 11:53am May 24th)

Lisa Kradlak ‏@LKradlak tweeted: So if Jennifer Garner or Kevin Costner want to hang with regular people while in Berea, just let me know. We promise not to talk football. (Posted 11:59am May 24th)

Alex Marvez ‏@alexmarvez tweeted: Hack Pack just finished interviewing Kevin Costner on @draftdaymovie set. Nice guy. He asked as many sports ?? as we did of him about movie (Posted 3:23pm May 24th)

Mike Buehner ‏@MikeBuehner tweeted: @jarrodrwilliams I'm looking at the real life Kevin Costner n Jennifer garner as we tweet. Good movie day for us! (Posted 7:46pm May 24th)

VIDEO: Spencer Lanning ‏@LanningSpencer A few props for the movie #DraftDay being filmed around the facility. (posted May 23rd)

Daryl Ruiter ‏@RuiterWrongFAN tweeted: The film crew have built their own mini city in the parking lot #DraftDay @ Cleveland Browns Training (Posted May 23rd)

Alex Marvez ‏@alexmarvez tweeted: "@SethWickersham: . @alexmarvez is in my chair. I'm calling my agent. (Posted 3:24pm May 24th)

Alex Marvez ‏@alexmarvez tweeted: Wrapped up @draftdaymovie shoot. Had a blast. My extra part: Holding a beer that Kevin Costner hands me. Right up my alley. #draftday (Posted 10:16pm May 24th)

Marines ‏@svmarines tweeted: My mom got to meet Kevin Costner!!(: #kevincostner #draftday#2013 #amazing #kevincostner2013

See the blog entitled: '‘Draft Day’ adds spice to Browns’ offseason' by Vic Carucci:

Claudine H. ‏@GeniusMadness tweeted: Still can't believe I was on the same set as Kevin Costner, Denis Leary, Frank Langella, and Jennifer Garner yesterday OMG (Posted May 25th)

John Riddlebaugh commented: Actor Kevin Costner seems to be a down-to-Earth person. A few times during breaks between shots, he walked over to where the extras--who weren't used for the scene at the time-- were waiting, just to say hello and offer some encouraging words. (Posted 12:04pm May 25th)

Cal James commented: Yeah he was really cool. He joked around a lot on set, messing around with crew and extras. Fun ass dude to work with. (Posted 12:13pm May 25th)

Beverly Kristy commented: Yes, it was crazy cool to be that close to so many of Hollywood's best actors, especially Kevin. (Posted 4:54pm May 25th)

Sanden Totten ‏@sandentotten tweeted: So, apparently my dad made small talk with Kevin Costner. (Posted May 26th)

Bernie Kosar @BernieKosarQB tweeted: At Browns Stadium! Trying to pretend to be an actor with Kevin C! Of course I am in over my head (Posted 6:08am May 28th)

Craig Lyndall ‏@WFNYCraig tweeted: We don’t know if it is anything more than a cameo, but Bernie Kosar tweeted that he’s at Cleveland Browns stadium.. (Posted 7:06am May 28th)

Tom smilanich ‏@tsmilanich tweeted: Just walked on the set of that Kevin Costner movie and promptly got kicked out @2AKelly @RogPog13 (Posted 1:14pm May 28th)

The 4onthefloor ‏@4otf tweeted: Hear Scarlett Johansson, Kevin Costner, and John Bon Jovi are in Cleveland tonight. All star jam at Beachland Tavern? (Posted 2:04pm May 28th)

Ryan Jesenik ‏@ryanjesenik tweeted: Just ran into Kevin Costner at the store below my building. What a bro. (Posted 4:16pm May 28th)

ʝαєє☺ ‏@Stuck_OnJaee tweeted: Kevin Costner movie audition tomorrow (Posted May 28th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: Booked as a stand in for "Draft Day". Gonna be hanging out with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner the rest of the summer. (Posted May 29th)

Eimon Indigo ‏@EimonLikesMelo tweeted: Lol Arian Foster finished shooting a movie with Kevin Costner on Friday (Posted May 29th)

Mary Nora ‏@marynora tweeted: Oh, hi mom and Kevin Costner. Apparently my mom and little brother just went out to dinner at Blue… (Posted 8:27pm May 29th)

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