Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More pictures and video of 'Three Days To Kill' filming...

Pictures by Mairie de Paris: taken during the shooting at the back of the church of Saint-Gervais in the fourth:

Pictures: The feature film THREE DAYS TO KILL Mc G with Kevin Costner. Figuration Showcase. Monday, February 18, 2013:

Picture: Domaine de Saint-Cloud was used to host a regular annual number of shootings...U.S. actor Kevin Costner has also enjoyed the charm of the royal park (Palais-Royal) in December for a few takes of "Three days to kill," a film in production.

Some pictures at different links:

You can't view the articles at the following link unless you register and pay for them but you can see the small pictures:,

See the picture and article a out the Sound guys thrilled to be working with Kevin on 'Three Days To Kill':

See the pictures and article entitled: End of filming of "three days to kill" at EuropaCorp:

See the picture and article entitled: Kevin Costner in Belgrade cars rising in the air:

Pictures: Filming a scene of spectacular action on Sunday, February 2013 24 Tolbiac Bridge in Paris, a few icy cold and snowflakes ..Production EuropaCorp (Luc Besson) with Kevin Costner. Costner's car hit a white Audi leaping from the bridge to crash into the dock and caught fire. Kevin Costner joins the burning car and a lot of passengers and goes after the driver who fled on foot. Little editing amateur video from several angles to give an idea of the final scene.

Video cascade car catapulted while filming in Paris with Kevin Costner:

VIDEO: Three days to kill 1. Trailer by Thiemo Heckner:

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