Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some tweets about 'Draft Day' filming in Cleveland...

Pixelate Photography ‏@pixelateltd tweeted: I just had my photo location for a fashion shoot stollen by Kevin Costner. Yep, Kevin Costner has rained on my fashion shoot. COSTNER! (Cleveland, Ohio - Posted May 1st)

SoffiaB ‏@SoffiaB4U tweeted: Apparently we've just be usurped by Kevin Costner for my photoshoot location end of May! Maybe he'd like to buy a few robes? #kevincostner (Cleveland, Ohio - Posted May 1st)

D.A.™ ‏@KING32DAVID tweeted: Goin to see if I'm going to be in this Kevin Costner movie #DraftDay in the morning then off to Columbus. (Posted May 3rd)

Khrystyne ‏@BreathesMuzik @LGM777 Kevin Costner is here @ the Ritz also Jennifer Garner is here tomorrow, same place. Filming down there. (Posted 10:33 PM - May 5th)

The Ritz-Carlton of Cleveland, Ohio:

Jeff Coy ‏@JeffCoy1 tweeted: Seriously, I think I just walked by Kevin Costner at Hopkins @flycle scouting locations? #draftday (Posted 11:07am May 5th)

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport:

See article entitled: 'Draft Day' shoot starts Wednesday in Greater Cleveland... by Clint O'Connor, The Plain Dealer:

See the video and article entitled: 'Draft Day' holds casting call in Garfield Heights for football player extras - Players perform drills for talent scouts by: Bob Fenner, newsnet5.com:

Hannah Jean Loomis ‏@hannahjloomis tweeted: Why is Kevin Costner standing next to me in Constantinos? (Posted 10:35am May 6th)

Constantinos Market - 1278 W 9th Street, Cleveland, Ohio

Sarah K. Kostiha ‏@SarahKKostiha tweeted: Congratulations to @Bigfrickinbare on getting a role in "Draft Day" (Staring Kevin Costner) as a Browns football player!! #exciting #CLE (Posted May 6th)

Matthew Blum ‏@mblum16 tweeted: @CleveHSsports So, with cast of "Draft Day" in town, do you think Kevin Costner will play any golf? We should challenge Tin Cup. Bat and all (Posted May 6th)

Mallory Tulcewicz ‏@mallowicz tweeted: My dad ate lunch today with Jennifer Gardner and Kevin Costner...why am I not home right now? (Posted May 6th)

A. W. ‏@runsbikeswims tweeted: Just ate dinner sitting next to Kevin Costner. #clevelandcool (at @LolaBistro w/ 2 others) (Posted 6:00pm May 6th)

Evan Luxenburg ‏@LUX_52 tweeted: On my next film, I'll be working with the likes of Mr. Kevin Costner & Mrs. Jennifer Garner #draftday #brownsrole #hollywood (Posted May 6th)

Matthew Blum commented: So the cast of the movie "Draft Day" is here in Cleveland. A friend spotted Jennifer Garner today. But I want to find Kevin Costner and ask him to play golf or just go thru Tin Cup! Wonder if he could beat me with a baseball bat and a hoe? (Posted May 6th)

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