Friday, May 24, 2013

The latest of Kevin filming in Cleveland, Ohio...

Alex Mack ‏@alexmack55 Jack of all trades #draftday (Posted May 17th)

Caylin H. ‏@CaylinHauptmann tweeted: All those years in LA and MIA ... Only takes about a week in Ohio to sit next to the director on a movie set #draftday awesome experience!! (Posted May 17th)

BWU Equipment. ‏@BWEquipment tweeted: On set about to make movie GOLD #DraftDay (Posted May 18th)

olv ‏@olv tweeted: #DraftDay is filming at Dix Stadium in Kent, Ohio today (Posted May 18th)

PT ‏@runPTrun tweeted: I pulled into work and Denis Leary was shooting a scene for #DraftDay in my parking spot. #NotMad (Posted May 20th)

Vic Carucci ‏@viccarucci tweeted: So u walk through the building at work, look up and there's Kevin Costner doing a movie scene. #justatypicaldayinberea. (Posted May 21st)

timothycsimons ‏@timothycsimons tweeted: Practice Field. #draftday (Posted May 22nd)

timothycsimons ‏@timothycsimons tweeted: First day shooting on Draft Day. Here we go, Browns. #draftday (Posted May 22nd)

Picture by Sun News staff: Actor/Director Kevin Costner was in Berea Wednesday evening. Costner was spotted in this truck by News Sun columnist Rich Heilman at the intersection of Depot and Columbus streets in Berea's Polish Village neighborhood. Crews are in Berea filming a scene from Costner's movie "Draft Day."

Aaron Adams ‏@AaronA79 tweeted: Met Kevin Costner today, and he introduced himself as Kevin... We're on a first name basis now. (Posted May 22nd)

Browns Designer ‏@sportdesign tweeted: @denisleary : Saw Kevin Costner throwing a football and Denis Leary's empty chair at work today #draftday (Posted May 22nd)

Matt Cook ‏@MattRustyCock tweeted: "@emilycoletta0: @MattRustyCock @aasimakis jennifer garner and kevin costner live down by nanas house" WHAT?! (Posted May 22nd)

Emily Coletta ‏@emilycoletta0 tweeted: @MattRustyCock @aasimakis jennifer garner and kevin costner live down by nanas house (Posted May 22nd)

Jason Stuart ‏@Jason_Stuart tweeted: Loved meeting my New Orleans Agents yesterday! Read for a nice role in the new Kevin Costner film! (Posted May 22nd)

Alysun Daniel ‏@alyy_dani tweeted: Got to shake Kevin Costner's hand at work tonight! Even though it was a long day of work, my night was made!!!!! (Posted 10:27pm May 22nd)

Picture by Lexi Luthor Just me and my friend, Kevin, enjoying an Indians game. KC's a pretty cool guy. He let us stalk him and take a picture. (Posted 10:02pm May 22nd)

Pictures by Lexi Luthor from May 22nd Indians game:

Chris Tye WKYC ‏@TVTyeWKYC tweeted: Kevin Costner bought everyone in his row at Sunday's Tribe game a beer, and everyone at line at Starbucks in RRiver a coffee. Cool guy. (Posted 2:47am May 23rd)

Jackie Zabielski ‏@JackieTraffic tweeted: clearly we were in the wrong row @KimberleeJoy RT @tvtyewkyc: Kevin Costner bought everyone in his row at Sunday's Tribe game a beer Cool... (Posted 2:53am May 23rd)

Jacquie Thomas: Kevin Costner so close to me at this moment that I can literally touch him. Wow. (Executive Assistant to Joe Banner, CEO at The Cleveland Browns) (Posted 1:12pm May 23rd)

Katie Huth Bokas commented: I know the movie Draft Day starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner is being filmed in Cleveland but have been too busy to pay attention to what is going on. I just found out they were filming scenes here in Rocky River last week. The latest rumor is Kevin Costner is actually living here in River this summer during the filming. (Posted May 23rd)

Elle Valestin commented: My sister just texted me. They are still on set in Cleveland between takes, watching Kevin Costner throw a football around with the crew. Guess she's not going to work her day job tomorrow. (Posted 9:17pm May 23rd)

Michael McLain ‏@MichaelMcLain2 tweeted: Busy at Berea. Filming scenes for Draft Days movie. Kevin costner and Jennifer garner in the building. Almost ran into Denis Leary. (Posted 12:09pm May 23rd)

Deanna Sherman ‏@DeannaSherman83 tweeted: Off to set with Kevin Costner! #DraftDay (Posted 1:52pm May 23rd)

Stefano Anania ‏@TheUnitedStep tweeted: Landed in Cleveland, now on the set of the new Kevin Costner movie Draft Day! (Posted 3:20pm May 23rd)

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