Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tweets and picture of Kevin in Cleveland, Ohio...

Cream ‏@mscreamofthecrp tweeted: Look who I JUST so happen to run into!!!! #KevinCostner @ Constantino's Market (Posted 3:22pm May 7th)

XO Prime Steaks tweeted: It was truly a pleasure serving Kevin Costner and Dennis Leary on Sunday evening. We are honored they chose our restaurant, and wish them a pleasant, hospitable stay in Cleveland. (Posted May 7th)

art brosef ‏@art_brosef tweeted: Just informed Kevin Costner that the ready made food at Constantinos is self serve. Welcome to Cleveland. (Posted 3:21pm May 7th)

Tony Grossi ‏@TonyGrossi tweeted: “@hunkura: Are you planning to grade Kevin Costner's draft as Browns GM?”// He will get an A. (Posted May 7th)

Brittany Moseley ‏@brittany0925 tweeted: I think if I don't find Kevin Costner, my mom will cut me out of the will. (Posted May7th)

John Lee ‏@JohnLee216 tweeted: Is there ANYTHING more CLEVELAND than playing a CLEVELAND BROWN in the New Movie w/ Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner #DraftDay #NFL

Kate Prislan ‏@KatePrislan tweeted: Wtf Kevin Costner is filming a movie in aurora today 👌 (Posted May 8th)

C-Town Sports Cave commented: Very exciting! A buyer for the movie "Draft Day" with Kevin Costner came to The Cave tonight and purchased an unbelievable amount of Browns merchandise to be used in the movie! I'm so pumped to see our props in the movie now!! (Posted May 8th)

'Draft Day' starts shooting May 8: Share your photos: By Plain Dealer staff May 7, 2013 Three ways to do it, see details at link:

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