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Several pictures and videos of Kevin Costner...

Tad Monster ‏@FriedSchrempf tweeted: I think Kevin Costner enjoys Cleveland

kimlaw662 ‏@kimlaw662 tweeted: @WildAboutTrial Kevin Costner @kentstage (Posted June 27th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Love is everywhere by Renate Burington Published on Jun 25, 2013 - Kent Stage, Kent Ohio 6/22/2013

VIDEO: "CLEO'S AT THE WHEEL" - Kevin Costner & Modern West - Brother's Lounge - 6/21/2013 - Cleveland, Ohio by Suziefloozie3· Published on Jun 25, 2013 - A rockin' song by KCMW

joshua ‏@joshuayahn tweeted: Kevin Costner (Posted June 26th)

Picture by Bob&Jo Photos from Surf Ballroom

Picture by lolaliberato - Lola Jauregui #bodyguard #kevincostner #hollywood #history #host #fame #artist #actor #lifestyle #redcarpet #memories #acapulco #goldenyears

Picture by kendallsaturday Fondly remembering this moment #tbt #thebodyguard #sunsetmarquis #LA #losangeles #celebs #hollywood #swoon #kevincostner

Joan Blair ‏@joanblair tweeted: Oh, my high-school love! “@KenetiaLee: Kevin Costner

NeelSodha @Neel Sodha tweeted: I am in Kevin Costner heaven in Deadwood

Local men recall 'Bull Durham' roles - Asheville men talk Costner, filming at McCormick Field Written by Keith Jarrett

Tyler One Horn ‏@t_oalexander tweeted: Up at 'Tatanka' in deadwood, the place Kevin Costner ownes in the black hills or paha sapa'. I was very honored to meet the parents of a living legend, I am blessed to say the least. #tatanka #buffalo #native #american #dancing #acting #proud #culture (Posted June 15th)

James Lincke ‏@JamesLincke tweeted: Kevin Costner brought me on stage for a photo with the MAN OF STEEL Cast on Katie Couric! Score for Jimmy Olsen!

Picture by alexpetrukhin Came on a visit home to Kevin Costner!

Audrey Rieman ‏@audreyrieman tweeted: Kevin Costner was at the yacht club a few days ago and I missed it. (Posted June 2nd)

Behind The Scenes On The Set Of Tom Clancys Jack Ryan 2012/2013 (Footage) TheWraith517

Eric Felix ‏@EriqFelix tweeted: #FlashbackFriday Hanging out with Kevin Costner during 2007 regionals. #CSUF #CollegeBaseball…

PeterESMAR Pedro Espinosa Con #Kevin #Costner en #Londres

Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer to shoot drama 'Black and White' in New Orleans (full production listings) By Mike Scott,

Mel ‏@Miss_Close tweeted: Kevin Costner and Brad Pitt! #doorsopenhfx (Posted June 8th)

I LOVE NINA BADRIC ‏@SveTiNeboVrati tweeted: Nina Badrić i Kevin Costner u Monte Carlu :) (Posted June 8th)

Picture by blakeafrench - Blake French Interview with Kevin Costner when I was like 19 just starting off in journalism ;) I was so young and ugly Hahaha! #celebrity #actor #famous #kevincostner #movie #interview #journalism #writer #detroit #ritzcarlton #2003 #badhairday #journalist #movie-star

stephanie ‏@stefie8888 tweeted: chatted with Kevin Costner at a store opening years ago. super nice and we looked so cute together! xoxo ‏@ancestrydotcom tweeted: Hot pants were part of the uniform? Check out this high school photo of Kevin Costner in 1973: Kevin Costner playing varsity basketball at Villa Park High School in 1973. #celebrity #genealogy

Ben James ‏@BenJourno tweeted: Stars have been to @IronworksBBQ - dozens of signed pics. Who excited @emmawilson1 the most? Kevin Costner! #Austin (Posted May 20th)

Picture by asehelland Mr & Mrs Grey #kevincostner #dansermedulver (Posted 12:46pm May 20th)

Ghost Player The latest Ghost Player newsletter is out. One article is about Blowing the Whistle on Kevin Costner His new movie is in the press.

Anita Baggott ‏@Anita_wicked_22 5h Kevin Costner and me. Pebble Beach, California.

akaofficial - A.K.A. a few #aka #girls with #famous #actor #kevincostner (Posted June 27th)

Blowing the Whistle on Kevin Costner: Honorary Ghost Player, Nic Ungs and Kevin Costner hanging out in a lockeroom while Nic was a major league ballplayer. Oscar-winner, Kevin Costner will soon be setting aside his bat and glove to wear the coach's whistle in the film, Draft Day. Nic Ungs, Dyersville native was drafted by the Florida Marlins in 2001, he teamed up with DreamCatcher Productions to wear the Ghost Player stripes for a baseball documentary shot in Clinton for a TV series for the Major League Baseball Network.

ARQUEONAUTAS Pop Up Store Super Sail Tour 2013 = Pictures

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Movies & Music by ichiban2592007 Published on May 26, 2013:

Beck Song Reader Interview: Park Chisolm MAY 23, 2013 But, right now, let’s talk about Park Chisolm.

Brandon Naidus ‏@bnaidus27 tweeted: I'm excited to announce that I will be in @draftdaymovie along with @jkirsh27, @CecilShortsIII, @MarcedesLewis89, Poz & Kevin Costner. (Posted June 28th)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Seems it's near the end of filming for 'Draft Day'...

Harry Boomer ‏@HarryBoomer19 tweeted: I'm interviewing Kevin Costner, Denis Leary and Ivan Reitman on the set of Draft Day... check us out @ 5.... (Posted 8:56am June 7th)

Clint O'Connor ‏@ClintOMovies tweeted: Enjoyed talking w Kevin Costner, @denisleary and Ivan Reitman today on "Draft Day" set. Look for my story later (much later). #draftday (Posted 4:00pm June 7th)

jeremy foster ‏@JeremyFoster23 tweete: @Fierr89 i met kevin costner the other day..dude is awesome! (Posted June 7th)

Denis Leary, in town filming the 'Draft Day' movie, visited the Twinsburg Fire Department Saturday By: Nicole DeChant

Picture by brentreichert It was a great night! #draftday #wrapparty with #kevincostner & @renuhsahnsman #setlife (Posted June 15th)

Picture by heybrie - Brittany Cast wrap up party #DraftDayMovie #2014 #kevincostner

Picture by crystinaponcher - Crystina Poncher Such an awesome day! Had the chance to interview actor Kevin Costner on the set of "Draft Day" in Cleveland. He was great but I had to heckle him a bit for being a Cal State Fullerton alum. #GoBeach! emoji Interview posted soon on #nfl #nflnetwork #KevinCostner #actor #DraftDay #BehindTheScenes #football #movie

Kevin Costner in Cleveland to film movie - Movie actor/director Kevin Costner smiles as a Cleveland Indian fan takes his picture as Costner was leaving the ballpark. Costner went to the Cleveland Indians-Seattle Mariners baseball game on May 19, 2013, at Progressive Field.

VIDEO: We are 'starstruck' in Cleveland (Kevin at 1:37)

Picture by dmbkimi27 No big deal!! (Posted June 22nd)

Hannah Rasmussen ‏@HannahRas tweeted: Just chilling watching Kevin Costner while he's filming football scenes for Draft Day at case. Nbd (Posted 9:09am June 25th)

Sam Novak ‏@nam_sovak tweeted: Kevin Costner, Tom Welling & Jennifer Garner are filming "Draft Day" on CWRU's football field. Going to get a sneak peek! #Brownslove (Posted 9:10am June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: Back on the set of Draft Day with my lover. Can't wait for this movie to come out! (Posted 12:10pm June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: Bro, Kevin Costner is sitting next to me lol. Snap! (Posted 12:27pm June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: They said no cameras on set. Should I risk taking this picture cause I mean... he's like a foot away lol (Posted 12:29pm June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: This security guard just walked up and is trying to talk to me... bro.. I'm trying to see Kevin (Posted 12:32pm June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: @QueenB_RN I want to! But he's facing me, I don't want him to be weirded out lol (Posted 12:35pm June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: He's so nice! Omg! (Posted 12:36pm June 25th)

Sandra Craven ‏@Couturegirl_101 tweeted: Sooo they shooting a movie in my driveway and my neighbors house (Posted 1:52pm June 25th)

Sam Laukiavich ‏@SamLaukiavich tweeted: kevin costner is filming in my dads office and i would really appreciate if he kidnapped him for me. (Posted 2:07pm June 25th)

Sandra Pearn commented: randy and crystal seen kevin Costner at case there filming a movie — feeling excited. (Posted 4:52pm June 25th) Case Western Reserve University:

Tania Whelan commented: I met Kevin Kostner today....oh my!!!!! (Posted 3:31pm June 25th)

Picture by hollywoodinthehood #On the #set of #draftday #kevincostner new #film #115 #ashbury #cleveland #Ohio (Posted June 25th)

Picture by hollywoodinthehood #Directorschair #Movie #kevincostner #draftday #ashbury #116th #cleveland #Ohio (Posted June 25th)

Picture by ninachada Hory sheet. Kevin Costner at the wrap party for Draft Day. #kevincostner #wrapparty #draftday #browns Cleveland

Picture by maestra_pip - Rebecca Kevin Costner at Progressive Field! #gotribe #clevelandbaseball #kevincostner

Picture by wojciak - Nicholas Wojcia Treating my dad to the best seats in the stadium. Happy birthday!!! #indians #cle #cleveland #clevelandindians #frontrowseats

Picture by wojciak - Nicholas Wojcia Kevin Costner at the indians game Sunday. #indians #mlb #clevelandindians #cleveland #cle #gotribe #kevincostner #wojofoto #progressivefield #baseball

Picture by brendxntxkxcs Kevin Costner was Superman's dad, and he's a Tribe Fan, your argument is invalid. #KevinCostner #Cleveland #Indians #Windians #SupermansFather #TopThat

Picture by Mitchell Hadden

Article: CWRU in the spotlight as ”Draft Day” wraps up filming around Cleveland, June 25, 2013:

staceyfreyfox8 ‏@staceyfreyfox8 tweeted: Kevin Costner's plane ready to depart from Burke. If only we had met, you handsome man (Posted 8:38am June 26th)

Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, Ohio

Clint O'Connor ‏@ClintOMovies tweeted: "Draft Day," the film starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner, will wrap up its Cleveland-area shoot today in Beachwood. #DraftDayCle (Posted June 26th)

Cleveland Metroparks commented: Check out who stopped by Cleveland Metroparks Emerald Necklace Marina recently while shooting "Draft Day!" Thanks for visting Kevin Costner! (Posted June 27th)

Hollywood Stars in Niagara Falls Filming 'Tammy' NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. Excerpt: 'Tammy' is not the only movie here filming. Folks with the Kevin Costner film "Draft Day" are in town. That's the film that was lost to Cleveland earlier this year.

Sam Stuhler ‏@iStuhler tweeted: so they're filming a movie with Melissa McCarthy at the falls, as well as the Kevin Costner film at the Ralph. #okay (Posted June 27th)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

First poster of Kevin in 'Three Days To Kill'....

The article translated wonders if the first poster of Kevin Costner in 'Three Days To Kill' was an "unintentional blunder" since it is next to a poster for a Luc Besson movie, starring Robert De Niro due in theaters October 23, 2013. I think it's a silly question since a poster the size of a building looks hardly like a "blunder" to me!! It also stated that 'Three Days To Kill' is coming out January 19, 2014 but we've already seen the widely reported news that it's due in theaters on Valentines Day, February 14, 2014.

Shot from #threedaystokill set... Do you recognize the chair in the left!? It's #amberheard's *_*

Where parts of 'Three Days To Kill' was filmed:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More interviews and videos from 'Man Of Steel'...

Article: Kevin Costner: A Super Dad In 'Man of Steel' by Joe Leydon:

Article: 'Ridley Park fan meets ‘Man of Steel’ cast' by Peg DeGrassa:

David Farrier ‏@davidfarrier tweeted: I talk with my hero Kevin Costner (Waterworld, The Postman. oh and Dances with Wolves):
VIDEO: Costner, Lane talk Man of Steel:

Picture by cteerail - Chelsea Traile Meet #themanofsteel 's father #KevinCostner. emoji#teamhatfields #stk #nycsummer

WHYY ‏@whyy tweeted: Patrick Stoner interviews Kevin Costner about the actor's role models on FLICKS:

Pictures: ABC's "Live With Kelly And Michael" - 2013 and ABCs Katie Season One:

VIDEO: Człowiek ze stali - Wywiad: Kevin Costner i Diane Lane by WarnerBrosPL Published on Jun 12, 2013:

VIDEO: Man of Steel Featurette - The Movie (2013) - Superman Movie HD by MovieclipsCOMINGSOON· Published on Jun 17, 2013:

VIDEO: MAN OF STEEL - World Premiere by Scotty V Published on Jun 18, 2013:

VIDEO: MTV Taiwan Exclusive Interview: Sexy Superman is here! by MTV ChartShow Published on Jun 17, 2013

VIDEO: Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane Interview 4: Man of Steel:

VIDEO: Man of Steel - World Premiere Highlights from RAM by WarnerBrosPictures· Published on Jun 14, 2013 - Watch red carpet coverage of the MAN OF STEEL World Premiere from New York City, and see interviews with cast members like Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe and many more.

VIDEO: TODAY talks to Kevin Costner and Diane Lane about 'Man of Steel' by TODAYdigital Published on Jun 14, 2013 - TODAY's Flick Chick Genevieve Loh talks to Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, about their roles as Supermans parents Jonathan and Martha Kent, in the movie 'Man of Steel'.

VIDEO: Man Of Steel - ITW Kevin Costner & Diane Lane by Warner Bros. France Published on Jun 14, 2013:

See the two pictures and blog entitled: 'Man Of Steel New York Premiere Report! Elisa Is Hot On The Scene!' by Elisa:

Pictures: 'Man of Steel Premiere Soars in NYC' by

My note about this last item: Great picture with this interview and a couple new quotes from Kevin but the journalist has a chip on her shoulder in regards to Kevin, describing him as "ranting" and speaking "darkly" and "ornery"! We all saw him in videos saying the same kind of things as in this interview and he was none of these things!
'Superman's parents looking for a hero' by Alison De Souza:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More from Ohio concerts and Indians game...

jportfolio ‏@jportfolio tweeted: Thanks Kevin Costner & @modernwest - tonight's show at @kentstage was great! Chance to meet Kevin Costner was a thrill! Keep making music. (Posted June 23rd)

The Kent Stage ‏@kentstage tweeted: Great time last night with Kevin Costner & Modern West. Thanks to all that came! (Posted 12pm June 23rd)

Pictures by Becky Sarosy: Kevin Costner concert at Kent Stage:

Pictures by Jenn Yuhas: Kevin Costner and Modern West rocked the Kent Stage tonight! What an awesome show!!

More photos added to KC & MW Kent Stage album:

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner's rockin' Cleveland weekend: Brothers Lounge show attracts 'Draft Day' co-stars, including Jennifer Garner (slideshow) by Michael Norman:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West. 6-21-2013. Brother's Lounge, Cleveland, Ohio by Suziefloozie3 Published on Jun 23, 2013 - "LET ME BE THE ONE" and "I KNOW THESE HILLS" - With Lily Costner, Kevin's daughter. Have a listen. She has an amazing voice. Brother's Lounge is a very small venue. Very informal and intimate concert!

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West. 6-21-2013. Brother's Lounge, Cleveland, Ohio by Suziefloozie3 Published on Jun 23, 2013 "LONG WAY FROM HOME" Easy listening and happy song! Small venue in Cleveland, Ohio. Very personal and informal concert.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - "Oh Malley-Mae" - Written & Preform by Lily Costner - Kent Stage, Kent,OH 6/22/13

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - "Hero" by SINCE77FAN Published on Jun 23, 2013 Published on Jun 23, 2013 - This was taken at Kent Stage, Kent,OH 6/22/13

Claire Rachek ‏@crachek tweeted: Kevin Costner will be filming in our office building for "Draft Day" on Wednesday!!!! #meetandgreet #hottie #bejealouspeople (Posted June 24th)

SportsTime Ohio ‏@SportsTimeOhio tweeted: Yesterday, @Katie_Witham talked with Kevin Costner about the @DraftDayMovie and taking BP at Progressive Field VIDEO: Kevin Costner at Progressive Field

See the article entitled 'Costner takes batting practice with Indians' by Pat McManamon:

The Bullpen: Toronto Blue Jays recreate Bull Durham speech - Blue Jays relievers recreate Kevin Costner's classic Bull Durham speech in honour of the movie's 25th anniversary.

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner practices with the Indians:

Indians Mascot ‏@SliderTheMascot tweeted: Kevin Costner in house yesterday! #TribeTown

Article: Kevin Costner practices with Cleveland Indians, opines on Browns by Sheldon Ocker:

Monday, June 24, 2013

Catch a show with Bobby Yang and his Unrivaled Players...

Bobby Yang and his Unrivaled Players will be performing at:
The Sportsmen's Tavern
326 Amherst St.
Buffalo, NY 14207
(716) 874-7734
9pm show: $5 cover / 18+w/adult
On Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bobby Yang website:

Kevin attends Cleveland Indians batting practice and game...

See the two pictures and article entitled: Kevin Costner Attends Tribe Batting Practice by Darcie Loreno:

See the picture and article entitled: Cleveland Indians seek sweep of Minnesota Twins in front of Kevin Costner and others by Dennis Manoloff:

See the article entitled: Costner takes batting practice in Cleveland by AP:

See the video, picture and article: Kevin Costner attends Indians game by Joey Morona:

See the pictures at five links:

See the video, picture and article entitled: If you build it, Kevin Costner will visit it:

Margene Trostle Abrams commented: This afternoon at Progressive Field in Cleveland, the kids could play catch on the field prior to the game. Kevin Costner is in town filming a movie & was sitting with his daughter when she said, "Dad, you better play catch with me" & they did...she is 26 years old, beautiful & they had so much fun to the delight of the team & fans!! How cool is that!!!

VIDEO: Crash Davis took some hacks during Indians BP on Sunday Kevin Costner joined the Indians for pregame drills on Sunday at Progressive Field. The star of classic baseball movies Bull Durham and Field of Dreams was in uniform and took part in a full pregame routine. Costner played catch in the outfield, took a couple ground balls at shortstop, and spent some time in the batting cage.

MaryKatherine Golden ‏@mkgoldie tweeted: The fact that my sisters interviewing Kevin Costner today... #toojealous (Posted June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Plenty of photographers to document Kevin Costner in house. #indians #twins (Posted June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Crash Davis at #indians BP. #costner (Posted 11:04am June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: #kevincostner fielding grounder in BP. #indians (Posted 11:29am June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Kevin Costner getting ready to take his cuts. #indians #crashdavis (Posted 11:32am June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Costner making some solid contact. #indians (Posted 11:39am June 23rd)

Cleveland Indians ‏@Indians tweeted: Kevin Costner preps for BP after taking infield reps ... and looked like a pro doing it! #TribeTown (Posted 11:35am June 23rd)

Cory Provus ‏@CoryProvus tweeted: The picture doesn't do it justice but that is Kevin Costner taking BP. He's in Cleveland filming a movie (Posted 11:48am June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Costner chatting with @Katie_Witham #indians (Posted 12:04pm June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: #kevincostner chats with Sheldon Ocker and @MLBastian and a few others. @PatMcManamon is back there #indians (Posted 12:22pm June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: More Costner and @Katie_Witham #indians (Posted 12:22pm June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Costner laughs at @MLBastian question. #indians (Posted 12:23pm June 23rd)

Melissa Schrader ‏@sportyschrades tweeted: Katie Witham just interviewed Kevin Costner! <3! Love him! (Posted 12:46pm June 23rd)

PatMcManamon ‏@PatMcManamon tweeted: Kevin Costner takes BP at #Indians pregame Sunday -- (Posted 1:05pm June 23rd)

Steve DiMatteo ‏@steve_dimatteo tweeted: Got to talk to Kevin Costner, the God of Sports Film. As you'd probably expect, looked like he belonged taking BP. (Posted 1:19pm June 23rd)

UK Wildcats/954/CLE ‏@UK88TL tweeted: Love seeing Kevin Costner taking BP with the @INDIANS!! (Posted June 23rd)

Sarah Jamieson ‏@SarahJatTheQ tweeted: Nice work @Indians getting Kevin Costner in a uni at BP today; clearly he's in the Tribe! (Posted June 23rd)

OnWarpath ‏@MomOnWarpath tweeted: Looks like a Kevin Costner is in the house. (Posted June 23rd)

Nathan David Torres ‏@tribefan2693 tweeted: Kevin Costner is with the @Indians today! #AwesomeAmazingness (Posted June 23rd)

Michelle Boylan ‏@MichelleBoylan1 tweeted: Kevin Costner in the booth with the @SportsTimeOhio guys... I just squealed a little. #legend (Posted June 23rd)

DidTribeWinLastNight ‏@didtribewin tweeted: Kevin Costner sounds like quite the knowledgeable analyst on #Indians broadcast. Guy knows his baseball. (Posted June 23rd)

Keith Potoczak ‏@KeithPotoczak tweeted: How many dudes just Googled "Kevin Costner's daughter"? (Posted 2:36pm June 23rd)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Visits The Indians Booth:

Karsten Treu ‏@KarstenTreu tweeted: Very nice inning of commentary by Kevin Costner during the Tribe game. Talk about a guy that gets the beauty and mystique of baseball. (Posted 1:36pm June 23rd)

Joel Mohler ‏@JMohler32 tweeted: Kevin Costner was just on the #Tribe broadcast. He did an entire inning. I could have listened to him talk ball the rest of the game. (Posted 1:38pm June 23rd)

Jake Dungan ‏@MajorLeagueJake tweeted: Kevin Costner, who is in Cleveland for the filiming of "Draft Day", currently joining Jim Rosenhaus and Mike Hargrove in the radio booth. (Posted 1:42pm June 23rd)

Justin Scheuner ‏@justin_scheuner tweeted: Listening to Kevin costner talk about baseball movies is one of the most interesting things I've ever experienced. (Posted 1:47pm June 23rd)

Brian M. Dougan ‏@Irishphinsfan tweeted: Very cool listening to Kevin Costner while he was up in the @Indians broadcast booth. I'd love to talk #baseball with him. (Posted 1:48pm June 23rd)

Nick Camino ‏@CaminoTribe tweeted: My man @IndiansRadio did a very nice job interviewing Kevin Costner on WTAM 1100. (Posted 1:52pm June 23rd)

TwinsRadio ‏@TwinsRadio tweeted: Kevin Costner joins Cory and Danny on air LIVE right now! (Posted 12:03pm June 23rd)

James Danielson ‏@snag1025 tweeted: Good old Kevin Costner sitting with @dbremer_pxp and @BertBlyleven28 during the @Twins game! #Twins @fsnorth #FSNorth #FieldOfDreams (Posted 3:15pm June 23rd)

Matt Onorato ‏@MC_Onz tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at the tribe game and he gave me a head nod, day is made (Posted June 23rd)

Cory Provus ‏@CoryProvus tweeted: Incredibly cool having Kevin Costner in the booth today. He couldn't have been more gracious with his time. Fun talking movies/sports. (Posted 5:18pm June 23rd)

Taraa. ‏@tara_eisenhauer tweeted: My dad & brother sat in box seats by home plate with Kevin Costner today at the Indians game... #luckyy (Posted June 23rd)

Mark Podolski ‏@mpodo tweeted: It's not every day you can use a Kevin Costner head shot in a sports section, but Monday is the day. (Posted 8:34pm June 23rd)

Kathryn Nichole ‏@book_worm_grl tweeted: Hope Kevin Costner is enjoying our crazy weather. #heatwave (Posted June 23rd)

Jay K ‏@ClevelandViking tweeted: It was cool to see #Kevin #Costner wearing #Tribe gear at the @Indians game today! Progressive Field of Dreams! @modernwest (Posted June 23rd)

Bert Blyleven ‏@BertBlyleven28 tweeted: Thank you to Kevin Costner for signing a baseball for my wife Gayle. It was great visiting with him today (Posted June 23rd)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kevin attended a 'Draft Day' party after the Kent concert...

Ra Nae commented: Getting ready for the cast and crew party for Draft Day! Make sure to check out Rooster at Louisville Pub 44 (Posted 4:05pm June 22nd)

Bethie Horta commented: VIP status at a swanky open bar among the cast/crew of Draft Day! — with Fred Bean. (Posted 10:07pm June 22nd)

Bethie Horta commented: Just had a 5 minute conversation with Kevin Costner about oil spills in the gulf coast. Rad dude. (Posted 11:59pm June 22nd)

Bethie Horta commented: Me & my stepmom with KC! (Posted 1:04am June 22nd)

Ra Nae commented: Kevin Costner did attend the draft day party. It was fun def some entertaining karaoke performances and a beautiful venue. (Posted 4am June 23rd)

Maggie Pryatel ‏@MaggiePryatel tweeted: Last night my mom met Kevin Costner at a party in Cleveland. (Posted June 22nd)

Aswan Harris ‏@AswanHarris tweeted: Had an all out #blast last nite. #DraftDay #actor #movie #Cleveland #party #fun #nightlife #bar

Aswan Harris ‏@AswanHarris tweeted: Great times at #DraftDay wrap #party 2.0. W Dir Ivan Reitman (Ghost Busters)

Script Magazine ‏@scriptmag tweeted: Exclusive photo from behind the scenes: “Draft Day”: The #1 script on the 2012 Black List (Posted June 23rd)

KC & MW play the Kent Stage, Kent, Ohio...

David Serafin ‏@DaveSerafin1 tweeted: Got to hang out with Kevin Costner at lunch today, he's actually really cool to talk to surprisingly…(Posted 2:14pm June 22nd)

Sue Kendorski Ferry commented: Soooo much fun in Cleveland....! Kevin just asked us....hey weren't you guys at the show last night? Ken said yes.....Kevin said well, were going to play about 7 new songs for you tonight. Got my picture of us signed and got another pic w me and Ken. Said hey again to John and Blair who were walking downtown. (Posted 4:47pm June 22nd)

Renate Panian Burington commented: Meet & Greet over. Now waiting for concert #2 to start - Kevin Costner & Modern West — at The Kent Stage. (Posted 7:56pm June 22nd)

Becky Freeman commented: Just got kids guitar signed & photo with Kevin & Linda!! I got brave & gave the name book we made to his main security guy (I guess). SO EXCITED!!

michael lannum ‏@Miikoll tweeted: Some idiot on Craigslist wants $500 each for tickets to see Kevin Costner and @modernwest. Damn. Guess I won't be going to that show. (Posted June 22nd)

Missy ‏@MissAy54 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Kent Stage with my momma! #UncleGotDaHookUp (Posted 7:43pm June 22nd)

sean obrien ‏@Seandance_ tweeted: Kevin Costner playing across the street from our show tonight. How do we compete. (Posted 9:22pm June 22nd)

Allie Johnson ‏@AllieJayHey tweeted: Kevin Costner was just in Man of Steel, and tonight he was in Kent with his band... (Posted 9:33pm June 22nd)

Jim Pukas ‏@jimarsh3577 tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern Wes (Posted 11:22pm June 22nd)

Pictures by brentreichert #kevincostner #modernwest #kentstage

Tammie Shultz commented: I think we got great seats! — at The Kent Stage. (Posted 8pm June 22nd)

Todd Shultz commented: Kevin Costner concert was great. Little sample (VIDEO) (Posted 10:23pm June 22nd)

Laura Moreno commented: So I was at the Kent Stage with Robert Puzzitiello seeing Kevin Costner...not only did Kevin shake my hand, he poured me some champagne! SWEAR! (Posted 10:39pm June 22nd)

Tammie Shultz commented: Yes, he is handsome! I got to stand up front at the stage. (Posted 10:43pm June 22nd)

Fay Ratcliff Anthony commented: went to Kent Stage tonight to see Kevin Costner and his band, one of the best small concerts I've ever been to and he was so nice and close, pics tomorrow, great time. (Posted 11:09pm June 22nd)

Laura Moreno commented: I have to say that Kevin Costner and his band did a really great job! Their music is really relevant...lyrics and music just great@ And his daughter, Lilly, sang....amazing artist@ (Posted 11:33pm June 22nd)

KC & MW at The Kent Stage, Kent, Ohio - Photos by Renate Panian Burington:

Beth ‏@bethnicolen tweeted: @modernwest and Kevin Costner are the only reason I made money at work tonight. Come back to kent every Saturday. (Posted 3:14am June 23rd)

Brenda Buchanan ‏@queenosheba1 tweeted: Kevin Costner is as sexy in person as he is on the screen (Posted June 22nd)

Laura ‏@ohmamaof3 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner & his band @BrothersLounge in Lakewood, Oh. He is still fine looking. Jen Garner was there too. (Posted June 22nd)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

KC & MW play Brothers Lounge in Cleveland, Ohio....

See the picture and article entitled: 'Kevin Costner & Modern West play Cleveland and Kent: Star here filming 'Draft Day' talks about gigs' by Clint O'Connor, The Plain Dealer:

Melissa Riser ‏@m_ryzr13 tweeted: Kevin Costner is playing with my Dad at his gig tonight at Brother's Lounge lol Correction: Kevin Costner's band is opening up for my Dad's band lol #previoustweet (Posted 10:49am June 21st)

The Kent Stage ‏@kentstage tweeted: Looking forward to Kevin Costner & Modern West tomorrow. (Posted June 21st)

The Kent Stage ‏@kentstage tweeted: Things to do before and after Richie Furay & Kevin Costner in Kent:

michael lannum ‏@Miikoll tweeted: Celebrity stalking Kevin Costner in Lakewood with @LSchaffy (Posted 3:18pm June 21st)

Matt Zarefoss ‏@mattzarefoss tweeted: Gonna try to have a few drinks with Kevin Costner, Jennifer Gardner, and the cast of the movie draft day tonight #brotherslounge (Posted 5:51pm June 21st)

Lakewood Citizen ‏@lkwdcitizen tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West at Brother's Lounge is SOLD OUT! #CLE (Posted 7:35pm June 21st)

adam klepek ‏@kleptobismal tweeted: My mom sister an i are stalking kevin costner right now this is raw (Posted 8:36pm June 21st)

Will Ujek ‏@WillUjek tweeted: They're packed tight in Lakewood awaiting Kevin Costner to the stage (Posted 9:22pm June 21st)

Laura Frye ‏@lauragfrye tweeted: Just posted a video (Posted 9:48pm June 21st)

Laura Frye ‏@lauragfrye tweeted: Watching Kevin Costner play in his Band in Cleveland and tomorrow I get to meet Jennifer Gardner and… (Posted 9:53pm June 21st)

Laura Frye ‏@lauragfrye tweeted: I had no idea he could sing or was in a bad for that matter! #kevincostner #thebrotherslounge (Posted 9:55pm June 21st)

adam klepek ‏@kleptobismal tweeted: I SAW KEVIN COSTNER TONIGHT. I WENT THE DISTANCE TO SEE HIM... (Posted 10:16pm June 21st)

Dana Allender ‏@DanaAllender tweeted: At Brothers Lounge, Kevin Costner on lead vocals and Jennifer Garner sitting beside me...just another day in the life.... (Posted 10:18pm June 21st)

Matt Zarefoss ‏@mattzarefoss tweeted: Jennifer Gardner across the bar, Kevin Costner on stage #brotherslounge is the place for stars (Posted 10:22pm June 21st)

Picture by vine5 #kevincostner Alex met him tonight, wish I could have tagged alongemoji#envious (Posted 10:52pm June 21st)

Laura ‏@ohmamaof3 tweeted: Listening to Kevin Costner at Brothers Longe in Lakewood. He is still a fine looking man (Posted 10:57pm June 21st)

timothycsimons ‏@timothycsimons tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West. (Posted 11:02pm June 21st)

Jake Barcus ‏@JakeBarcus tweeted: So my mom is hanging out with Kevin Costner right now.... (Posted 12:20am June 22nd)

VIDEO: Actor Kevin Costner, Modern West at Cleveland nightspot Actor Kevin Costner, Modern West at Cleveland nightspot:

David Bernstein ‏@rednader4life tweeted: Just racked kevin costner (Posted 12:53am June 22nd)

Katlyn Neylon ‏@katlynneylon tweeted: Kevin Costner in concert was a blast. Fun night. :) #VIPyo (Posted 1:05am June 22nd)

PICTURES: KC & MW Concert at The Brothers Lounge, Cleveland, Ohio - Photos by Renate Panian Burington and Sue Kendorski Ferry:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Alive in the city by Renate Burington· Published on Jun 22, 2013 - Brothers Lounge, Cleveland OH 6/21/2013:

Friday, June 21, 2013

Want to be part of a documentary about Kevin Costner?

A French Journalist, Emeline Leurent, of GABTV in Paris, France, is creating a documentary about Kevin Costner, as a tribute to his career. She described the reason for doing the documentary: "For French people, this year represents Kevin Costner's comeback on our screens, with Man Of Steel, Three Days To Kill, Jack Ryan, Draft Day and Hatfields & McCoys. We also discover him as a musician and a singer. He received lately the "César d'honneur", an honorific distinction from the Cesars Academy in France, for his brilliant career."

Emeline would like to interview "some true Kevin Costner fans" for the documentary. She will be in New York, Boston and Washington, DC, by the end of June/beginning of July. If you are a great fan of Kevin Costner and have collectibles you'd like to share, and you would like to talk with Emeline, you can contact her via email here:

Kevin does press for the KC & MW Ohio concerts...

Dumb ‏@RMGDumb tweeted: Holy crap...Just talked to Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) He's in the hallway...officially outside of Studio RMG! (Posted 7:43am June 20th)

Sam Szilagyi ‏@samanatrix tweeted: Kevin Costner is in our building and everyone is freaking out. lol (Posted 7:47am June 20th)

Duji ‏@RMGduji tweeted: Holy Jesus I’m staring at Kevin Costner as he walks into the building #SoNervous @modernwest (Posted 7:47am June 20th)

Jeffrey LaRocque ‏@RMG_JLR tweeted: Me with actor Kevin Costner (Posted 7:49am June 20th)

Kyle Casper ‏@Casper62190 tweeted: Love that my office is right next to RMG's office. Gonna try to see Kevin Costner today! (Posted 7:58am June 20th)

Joe Minch ‏@MinchJoe tweeted: @RMGDumb: Holy crap...Just talked to Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) He's in the hallway...officially outside of Studio RMG!" Wow (Posted 8:03am June 20th)

100.7 WMMS ‏@wmms tweeted: Kevin Costner is in studio w/ @RoverRadio now - WMMS 100.7 - and watch at RMG TV (Posted 8:04am June 20th)

Jennifer Hamilton ‏@jennyham41 tweeted: Kevin Costner is just down the road at #wmms!! #jealous (Posted 8:05am June 20th)

Adam Raymond ‏@Raymondwatch tweeted: Kevin Costner interview is killing it @RoverRadio (Posted 8:15am June 20th)

AutumnSkye13 ‏@AutumnSkye13 tweeted: Kevin Costner is still handsome as ever. #RMGTV #starstruck (Posted 8:17am June 20th)

Matt Young© ‏@M_Young1 tweeted: @RoverRadio Kevin Costner is awesome man, I love this guy and all he is about. PS - Tin Cup is in my top 3 movies of all time! (Posted 8:22am June 20th)

Ryan Anthony ‏@RealRyanthony tweeted: I won't complain if the hardest thing I do at work today is listen to Kevin Costner talk about his band on the radio while drivin around (Posted 8:24am June 20th)

Becca Wise ‏@Latrobegirl11 tweeted: @RoverRadio I'm speechless, I can't believe Kevin Costner is in your studio. I can't stop staring at RMG TV (Posted 8:30am June 20th)

Aron_дη†|ģØÐ ‏@AronMorris tweeted: @RoverRadio Great interview with Kevin Costner this morning. (Posted 8:38am June 20th)

Dawn ‏@TheMadWifey tweeted: I can't believe I'm in walking distance of Kevin Costner. He's right across the street! I wanna meet him! (Posted 8:38am June 20th)

Mike Buehner ‏@MikeBuehner tweeted: This Kevin Costner interview isthe best thing Rovers morning glory has done in yrs. Thats not sayin much but its still a damn good interview (Posted 8:43am June 20th)

Zack Nicholson ‏@ZSN27 tweeted: @RoverRadio Awesome interview this morning with Kevin Costner! (Posted 8:44am June 20th)

Kyle Casper ‏@Casper62190 tweeted: I just got a selfy pic with Kevin motha fuckin Costner #likeaboss (Posted 8:52am June 20th)

Zakir Ghazi ‏@ZakirGhazi tweeted: @roverradio A ton of respect for Kevin Costner after that interview! (Posted 8:57am June 20th)

Mz.SaySay ‏@Mz_SaySay tweeted: #random Soo i guess Kevin Costner just left the radio station in my building? A coworker got a hug n' everything. Dang, missed that. (Posted 9:09am June 20th)

Duji ‏@RMGduji tweeted: Thank you Kevin Costner for spending your morning with us! @modernwest #RoverRadio #KentStage (Posted 9:44am June 20th)

anthony snitzer ‏@anthonysnitzer tweeted: Met Kevin Costner at work today! SUPER cool guy. Even in a hurry, he stopped to take a pic with me. @modernwest (Posted June 20th)

Wtamcarmangelo ‏@wtamcarmangelo tweeted: @RMG_JLR Congrats on meeting Kevin Costner. I saw him in the hallway. Did you get to talk to him at all? (Posted June 20th)

Brian Villwock ‏@Brianvillwock tweeted: Kevin Costner stopped by the station this morning. All the middle-aged women went Nuts! The place turned into a regular cougar den! (Posted June 20th)

Edward Magic Hands ‏@eddiepfrenger tweeted: #RMG interviewed Kevin Costner today. Amazing, humble dude. Tons of respect for him. (Posted June 20th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner in Studio - Full Interview Actor Kevin Costner came in studio and discussed his childhood, his work, the challenges of being famous and raising kids, and much more! Watch the full interview here.

Ernesto Gerardo ‏@erniegerardo tweeted: My dad just texted me a picture of him and my mom hanging out with Kevin Costner, and has been doing so all day. I love my parents. (Posted June 20th)

AUDIO: Dee Perry is joined by Kevin Costner to discuss the filming of his new movie, Draft Day and his concert at Kent Stage on June 22nd (to 19:26)

Pictures and article: Kevin Costner talks music/"Draft Day":

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The latest from 'Draft Day' filming...

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani ‏@AliyaJasmine tweeted: On-set for @SportsCentre in Cleveland. Movie "Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner & @NFL @HoustonTexans' @ArianFoster (Posted 12:25pm June 13th)

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani ‏@AliyaJasmine tweeted: Just interviewed Kevin Costner (would-be Pro pitcher in an alternate life) for TSN (Posted 1:23pm June 13th)

Cameron McKendry ‏@cameronmckendry tweeted: Such a great time on the set of Draft Day! Got to see Kevin Costner, Dennis Leary and met Jennifer Garner! So awesome. (Posted June 14th)

Staci Simpson ‏@StaciSimpson8 tweeted: During a Wednesday workshop, I saw Kevin Costner while filming a movie in Cleveland. Security wouldn't let me take a picture of him! Boo hoo (Posted June 14th)

JCUReunion ‏@JCUReunion tweeted: Class of '88 hung out with Kevin Costner today (Posted 7:18pm June 15th)

Tom Nock ‏@TomNock tweeted: That awkward moment when your firstie tells you to not come to her reunion and then you see her with Kevin Costner. (Posted 12:28pm June 15th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: Final week on Draft Day. Don't want to go back to my real job next week. (Posted June 18th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: Reading the real actors script in front of them is real awkward. (Posted June 18th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: Sitting next to Kevin Costner at lunch. #nbd (Posted 10:45am June 18th)

Tanner Shaffer ‏@tshaffer66 tweeted: Got to meet Jennifer garner and Kevin Costner in the movie The Draft #moviestar (Posted 12:28pm June 17th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: @kkiesner13 can't tweet pics from set. (Posted 12:55pm June 18th)

Ola Girardi ‏@Olaa_Holaa tweeted: Jennifer Gardner and Kevin Costner come in for dinner, ya know just a typical day at work ☺ (Posted 8:25pm June 17th)

Brennans ‏@Brennans tweeted: Brennan’s Catering just finished working with the crew on the upcoming film Draft Day starring Kevin Costner, Joe Manganiello and Jennifer Garner. We catered all the food that will appear in the movie. It was exciting and interesting to see how Hollywood works behind the scenes! (Posted 9:55am June 18th)

'Draft Day' poster:

Rich Eisen, Sportscaster, NFL Network June 18, 2013 And just had a great talk with "Draft Day" Browns GM Kevin Costner. (PHOTO)

Rich Eisen, Sportscaster, NFL Network June 18, 2013 Just chatted with the "Draft Day" Cleveland Browns capologist, Jennifer Garner. Good times (PHOTO)

Madeline Tuohey ‏@madeline2e tweeted: On set! (Posted 6:35am June 18th)

Madeline Tuohey ‏@madeline2e tweeted: Just shook Kevin Costner's hand.. (Posted 6:45pm June 18th)

Madeline Tuohey ‏@madeline2e tweeted: Lunch with Kevin, what a day (Posted 10:52am June 18th)

Madeline Tuohey ‏@madeline2e tweeted: Brian Tuohey is gettin his big break on set with Mr. Costner (Posted 12:01pm June 18th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: I wrap on Draft Day Monday and start on Freezer Burn on Tuesday. (Captain America:Winter Solider) (Posted June 19th)

ARTICLE: Counting Browns movie, can you name Costner's 8 sports flicks? By Steve Doerschuk:

Sunday, June 16, 2013

More of Kevin in 'Man Of Steel' and Happy Fathers Day....

〇〇ん ‏@MC4Adam tweeted: 夏休み中のMichaelの今日のカバーはJerry SeinfeldでゲストがKevin Costnerって豪華。

See the picture video and quotes from Kevin, posted by Shaina411:

VIDEO: Man of Steel World premiere: Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, more by thesourcemagazine1 Published on Jun 15, 2013

Lisa Taylor ‏@WolfLisaTaylor tweeted: Kevin Costner's DNA ok with ME! On being a dad in MAN OF STEEL

Rajeev Masand ‏@RajeevMasand tweeted: My interview with Kevin Costner & Diane Lane on raising Clark Kent as his earth parents: Now Showing:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Diane Lane on playing the Kents in ‘Man of Steel’ In this interview with Rajeev Masand, recorded in Los Angeles, Hollywood stars Kevin Costner and Diane Lane talk about playing Superman’s Earth parents Jonathan and Martha Kent in Man of Steel. The stars reveal what appealed to them when these parts were offered to them, and share their opinion on Henry Cavill who plays the new superhero.

VIDEO: (Translated) FILM Before starting the interview, Kevin Costner Juanma lets know what you think of Puerto Rico. But this Saturday at our special Man of Steel. - With Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and John Fernandez-Paris.

Dannie ‏@DannieFace tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER: THE SWAGG EMPEROR \o/ (Posted 8:25pm June 15th)

Beatriz Moncayo ‏@BeatrizMoncayo1 tweeted: Interviewing Kevin Costner, Henry Cavill and cast of "Man Of Steel" for RCN & NTN24 ;) Man! I love my job!!! :) Hehe (Posted June 15th)

VIDEO: MORE Las Vegas ‏@MOREFOX5 tweeted: Rachel sat down with Diane Lane and Kevin Costner to talk about their roles as Clark Kent's parents in "Man Of Steel'.

VIDEO: Nerd Tears - Costner, Cavill, Lane, Cumberbatch, Pegg, Downey Jr., Paltrow, by kevin mccarthy· Published on Jun 14, 2013:

VIDEO: Man of Steel - Now Playing Spot 1 by WarnerBrosPictures Published on Jun 14, 2013:

VIDEO: Man of Steel - Now Playing Spot 2 by WarnerBrosPictures Published on Jun 14, 2013:

VIDEO: Gino sits down with Diane Lane and Kevin Costner to talk about “Man of Steel.”

Saturday, June 15, 2013

KC & MW articles and interviews preceding Ohio concerts...

Article: 'Kevin Costner Bringing His Band To Kent' by Kelly Maile:

Article: 'The HeldenFiles: Kevin Costner to make music in Kent' by Rich Heldenfels:

Article: 'Kevin Costner Talks Music: The Background' by Rich Heldenfels:

Dan Kane ‏@DKaneREP tweeted: I just got off the phone with Kevin Costner! Read his thoughts about life in Cleveland and fronting a roots-rock band in Friday's Ticket. (Posted 1:21pm June 12th)

Interview: 'Kevin Costner’s rock band ‘has a lot of firepower’ he says' by Dan Kane:

Friday, June 14, 2013

More of Kevin doing 'Man Of Steel' press...

VIDEO: Henry Cavill And Kevin Costner Shine At 'Man Of Steel' World Premiere - Part 4:

VIDEO: Chris Parente sits down with the stars from Man of Steel:

ARTICLE: In 'Man of Steel,' Kevin Costner and Diane Lane add star power to supporting roles as Clark Kent's folks - A-list talent including Russell Crowe as dad Jor-El helps add luster to Zack Snyder's Superman epic By Ethan Sacks:

PICTURE: NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 10: Actor Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner is seen outside 'Good Morning America' in Times Square on June 10, 2013 in New York City.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Had No Love for 'Superman' as a Kid: 'Man of Steel' Interview by ABCNews Published on Jun 13, 2013 - "Man of Steel" actor says inability to fly spoiled the fun surrounding iconic superhero story.

Picture by henrycavillorg We were lucky enough to be in the audience for the special #ManofSteel episode of the @KatieShow. Look at the amazing set! #KatieShow#manofsteel#henrycavill##superman#FunattheKatieShow#AmyAdams#KevinCostner#LaurenceFisburne#MichaelShannon#ChrisMeloni#

Online photos from the Katie Couric 'Man Of Steel' show:

Online videos from the Katie Couric 'Man Of Steel' show:

VIDEO: Oscar-Winner Kevin Costner on the “Biggest” Movie He’s Ever Been In - We all know and love Kevin Costner from "The Bodyguard," "Dances With Wolves," "Bull Durham" and "Field of Dreams," but this time around, he's got his feet firmly planted on planet Earth as Superman's adoptive father in "Man of Steel."

And another video where Kevin spoke:

VIDEO: Man of Steel: Kevin Costner's 5 Reasons to Watch by TopFiveMovie· Published on Jun 12, 2013:

ARTICLE: The One Thing Critics Are Getting Wrong About 'Man Of Steel' by Kirsten Acuna :

ARTICLE: 'Man of Steel sequel gets green lit' dated June 11, 2013 Excerpt: Zack Snyder has been commissioned by Warner Bros to make a second Superman movie, just as he unveiled Man Of Steel to the world.....Zach and script writer David S Goyer - who wrote The Dark Knight trilogy - have been fast-tracked to begin work on the sequel, according to Deadline. However, it is believed producer Christopher Nolan will take more of a back seat role with the sequel as he is busy with other projects.