Thursday, June 6, 2013

A little more from 'Draft Day' filming...

Fee's Kompany ‏@FeesKompany tweeted: Do you want to be in a movie? Kevin Costner's "Draft Day" is looking for extras! (Posted June 4th)

Kevin Costner Movie “Draft Day” Is Looking For Extras June 4, 2013 The Greater Cleveland Film Commission says white-collar types are needed as paid extras for “Draft Day.” You have to be at least 18 years old. To register your information go to

Kate Hodgson ‏@kodgson tweeted: just signed up to be an extra in that Kevin Costner movie.... lol fingers crossed (Posted June 4th)

Salazar Slitherin ‏@GarrettLBarnett tweeted: What a great day. New job, and i have 2 auditions. One with Kevin Costner, and one with Robert Downey Jr. #whataday (Posted June 4th)

Brian Grimm ‏@BTheExcellence tweeted: We just fed Kevin Costner (Cleveland, Ohio) (Posted 4:11pm June 4th)

Brian Grimm ‏@BTheExcellence tweeted: Kevin Costner is currently eating @masterpizza #BestInTheWorld (Posted 4:15pm June 4th)

Christina LaMarca ‏@MrsMasterPizza tweeted: NBD Kevin Costner ordered @masterpizza for a scene in the movie they are filming in Cleveland! (Posted 4:52pm June 4th)

Master Pizza, Cleveland, Ohio, website:

Dave Donaldson ‏@dave_donaldson tweeted: @belletire also belle tire now has a movie star in their commercial. I'm in a new movie with Kevin Costner called Draft Day! I have 4 lines! (Posted June 3rd)

Mike Ryan ‏@mikeryan tweeted: Had a long talk with Kevin Costner and we spoke about a lot of things. Like Superman. And Waterworld. And Bull Durham (Posted June 4th)

Julie Magallanes ‏@JulieMagallanes tweeted: I think I just saw Kevin Costner driving in Boyle Heights #truestory (Posted 4:21pm June 3rd)

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