Saturday, June 22, 2013

KC & MW play Brothers Lounge in Cleveland, Ohio....

See the picture and article entitled: 'Kevin Costner & Modern West play Cleveland and Kent: Star here filming 'Draft Day' talks about gigs' by Clint O'Connor, The Plain Dealer:

Melissa Riser ‏@m_ryzr13 tweeted: Kevin Costner is playing with my Dad at his gig tonight at Brother's Lounge lol Correction: Kevin Costner's band is opening up for my Dad's band lol #previoustweet (Posted 10:49am June 21st)

The Kent Stage ‏@kentstage tweeted: Looking forward to Kevin Costner & Modern West tomorrow. (Posted June 21st)

The Kent Stage ‏@kentstage tweeted: Things to do before and after Richie Furay & Kevin Costner in Kent:

michael lannum ‏@Miikoll tweeted: Celebrity stalking Kevin Costner in Lakewood with @LSchaffy (Posted 3:18pm June 21st)

Matt Zarefoss ‏@mattzarefoss tweeted: Gonna try to have a few drinks with Kevin Costner, Jennifer Gardner, and the cast of the movie draft day tonight #brotherslounge (Posted 5:51pm June 21st)

Lakewood Citizen ‏@lkwdcitizen tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West at Brother's Lounge is SOLD OUT! #CLE (Posted 7:35pm June 21st)

adam klepek ‏@kleptobismal tweeted: My mom sister an i are stalking kevin costner right now this is raw (Posted 8:36pm June 21st)

Will Ujek ‏@WillUjek tweeted: They're packed tight in Lakewood awaiting Kevin Costner to the stage (Posted 9:22pm June 21st)

Laura Frye ‏@lauragfrye tweeted: Just posted a video (Posted 9:48pm June 21st)

Laura Frye ‏@lauragfrye tweeted: Watching Kevin Costner play in his Band in Cleveland and tomorrow I get to meet Jennifer Gardner and… (Posted 9:53pm June 21st)

Laura Frye ‏@lauragfrye tweeted: I had no idea he could sing or was in a bad for that matter! #kevincostner #thebrotherslounge (Posted 9:55pm June 21st)

adam klepek ‏@kleptobismal tweeted: I SAW KEVIN COSTNER TONIGHT. I WENT THE DISTANCE TO SEE HIM... (Posted 10:16pm June 21st)

Dana Allender ‏@DanaAllender tweeted: At Brothers Lounge, Kevin Costner on lead vocals and Jennifer Garner sitting beside me...just another day in the life.... (Posted 10:18pm June 21st)

Matt Zarefoss ‏@mattzarefoss tweeted: Jennifer Gardner across the bar, Kevin Costner on stage #brotherslounge is the place for stars (Posted 10:22pm June 21st)

Picture by vine5 #kevincostner Alex met him tonight, wish I could have tagged alongemoji#envious (Posted 10:52pm June 21st)

Laura ‏@ohmamaof3 tweeted: Listening to Kevin Costner at Brothers Longe in Lakewood. He is still a fine looking man (Posted 10:57pm June 21st)

timothycsimons ‏@timothycsimons tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West. (Posted 11:02pm June 21st)

Jake Barcus ‏@JakeBarcus tweeted: So my mom is hanging out with Kevin Costner right now.... (Posted 12:20am June 22nd)

VIDEO: Actor Kevin Costner, Modern West at Cleveland nightspot Actor Kevin Costner, Modern West at Cleveland nightspot:

David Bernstein ‏@rednader4life tweeted: Just racked kevin costner (Posted 12:53am June 22nd)

Katlyn Neylon ‏@katlynneylon tweeted: Kevin Costner in concert was a blast. Fun night. :) #VIPyo (Posted 1:05am June 22nd)

PICTURES: KC & MW Concert at The Brothers Lounge, Cleveland, Ohio - Photos by Renate Panian Burington and Sue Kendorski Ferry:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Alive in the city by Renate Burington· Published on Jun 22, 2013 - Brothers Lounge, Cleveland OH 6/21/2013:

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