Sunday, June 23, 2013

KC & MW play the Kent Stage, Kent, Ohio...

David Serafin ‏@DaveSerafin1 tweeted: Got to hang out with Kevin Costner at lunch today, he's actually really cool to talk to surprisingly…(Posted 2:14pm June 22nd)

Sue Kendorski Ferry commented: Soooo much fun in Cleveland....! Kevin just asked us....hey weren't you guys at the show last night? Ken said yes.....Kevin said well, were going to play about 7 new songs for you tonight. Got my picture of us signed and got another pic w me and Ken. Said hey again to John and Blair who were walking downtown. (Posted 4:47pm June 22nd)

Renate Panian Burington commented: Meet & Greet over. Now waiting for concert #2 to start - Kevin Costner & Modern West — at The Kent Stage. (Posted 7:56pm June 22nd)

Becky Freeman commented: Just got kids guitar signed & photo with Kevin & Linda!! I got brave & gave the name book we made to his main security guy (I guess). SO EXCITED!!

michael lannum ‏@Miikoll tweeted: Some idiot on Craigslist wants $500 each for tickets to see Kevin Costner and @modernwest. Damn. Guess I won't be going to that show. (Posted June 22nd)

Missy ‏@MissAy54 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Kent Stage with my momma! #UncleGotDaHookUp (Posted 7:43pm June 22nd)

sean obrien ‏@Seandance_ tweeted: Kevin Costner playing across the street from our show tonight. How do we compete. (Posted 9:22pm June 22nd)

Allie Johnson ‏@AllieJayHey tweeted: Kevin Costner was just in Man of Steel, and tonight he was in Kent with his band... (Posted 9:33pm June 22nd)

Jim Pukas ‏@jimarsh3577 tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern Wes (Posted 11:22pm June 22nd)

Pictures by brentreichert #kevincostner #modernwest #kentstage

Tammie Shultz commented: I think we got great seats! — at The Kent Stage. (Posted 8pm June 22nd)

Todd Shultz commented: Kevin Costner concert was great. Little sample (VIDEO) (Posted 10:23pm June 22nd)

Laura Moreno commented: So I was at the Kent Stage with Robert Puzzitiello seeing Kevin Costner...not only did Kevin shake my hand, he poured me some champagne! SWEAR! (Posted 10:39pm June 22nd)

Tammie Shultz commented: Yes, he is handsome! I got to stand up front at the stage. (Posted 10:43pm June 22nd)

Fay Ratcliff Anthony commented: went to Kent Stage tonight to see Kevin Costner and his band, one of the best small concerts I've ever been to and he was so nice and close, pics tomorrow, great time. (Posted 11:09pm June 22nd)

Laura Moreno commented: I have to say that Kevin Costner and his band did a really great job! Their music is really relevant...lyrics and music just great@ And his daughter, Lilly, sang....amazing artist@ (Posted 11:33pm June 22nd)

KC & MW at The Kent Stage, Kent, Ohio - Photos by Renate Panian Burington:

Beth ‏@bethnicolen tweeted: @modernwest and Kevin Costner are the only reason I made money at work tonight. Come back to kent every Saturday. (Posted 3:14am June 23rd)

Brenda Buchanan ‏@queenosheba1 tweeted: Kevin Costner is as sexy in person as he is on the screen (Posted June 22nd)

Laura ‏@ohmamaof3 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner & his band @BrothersLounge in Lakewood, Oh. He is still fine looking. Jen Garner was there too. (Posted June 22nd)

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