Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kevin attended a 'Draft Day' party after the Kent concert...

Ra Nae commented: Getting ready for the cast and crew party for Draft Day! Make sure to check out Rooster at Louisville Pub 44 (Posted 4:05pm June 22nd)

Bethie Horta commented: VIP status at a swanky open bar among the cast/crew of Draft Day! — with Fred Bean. (Posted 10:07pm June 22nd)

Bethie Horta commented: Just had a 5 minute conversation with Kevin Costner about oil spills in the gulf coast. Rad dude. (Posted 11:59pm June 22nd)

Bethie Horta commented: Me & my stepmom with KC! (Posted 1:04am June 22nd)

Ra Nae commented: Kevin Costner did attend the draft day party. It was fun def some entertaining karaoke performances and a beautiful venue. (Posted 4am June 23rd)

Maggie Pryatel ‏@MaggiePryatel tweeted: Last night my mom met Kevin Costner at a party in Cleveland. (Posted June 22nd)

Aswan Harris ‏@AswanHarris tweeted: Had an all out #blast last nite. #DraftDay #actor #movie #Cleveland #party #fun #nightlife #bar

Aswan Harris ‏@AswanHarris tweeted: Great times at #DraftDay wrap #party 2.0. W Dir Ivan Reitman (Ghost Busters)

Script Magazine ‏@scriptmag tweeted: Exclusive photo from behind the scenes: “Draft Day”: The #1 script on the 2012 Black List (Posted June 23rd)

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