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Kevin attends Cleveland Indians batting practice and game...

See the two pictures and article entitled: Kevin Costner Attends Tribe Batting Practice by Darcie Loreno:

See the picture and article entitled: Cleveland Indians seek sweep of Minnesota Twins in front of Kevin Costner and others by Dennis Manoloff:

See the article entitled: Costner takes batting practice in Cleveland by AP:

See the video, picture and article: Kevin Costner attends Indians game by Joey Morona:

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See the video, picture and article entitled: If you build it, Kevin Costner will visit it:

Margene Trostle Abrams commented: This afternoon at Progressive Field in Cleveland, the kids could play catch on the field prior to the game. Kevin Costner is in town filming a movie & was sitting with his daughter when she said, "Dad, you better play catch with me" & they did...she is 26 years old, beautiful & they had so much fun to the delight of the team & fans!! How cool is that!!!

VIDEO: Crash Davis took some hacks during Indians BP on Sunday Kevin Costner joined the Indians for pregame drills on Sunday at Progressive Field. The star of classic baseball movies Bull Durham and Field of Dreams was in uniform and took part in a full pregame routine. Costner played catch in the outfield, took a couple ground balls at shortstop, and spent some time in the batting cage.

MaryKatherine Golden ‏@mkgoldie tweeted: The fact that my sisters interviewing Kevin Costner today... #toojealous (Posted June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Plenty of photographers to document Kevin Costner in house. #indians #twins (Posted June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Crash Davis at #indians BP. #costner (Posted 11:04am June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: #kevincostner fielding grounder in BP. #indians (Posted 11:29am June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Kevin Costner getting ready to take his cuts. #indians #crashdavis (Posted 11:32am June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Costner making some solid contact. #indians (Posted 11:39am June 23rd)

Cleveland Indians ‏@Indians tweeted: Kevin Costner preps for BP after taking infield reps ... and looked like a pro doing it! #TribeTown (Posted 11:35am June 23rd)

Cory Provus ‏@CoryProvus tweeted: The picture doesn't do it justice but that is Kevin Costner taking BP. He's in Cleveland filming a movie (Posted 11:48am June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Costner chatting with @Katie_Witham #indians (Posted 12:04pm June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: #kevincostner chats with Sheldon Ocker and @MLBastian and a few others. @PatMcManamon is back there #indians (Posted 12:22pm June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: More Costner and @Katie_Witham #indians (Posted 12:22pm June 23rd)

Dennis Manoloff ‏@dmansworld474 tweeted: Costner laughs at @MLBastian question. #indians (Posted 12:23pm June 23rd)

Melissa Schrader ‏@sportyschrades tweeted: Katie Witham just interviewed Kevin Costner! <3! Love him! (Posted 12:46pm June 23rd)

PatMcManamon ‏@PatMcManamon tweeted: Kevin Costner takes BP at #Indians pregame Sunday -- (Posted 1:05pm June 23rd)

Steve DiMatteo ‏@steve_dimatteo tweeted: Got to talk to Kevin Costner, the God of Sports Film. As you'd probably expect, looked like he belonged taking BP. (Posted 1:19pm June 23rd)

UK Wildcats/954/CLE ‏@UK88TL tweeted: Love seeing Kevin Costner taking BP with the @INDIANS!! (Posted June 23rd)

Sarah Jamieson ‏@SarahJatTheQ tweeted: Nice work @Indians getting Kevin Costner in a uni at BP today; clearly he's in the Tribe! (Posted June 23rd)

OnWarpath ‏@MomOnWarpath tweeted: Looks like a Kevin Costner is in the house. (Posted June 23rd)

Nathan David Torres ‏@tribefan2693 tweeted: Kevin Costner is with the @Indians today! #AwesomeAmazingness (Posted June 23rd)

Michelle Boylan ‏@MichelleBoylan1 tweeted: Kevin Costner in the booth with the @SportsTimeOhio guys... I just squealed a little. #legend (Posted June 23rd)

DidTribeWinLastNight ‏@didtribewin tweeted: Kevin Costner sounds like quite the knowledgeable analyst on #Indians broadcast. Guy knows his baseball. (Posted June 23rd)

Keith Potoczak ‏@KeithPotoczak tweeted: How many dudes just Googled "Kevin Costner's daughter"? (Posted 2:36pm June 23rd)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Visits The Indians Booth:

Karsten Treu ‏@KarstenTreu tweeted: Very nice inning of commentary by Kevin Costner during the Tribe game. Talk about a guy that gets the beauty and mystique of baseball. (Posted 1:36pm June 23rd)

Joel Mohler ‏@JMohler32 tweeted: Kevin Costner was just on the #Tribe broadcast. He did an entire inning. I could have listened to him talk ball the rest of the game. (Posted 1:38pm June 23rd)

Jake Dungan ‏@MajorLeagueJake tweeted: Kevin Costner, who is in Cleveland for the filiming of "Draft Day", currently joining Jim Rosenhaus and Mike Hargrove in the radio booth. (Posted 1:42pm June 23rd)

Justin Scheuner ‏@justin_scheuner tweeted: Listening to Kevin costner talk about baseball movies is one of the most interesting things I've ever experienced. (Posted 1:47pm June 23rd)

Brian M. Dougan ‏@Irishphinsfan tweeted: Very cool listening to Kevin Costner while he was up in the @Indians broadcast booth. I'd love to talk #baseball with him. (Posted 1:48pm June 23rd)

Nick Camino ‏@CaminoTribe tweeted: My man @IndiansRadio did a very nice job interviewing Kevin Costner on WTAM 1100. (Posted 1:52pm June 23rd)

TwinsRadio ‏@TwinsRadio tweeted: Kevin Costner joins Cory and Danny on air LIVE right now! (Posted 12:03pm June 23rd)

James Danielson ‏@snag1025 tweeted: Good old Kevin Costner sitting with @dbremer_pxp and @BertBlyleven28 during the @Twins game! #Twins @fsnorth #FSNorth #FieldOfDreams (Posted 3:15pm June 23rd)

Matt Onorato ‏@MC_Onz tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at the tribe game and he gave me a head nod, day is made (Posted June 23rd)

Cory Provus ‏@CoryProvus tweeted: Incredibly cool having Kevin Costner in the booth today. He couldn't have been more gracious with his time. Fun talking movies/sports. (Posted 5:18pm June 23rd)

Taraa. ‏@tara_eisenhauer tweeted: My dad & brother sat in box seats by home plate with Kevin Costner today at the Indians game... #luckyy (Posted June 23rd)

Mark Podolski ‏@mpodo tweeted: It's not every day you can use a Kevin Costner head shot in a sports section, but Monday is the day. (Posted 8:34pm June 23rd)

Kathryn Nichole ‏@book_worm_grl tweeted: Hope Kevin Costner is enjoying our crazy weather. #heatwave (Posted June 23rd)

Jay K ‏@ClevelandViking tweeted: It was cool to see #Kevin #Costner wearing #Tribe gear at the @Indians game today! Progressive Field of Dreams! @modernwest (Posted June 23rd)

Bert Blyleven ‏@BertBlyleven28 tweeted: Thank you to Kevin Costner for signing a baseball for my wife Gayle. It was great visiting with him today (Posted June 23rd)

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