Friday, June 21, 2013

Kevin does press for the KC & MW Ohio concerts...

Dumb ‏@RMGDumb tweeted: Holy crap...Just talked to Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) He's in the hallway...officially outside of Studio RMG! (Posted 7:43am June 20th)

Sam Szilagyi ‏@samanatrix tweeted: Kevin Costner is in our building and everyone is freaking out. lol (Posted 7:47am June 20th)

Duji ‏@RMGduji tweeted: Holy Jesus I’m staring at Kevin Costner as he walks into the building #SoNervous @modernwest (Posted 7:47am June 20th)

Jeffrey LaRocque ‏@RMG_JLR tweeted: Me with actor Kevin Costner (Posted 7:49am June 20th)

Kyle Casper ‏@Casper62190 tweeted: Love that my office is right next to RMG's office. Gonna try to see Kevin Costner today! (Posted 7:58am June 20th)

Joe Minch ‏@MinchJoe tweeted: @RMGDumb: Holy crap...Just talked to Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) He's in the hallway...officially outside of Studio RMG!" Wow (Posted 8:03am June 20th)

100.7 WMMS ‏@wmms tweeted: Kevin Costner is in studio w/ @RoverRadio now - WMMS 100.7 - and watch at RMG TV (Posted 8:04am June 20th)

Jennifer Hamilton ‏@jennyham41 tweeted: Kevin Costner is just down the road at #wmms!! #jealous (Posted 8:05am June 20th)

Adam Raymond ‏@Raymondwatch tweeted: Kevin Costner interview is killing it @RoverRadio (Posted 8:15am June 20th)

AutumnSkye13 ‏@AutumnSkye13 tweeted: Kevin Costner is still handsome as ever. #RMGTV #starstruck (Posted 8:17am June 20th)

Matt Young© ‏@M_Young1 tweeted: @RoverRadio Kevin Costner is awesome man, I love this guy and all he is about. PS - Tin Cup is in my top 3 movies of all time! (Posted 8:22am June 20th)

Ryan Anthony ‏@RealRyanthony tweeted: I won't complain if the hardest thing I do at work today is listen to Kevin Costner talk about his band on the radio while drivin around (Posted 8:24am June 20th)

Becca Wise ‏@Latrobegirl11 tweeted: @RoverRadio I'm speechless, I can't believe Kevin Costner is in your studio. I can't stop staring at RMG TV (Posted 8:30am June 20th)

Aron_дη†|ģØÐ ‏@AronMorris tweeted: @RoverRadio Great interview with Kevin Costner this morning. (Posted 8:38am June 20th)

Dawn ‏@TheMadWifey tweeted: I can't believe I'm in walking distance of Kevin Costner. He's right across the street! I wanna meet him! (Posted 8:38am June 20th)

Mike Buehner ‏@MikeBuehner tweeted: This Kevin Costner interview isthe best thing Rovers morning glory has done in yrs. Thats not sayin much but its still a damn good interview (Posted 8:43am June 20th)

Zack Nicholson ‏@ZSN27 tweeted: @RoverRadio Awesome interview this morning with Kevin Costner! (Posted 8:44am June 20th)

Kyle Casper ‏@Casper62190 tweeted: I just got a selfy pic with Kevin motha fuckin Costner #likeaboss (Posted 8:52am June 20th)

Zakir Ghazi ‏@ZakirGhazi tweeted: @roverradio A ton of respect for Kevin Costner after that interview! (Posted 8:57am June 20th)

Mz.SaySay ‏@Mz_SaySay tweeted: #random Soo i guess Kevin Costner just left the radio station in my building? A coworker got a hug n' everything. Dang, missed that. (Posted 9:09am June 20th)

Duji ‏@RMGduji tweeted: Thank you Kevin Costner for spending your morning with us! @modernwest #RoverRadio #KentStage (Posted 9:44am June 20th)

anthony snitzer ‏@anthonysnitzer tweeted: Met Kevin Costner at work today! SUPER cool guy. Even in a hurry, he stopped to take a pic with me. @modernwest (Posted June 20th)

Wtamcarmangelo ‏@wtamcarmangelo tweeted: @RMG_JLR Congrats on meeting Kevin Costner. I saw him in the hallway. Did you get to talk to him at all? (Posted June 20th)

Brian Villwock ‏@Brianvillwock tweeted: Kevin Costner stopped by the station this morning. All the middle-aged women went Nuts! The place turned into a regular cougar den! (Posted June 20th)

Edward Magic Hands ‏@eddiepfrenger tweeted: #RMG interviewed Kevin Costner today. Amazing, humble dude. Tons of respect for him. (Posted June 20th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner in Studio - Full Interview Actor Kevin Costner came in studio and discussed his childhood, his work, the challenges of being famous and raising kids, and much more! Watch the full interview here.

Ernesto Gerardo ‏@erniegerardo tweeted: My dad just texted me a picture of him and my mom hanging out with Kevin Costner, and has been doing so all day. I love my parents. (Posted June 20th)

AUDIO: Dee Perry is joined by Kevin Costner to discuss the filming of his new movie, Draft Day and his concert at Kent Stage on June 22nd (to 19:26)

Pictures and article: Kevin Costner talks music/"Draft Day":

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