Friday, June 28, 2013

Seems it's near the end of filming for 'Draft Day'...

Harry Boomer ‏@HarryBoomer19 tweeted: I'm interviewing Kevin Costner, Denis Leary and Ivan Reitman on the set of Draft Day... check us out @ 5.... (Posted 8:56am June 7th)

Clint O'Connor ‏@ClintOMovies tweeted: Enjoyed talking w Kevin Costner, @denisleary and Ivan Reitman today on "Draft Day" set. Look for my story later (much later). #draftday (Posted 4:00pm June 7th)

jeremy foster ‏@JeremyFoster23 tweete: @Fierr89 i met kevin costner the other day..dude is awesome! (Posted June 7th)

Denis Leary, in town filming the 'Draft Day' movie, visited the Twinsburg Fire Department Saturday By: Nicole DeChant

Picture by brentreichert It was a great night! #draftday #wrapparty with #kevincostner & @renuhsahnsman #setlife (Posted June 15th)

Picture by heybrie - Brittany Cast wrap up party #DraftDayMovie #2014 #kevincostner

Picture by crystinaponcher - Crystina Poncher Such an awesome day! Had the chance to interview actor Kevin Costner on the set of "Draft Day" in Cleveland. He was great but I had to heckle him a bit for being a Cal State Fullerton alum. #GoBeach! emoji Interview posted soon on #nfl #nflnetwork #KevinCostner #actor #DraftDay #BehindTheScenes #football #movie

Kevin Costner in Cleveland to film movie - Movie actor/director Kevin Costner smiles as a Cleveland Indian fan takes his picture as Costner was leaving the ballpark. Costner went to the Cleveland Indians-Seattle Mariners baseball game on May 19, 2013, at Progressive Field.

VIDEO: We are 'starstruck' in Cleveland (Kevin at 1:37)

Picture by dmbkimi27 No big deal!! (Posted June 22nd)

Hannah Rasmussen ‏@HannahRas tweeted: Just chilling watching Kevin Costner while he's filming football scenes for Draft Day at case. Nbd (Posted 9:09am June 25th)

Sam Novak ‏@nam_sovak tweeted: Kevin Costner, Tom Welling & Jennifer Garner are filming "Draft Day" on CWRU's football field. Going to get a sneak peek! #Brownslove (Posted 9:10am June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: Back on the set of Draft Day with my lover. Can't wait for this movie to come out! (Posted 12:10pm June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: Bro, Kevin Costner is sitting next to me lol. Snap! (Posted 12:27pm June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: They said no cameras on set. Should I risk taking this picture cause I mean... he's like a foot away lol (Posted 12:29pm June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: This security guard just walked up and is trying to talk to me... bro.. I'm trying to see Kevin (Posted 12:32pm June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: @QueenB_RN I want to! But he's facing me, I don't want him to be weirded out lol (Posted 12:35pm June 25th)

Sarah Hobbs ‏@LainieMonroe tweeted: He's so nice! Omg! (Posted 12:36pm June 25th)

Sandra Craven ‏@Couturegirl_101 tweeted: Sooo they shooting a movie in my driveway and my neighbors house (Posted 1:52pm June 25th)

Sam Laukiavich ‏@SamLaukiavich tweeted: kevin costner is filming in my dads office and i would really appreciate if he kidnapped him for me. (Posted 2:07pm June 25th)

Sandra Pearn commented: randy and crystal seen kevin Costner at case there filming a movie — feeling excited. (Posted 4:52pm June 25th) Case Western Reserve University:

Tania Whelan commented: I met Kevin Kostner today....oh my!!!!! (Posted 3:31pm June 25th)

Picture by hollywoodinthehood #On the #set of #draftday #kevincostner new #film #115 #ashbury #cleveland #Ohio (Posted June 25th)

Picture by hollywoodinthehood #Directorschair #Movie #kevincostner #draftday #ashbury #116th #cleveland #Ohio (Posted June 25th)

Picture by ninachada Hory sheet. Kevin Costner at the wrap party for Draft Day. #kevincostner #wrapparty #draftday #browns Cleveland

Picture by maestra_pip - Rebecca Kevin Costner at Progressive Field! #gotribe #clevelandbaseball #kevincostner

Picture by wojciak - Nicholas Wojcia Treating my dad to the best seats in the stadium. Happy birthday!!! #indians #cle #cleveland #clevelandindians #frontrowseats

Picture by wojciak - Nicholas Wojcia Kevin Costner at the indians game Sunday. #indians #mlb #clevelandindians #cleveland #cle #gotribe #kevincostner #wojofoto #progressivefield #baseball

Picture by brendxntxkxcs Kevin Costner was Superman's dad, and he's a Tribe Fan, your argument is invalid. #KevinCostner #Cleveland #Indians #Windians #SupermansFather #TopThat

Picture by Mitchell Hadden

Article: CWRU in the spotlight as ”Draft Day” wraps up filming around Cleveland, June 25, 2013:

staceyfreyfox8 ‏@staceyfreyfox8 tweeted: Kevin Costner's plane ready to depart from Burke. If only we had met, you handsome man (Posted 8:38am June 26th)

Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, Ohio

Clint O'Connor ‏@ClintOMovies tweeted: "Draft Day," the film starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner, will wrap up its Cleveland-area shoot today in Beachwood. #DraftDayCle (Posted June 26th)

Cleveland Metroparks commented: Check out who stopped by Cleveland Metroparks Emerald Necklace Marina recently while shooting "Draft Day!" Thanks for visting Kevin Costner! (Posted June 27th)

Hollywood Stars in Niagara Falls Filming 'Tammy' NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. Excerpt: 'Tammy' is not the only movie here filming. Folks with the Kevin Costner film "Draft Day" are in town. That's the film that was lost to Cleveland earlier this year.

Sam Stuhler ‏@iStuhler tweeted: so they're filming a movie with Melissa McCarthy at the falls, as well as the Kevin Costner film at the Ralph. #okay (Posted June 27th)

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