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Several pictures and videos of Kevin Costner...

Tad Monster ‏@FriedSchrempf tweeted: I think Kevin Costner enjoys Cleveland

kimlaw662 ‏@kimlaw662 tweeted: @WildAboutTrial Kevin Costner @kentstage (Posted June 27th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Love is everywhere by Renate Burington Published on Jun 25, 2013 - Kent Stage, Kent Ohio 6/22/2013

VIDEO: "CLEO'S AT THE WHEEL" - Kevin Costner & Modern West - Brother's Lounge - 6/21/2013 - Cleveland, Ohio by Suziefloozie3· Published on Jun 25, 2013 - A rockin' song by KCMW

joshua ‏@joshuayahn tweeted: Kevin Costner (Posted June 26th)

Picture by Bob&Jo Photos from Surf Ballroom

Picture by lolaliberato - Lola Jauregui #bodyguard #kevincostner #hollywood #history #host #fame #artist #actor #lifestyle #redcarpet #memories #acapulco #goldenyears

Picture by kendallsaturday Fondly remembering this moment #tbt #thebodyguard #sunsetmarquis #LA #losangeles #celebs #hollywood #swoon #kevincostner

Joan Blair ‏@joanblair tweeted: Oh, my high-school love! “@KenetiaLee: Kevin Costner

NeelSodha @Neel Sodha tweeted: I am in Kevin Costner heaven in Deadwood

Local men recall 'Bull Durham' roles - Asheville men talk Costner, filming at McCormick Field Written by Keith Jarrett

Tyler One Horn ‏@t_oalexander tweeted: Up at 'Tatanka' in deadwood, the place Kevin Costner ownes in the black hills or paha sapa'. I was very honored to meet the parents of a living legend, I am blessed to say the least. #tatanka #buffalo #native #american #dancing #acting #proud #culture (Posted June 15th)

James Lincke ‏@JamesLincke tweeted: Kevin Costner brought me on stage for a photo with the MAN OF STEEL Cast on Katie Couric! Score for Jimmy Olsen!

Picture by alexpetrukhin Came on a visit home to Kevin Costner!

Audrey Rieman ‏@audreyrieman tweeted: Kevin Costner was at the yacht club a few days ago and I missed it. (Posted June 2nd)

Behind The Scenes On The Set Of Tom Clancys Jack Ryan 2012/2013 (Footage) TheWraith517

Eric Felix ‏@EriqFelix tweeted: #FlashbackFriday Hanging out with Kevin Costner during 2007 regionals. #CSUF #CollegeBaseball…

PeterESMAR Pedro Espinosa Con #Kevin #Costner en #Londres

Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer to shoot drama 'Black and White' in New Orleans (full production listings) By Mike Scott,

Mel ‏@Miss_Close tweeted: Kevin Costner and Brad Pitt! #doorsopenhfx (Posted June 8th)

I LOVE NINA BADRIC ‏@SveTiNeboVrati tweeted: Nina Badrić i Kevin Costner u Monte Carlu :) (Posted June 8th)

Picture by blakeafrench - Blake French Interview with Kevin Costner when I was like 19 just starting off in journalism ;) I was so young and ugly Hahaha! #celebrity #actor #famous #kevincostner #movie #interview #journalism #writer #detroit #ritzcarlton #2003 #badhairday #journalist #movie-star

stephanie ‏@stefie8888 tweeted: chatted with Kevin Costner at a store opening years ago. super nice and we looked so cute together! xoxo ‏@ancestrydotcom tweeted: Hot pants were part of the uniform? Check out this high school photo of Kevin Costner in 1973: Kevin Costner playing varsity basketball at Villa Park High School in 1973. #celebrity #genealogy

Ben James ‏@BenJourno tweeted: Stars have been to @IronworksBBQ - dozens of signed pics. Who excited @emmawilson1 the most? Kevin Costner! #Austin (Posted May 20th)

Picture by asehelland Mr & Mrs Grey #kevincostner #dansermedulver (Posted 12:46pm May 20th)

Ghost Player The latest Ghost Player newsletter is out. One article is about Blowing the Whistle on Kevin Costner His new movie is in the press.

Anita Baggott ‏@Anita_wicked_22 5h Kevin Costner and me. Pebble Beach, California.

akaofficial - A.K.A. a few #aka #girls with #famous #actor #kevincostner (Posted June 27th)

Blowing the Whistle on Kevin Costner: Honorary Ghost Player, Nic Ungs and Kevin Costner hanging out in a lockeroom while Nic was a major league ballplayer. Oscar-winner, Kevin Costner will soon be setting aside his bat and glove to wear the coach's whistle in the film, Draft Day. Nic Ungs, Dyersville native was drafted by the Florida Marlins in 2001, he teamed up with DreamCatcher Productions to wear the Ghost Player stripes for a baseball documentary shot in Clinton for a TV series for the Major League Baseball Network.

ARQUEONAUTAS Pop Up Store Super Sail Tour 2013 = Pictures

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Movies & Music by ichiban2592007 Published on May 26, 2013:

Beck Song Reader Interview: Park Chisolm MAY 23, 2013 But, right now, let’s talk about Park Chisolm.

Brandon Naidus ‏@bnaidus27 tweeted: I'm excited to announce that I will be in @draftdaymovie along with @jkirsh27, @CecilShortsIII, @MarcedesLewis89, Poz & Kevin Costner. (Posted June 28th)

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