Thursday, June 20, 2013

The latest from 'Draft Day' filming...

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani ‏@AliyaJasmine tweeted: On-set for @SportsCentre in Cleveland. Movie "Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner & @NFL @HoustonTexans' @ArianFoster (Posted 12:25pm June 13th)

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani ‏@AliyaJasmine tweeted: Just interviewed Kevin Costner (would-be Pro pitcher in an alternate life) for TSN (Posted 1:23pm June 13th)

Cameron McKendry ‏@cameronmckendry tweeted: Such a great time on the set of Draft Day! Got to see Kevin Costner, Dennis Leary and met Jennifer Garner! So awesome. (Posted June 14th)

Staci Simpson ‏@StaciSimpson8 tweeted: During a Wednesday workshop, I saw Kevin Costner while filming a movie in Cleveland. Security wouldn't let me take a picture of him! Boo hoo (Posted June 14th)

JCUReunion ‏@JCUReunion tweeted: Class of '88 hung out with Kevin Costner today (Posted 7:18pm June 15th)

Tom Nock ‏@TomNock tweeted: That awkward moment when your firstie tells you to not come to her reunion and then you see her with Kevin Costner. (Posted 12:28pm June 15th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: Final week on Draft Day. Don't want to go back to my real job next week. (Posted June 18th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: Reading the real actors script in front of them is real awkward. (Posted June 18th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: Sitting next to Kevin Costner at lunch. #nbd (Posted 10:45am June 18th)

Tanner Shaffer ‏@tshaffer66 tweeted: Got to meet Jennifer garner and Kevin Costner in the movie The Draft #moviestar (Posted 12:28pm June 17th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: @kkiesner13 can't tweet pics from set. (Posted 12:55pm June 18th)

Ola Girardi ‏@Olaa_Holaa tweeted: Jennifer Gardner and Kevin Costner come in for dinner, ya know just a typical day at work ☺ (Posted 8:25pm June 17th)

Brennans ‏@Brennans tweeted: Brennan’s Catering just finished working with the crew on the upcoming film Draft Day starring Kevin Costner, Joe Manganiello and Jennifer Garner. We catered all the food that will appear in the movie. It was exciting and interesting to see how Hollywood works behind the scenes! (Posted 9:55am June 18th)

'Draft Day' poster:

Rich Eisen, Sportscaster, NFL Network June 18, 2013 And just had a great talk with "Draft Day" Browns GM Kevin Costner. (PHOTO)

Rich Eisen, Sportscaster, NFL Network June 18, 2013 Just chatted with the "Draft Day" Cleveland Browns capologist, Jennifer Garner. Good times (PHOTO)

Madeline Tuohey ‏@madeline2e tweeted: On set! (Posted 6:35am June 18th)

Madeline Tuohey ‏@madeline2e tweeted: Just shook Kevin Costner's hand.. (Posted 6:45pm June 18th)

Madeline Tuohey ‏@madeline2e tweeted: Lunch with Kevin, what a day (Posted 10:52am June 18th)

Madeline Tuohey ‏@madeline2e tweeted: Brian Tuohey is gettin his big break on set with Mr. Costner (Posted 12:01pm June 18th)

Ryan Kilbane ‏@Kilbleezy tweeted: I wrap on Draft Day Monday and start on Freezer Burn on Tuesday. (Captain America:Winter Solider) (Posted June 19th)

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