Friday, June 21, 2013

Want to be part of a documentary about Kevin Costner?

A French Journalist, Emeline Leurent, of GABTV in Paris, France, is creating a documentary about Kevin Costner, as a tribute to his career. She described the reason for doing the documentary: "For French people, this year represents Kevin Costner's comeback on our screens, with Man Of Steel, Three Days To Kill, Jack Ryan, Draft Day and Hatfields & McCoys. We also discover him as a musician and a singer. He received lately the "C├ęsar d'honneur", an honorific distinction from the Cesars Academy in France, for his brilliant career."

Emeline would like to interview "some true Kevin Costner fans" for the documentary. She will be in New York, Boston and Washington, DC, by the end of June/beginning of July. If you are a great fan of Kevin Costner and have collectibles you'd like to share, and you would like to talk with Emeline, you can contact her via email here:

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