Monday, July 22, 2013

First picture of Kevin in New Orleans...

Picture by chasmang - Chas Guidry Check out my new glasses...oh, and Kevin Costner too I guess. #nola #glasses #kevincostner @jarvi85 (Posted July 20th)

Cochon Butcher Sandwich Shop, 930 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA:

Article: ''Black and White,' starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, begins production in New Orleans' by Mike Scott, Principal photography begins Monday (July 15) in New Orleans on "Black and White," an independent feature film starring Oscar winners Kevin Costner ("Dances With Wolves") and Octavia Spencer ("The Help"). Production is expected to continue for five weeks.

Kira commented: Just got an audition for a major motion picture!!! I get to go to New Orleans for the Audition!!!!! Road trip so excited!!!!!!!! Everyone send me good thought luck and prayers!!!! (Posted 11:37am July 13th)

Kira McLean ‏@Kira_McLean tweeted: Just got the call I am booked to be in the movie "Black and White" starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer.. (Posted 10:40pm July 15th)

Alison Fensterstock ‏@AlisonF_NOLA tweeted: @Holl_x @cateroot I have requested a phoner with Kevin Costner. (Posted 1:39pm July 15th)

Mpho Koaho ‏@MphoAK tweeted: Today is my 1st day on the @MikeBinderjokes directed "Black & White". It stars #KevinCostner & @octaviaspencer. CAN'T BELIEVE I'M IN THIS!!! (Posted July 17th)

Meagan Jameson ‏@megjameson tweeted: Ummmmmm. @GillianJacobs just joined the kevin costner movie that is filming in NOLA while I'm there. If I see/meet her I will LOSE it. (Posted July 17th)

Falling Skies Polska ‏@FallingSkiesPol tweeted: @MphoAK @MikeBinderjokes @octaviaspencer LOL can't to see you on a Big Screen !!!!! This is so exciting! Lucky you,working with Kevin Costner (Posted July 17th)

Fuu ‏@ChrisFoley7 tweeted: Kevin Costner in old Metairie filming a movie (Posted 3:33pm July 18th)

Alison Fensterstock ‏@AlisonF_NOLA tweeted: Well, I just had a nice chat about roots music with Kevin Costner. Now I will walk my dog. (Posted July 20th)

John Wirt ‏@JohnWirt1 tweeted: Enjoyed speaking with Kevin Costner this afternoon. Kevin and his band, Modern West, play the Texas Club in Baton Rouge Saturday, July 27. (Posted July 20th)

MonkeyMan NewOrleans ‏@MonkeyMan504 tweeted: Such a weird night last night. I met Kevin Costner in the airport... (Posted 10am July 21st)

Article: Kevin Costner-Mike Binder Drama ‘Black And White’ Adds Jennifer Ehle, Andre Holland & Bill Burr by Jen Yamato: "comedian/actor Bill Burr have joined the cast...Mpho Koaho and newcomer Jillian Estell round out the cast."

Article: 'Community' Star Gillian Jacobs Joins Kevin Costner in 'Black and White' (Exclusive) by Borys Kit: Jacobs has the role of the girlfriend of Costner’s best friend, played by Bill Burr.

'Black And White' at

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