Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kevin goes to Aspen and then on to NOLA...

jason reed ‏@riotreed tweeted: At cache cache in Aspen with Kevin Costner,...(Posted 9:07pm July 2nd)   Cache Cache, Aspen, CO website:

Patrick Connolly ‏@pacoStL tweeted: My wife and her best friend are as subtle as a tornado while stalking Kevin Costner (Posted 11:28am July 7th)

Bruce Feldman ‏@BFeldmanCBS tweeted: Kevin Costner 2 seats away on flight to New Orleans & didn't recognize him till I heard the voice. #beenawhilesincefieldofdreams (Posted 2:36pm July 10th)

Kelley Davis ‏@KelleyDavis11 tweeted: Just met Kevin Costner hahaha cool (Posted 3:11pm July 13th)

Michael Brewer commented: So, we had dinner at Emerils tonight and Kevin Costner was sitting beside us. As we were waiting for the valet, he walked out and we began to talk. In true New Orleans fashion, I asked, "So, what do you do for a living?" ‪#‎everybodysnormalinNOLA‬ (Posted 11:20pm July 13th))

scott ‏@sagman17 tweeted: Eating dinner at Emerils in New Orleans sitting next to Kevin Costner (Posted 9:24pm July 13th)

scott ‏@sagman17 tweeted: Better picture of Kevin Costner at Emerils. (Posted 9:25pm July 13th)

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