Saturday, August 17, 2013

More KC & MW concert pictures...

From the Indiana State Fair concert:

Picture by ryanslavens Ryan Slavens Indianapolis International Airport:

Erica Lenker SBW ‏@ericalenker tweeted: Good ole' country boy #kevincostner & @modernwest gettin' down at #indianastatefair (Posted August 15th)

Pictures by staybeautifulwithin - Erica:

Picture by nlclarkson Nick Indiana State Fair sign:
lisa gates ‏@GatesLgdeere197 tweeted: Kevin Costner and band:) (Posted August 15th)

Pictures by Zella Danielle Chambliss:

Pictures by vondrell:

Picture by pamelaanne25 Pam Nelson 2013 State Fair Kevin Costner's Band #kevincostner

Picture by brittanyukulele Brittany West:

Picture by jensosouthern:

Picture by dmisom79 Danielle Isom:

Picture by a_a_via:

Picture by smashes86 Ashley Nelson:

Picture by ellenlouise_11 Ellen Trout:

Picture by jordynby:

Picture by trich134 Rachel Patch:

Picture by Logan - Canine Actor My working vest autographed by Kevin Costner and 2 of his awesome band members.

Video by Logan - Canine Actor:

From the House Of Blues New Orleans:

Picture by nolachick Concert poster:

Pictures by kevincostnerandmodernwest HOB New Orleans Backstage preshow:

Picture by sgiann1 Sarah Elenora #kevincostner omg!!!

Picture by gkapple Gina Kaye Applewhite:

Pictures by emelleoh *Mary Lynne*

Pictures by skauen:

Picture by zumba_diva101 Stefanie:

Picture by twist_of_lemon T. Lemon:

Picture by feefee47:

Picture by mayoringrid IGurholt:

Pictures by lisa_morrow_ Lisa Morrow:

Picture by great_expectations73:

Picture by thebandremedy:

From the Baton Rouge Texas Club concert:

Picture by capsfan924 #kevincostner #stillafox #thisaintwaterworld Texas Club (Posted July 27th)

Picture by cgar010 Chase Garrett I can die happy now! Great show! #kevincostner (Posted July 27th)

Picture by gingerpatton Ginger Had so much fun seeing Kevin Costner and Modern West tonight in Baton Rouge with @riccilynette (Posted July 27th)

Pictures by gingerpatton Ginger What a fun night! @riccilynette #starstruck #kevincostner #modernwest (Posted July 27th)

Pictures by southernbelledi Kevin Costner looking right at me!

From the Kinder, Louisiana, Coushatta Casino:
Video by t__22 Kevin Costner is in a band lol (Posted July 26th)

Video by miss_kiana_ 1st inst video! (: he was getting it on that violin tho! & their music actually sounds good to me! LOl (: (Posted July 26th)

Video by madisonbrooke92 #concert #kevincostner #casino #fun #memories #music #band

Video by madisonbrooke92 #kevincostner #VIP #concert #awesome

Picture by madisonbrooke92 #starstruck #kevincostner #vip #meetandgreet #allsmiles

Picture by caitbuss - Caitlin I need to thank the very tall man crawled under, I dunno, about three people to get his guitar pick for me (Posted July 27th)

Picture by bigklem Gabriel Klemin #kevincostner #coushatta #concert #fieldofdreams

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