Thursday, August 15, 2013

The latest from the 'Black And White' filming...

Pictures: Comedian Bill Burr makes his first appearance on the set of 'Black and White' along side Kevin Costner while filming in New Orleans. July 29, 2013

Juliet Reeves ‏@TheJulietReeves tweeted: On set for the Kevin Costner film Black and White today. Happy to be working as much as I am. (Posted July 29th)

Jeremy London ‏@TheJeremyLondon tweeted: So proud of my baby @TheJulietReeves for working with Kevin Costner and Bill Burr today (Posted July 29th)

Rainy ‏@2Rainy7777 tweeted: So proud of my boys! We just came back from New Orleans where they shot in the Movie "Black and White" Starring Kevin Costner! (Posted August 1st)

VIDEO: Love, Music and Movie Stars at New Orleans House of Blues! by “Wild Bill” Wood Wild Bill Wood is backstage at New Orleans House of Blues with Academy Award winning actress Octavia Spencer. Octavia’s in New Orleans filming the movie “Black and White” with Kevin Costner. Kevin and his band, Modern West perform at New Orleans House of Blues!

Picture by bigeasy - Alexander Gonzalez: Just finished catering a film set. Now watching #kevincostner film a scene (Posted August 7th)

Taylor J. White ‏@D1_TaylorJWhite tweeted: School starts tomorrow but until then heading back 2 Nola 4 the 6th time to work on the movie Black & White. #Octavia Spencer #Kevin Costner (Posted August 7th)

Janna cook ‏@JaeCook912 tweeted: Come home to the condo in New Orleans and they are filming a Kevin Costner movie in our building... pretty awesome to see (Posted August 8th)

jaimelipsky tweeted: On set with the fabulous Octavia Spencer #blackandwhite #octaviaspencer #kevincostner (Posted August 8th)

Picture by _cheellseeaa - chelsea marie Kevin Costner at Denny's (Posted August 8th)

Erik Huddleston ‏@Air_ik24 tweeted: Lol no way! Kevin Costner is on my flight right now #random (Posted 3:04am August 9th)

Kyle Ronnfeldt ‏@Ronnfeldt3521 tweeted: On the plane with Kevin costner.. nbd (Posted 3:05am August 9th)

Jonas Chartock ‏@jonaschartock tweeted: Seeing @acox on the plane is nice but seeing Crash Davis himself Kevin Costner across the aisle is a slightly bigger deal. No disrespect ;) (Posted 10:53am August 11th)

Ron Centanni commented: I got to be in a scene with Kevin Costner today, eat your heart out !!! (Posted August 12th)

CYNYON D. RODRIGUEZ ‏@CYNYON tweeted: On set...Day 4 of Black and White's an honor working with Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer (Posted August 13th)

Mike Binder ‏@MikeBinderjokes tweeted: Black and White is the best filming experience of my life. Don't want it to end. Kevin Costner and @octaviaspencer are brilliant! (Posted August 13th)

Madison Tayler Guy ‏@madisonguyy tweeted: On the set of Kevin Costner's new movie "Black & White" coming soon 2014 #NOLA @amyycmilller (Posted August 14th)

StarletteMiariaunii ‏@star_miariaunii tweeted: Starr with Kevin Costner (Posted August 14th)

Kristin Jacobson-Estell > Kevin Costner & Modern West: Thanks so much! Experience of a lifetime for Jillian!!!!

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