Monday, August 5, 2013

The latest news about KC & MW...

See the pictures and article by John Wirt entitled: Costner and his band play Baton Rouge, prep for New Orleans:

See the article by John Wirt entitled: Costner and Modern West have fun performing in Baton Rouge:

See the picture and article by Alison Fensterstock entitled: With Modern West, Kevin Costner gets the old band back together

Video: Kevin Costner – Unplugged In New Orleans! by "Wild Bill” Wood, Reporter - Kevin Costner, 2-time Academy Award winner is filming a movie in New Orleans. The movie is called “Black and White”. In his spare time, Kevin performs with his band, Modern West. Before Modern West hits the stage at House of Blues, WGNO News with a Twist Feature Reporter Wild Bill Wood chats with the movie star.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner at Texas Club by barbandy23 Published on Jul 28, 2013 - via YouTube Capture

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West - Concert Snapshots Louisiana - Kinder, & Baton Rouge by ichiban2592007 Published on Jul 28, 2013 - 26.& 27.7.2013 Kinder - Coushatta Casino Resort & Baton Rouge , Texas Club , Louisiana

Pictures by Linda Gilin Butler: Baton Rouge Texas Club concert:

WGNO photo:

Amye Bell ‏@amyenicolebell tweeted: brought my mom to New Orleans this weekend to see @modernwest in concert! we ❤ kevin costner!!!

Leon Blanda ‏@LeonBlanda tweeted: HOLY SH-MOKES! @HOBNOLA, Kevin Costner & Modern West, a special @billburr guest spot!?! I've never seen a more satisfied audience.

glen david andrews ‏@tremeprince tweeted: Hanging out with Kevin Costner at his sound check coolest sat ever in the House Of Blues ,you never know who I may bring to Treme!

Gina Grape ‏@GlamourStar tweeted: Kevin Costner gives good hugs. Wow that was fun. Now upstairs waiting for his band.

Gina Grape ‏@GlamourStar tweeted: @PrissAndBoots and I took a pic with Kevin Costner. He's a SEXY man girls!!!

Justin Abshire ‏@justinabshire tweeted: Just uploaded a new image: Kevin Costner and Me

Justin Abshire ‏@justinabshire tweeted: At the House of Blue and Kevin Costner is playing. Afterwards getting an interview and yes I have a couple of his movies for him to sign.

DiamondDRE ‏@ThrillerALi tweeted: Kevin Costner playing guitar at the #HouseOfBlues #diamonddre

Robin North ‏@northrobin tweeted: Kevin Costner in concert at the House of Blues. #crashdavis #bulldurham

amyenicolebelltweeted: kevin costner & @modernwest at #hobnola & my momma had the BEST time!

Josh Taylor ‏@JoshTaylor83 tweeted: @Modern_West I think Kevin Costner made my mom's night last night. Heard you guys rocked the House of Blues.

el_mealer tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West rocked last night at the House of Blues! @modernwest

Elliott Mealer ‏@el_mealer tweeted: Cheers from Kevin Costner!

Mike Binder ‏@MikeBinderjokes tweeted: With @octaviaspencer at Kevin Costner and modern west concert. Nothing make me happy like a free meal.

octavia spencer ‏@octaviaspencer tweeted: Had an awesome time w/ Kevin Costner & @modernwest, @billburr at NOLA HOB!!!!! They even let @MikeBinderjokes in, ha!!! #BlackandWhite

Mike Binder ‏@MikeBinderjokes tweeted: @octaviaspencer @modernwest @billburr That's not true. I snuck in. BTW. That was Kevin Costner? I thought it was Bobby Sherman.

Haliegh Brooke Boone ‏@BoonesfarmYo67 tweeted: Kevin costner was amazing!

Aaron Morris ‏@aem1469 tweeted: @olv Kevin Costner & Modern West at House of Blues New Orleans!

Aaron Morris ‏@aem1469 tweeted: @olv mike Binder at HOB New Orleans at Kevin Costner Modern West concert

Hales ‏@Hurricane_Hales tweeted: Spent the night surrounded by middle aged women swooning over Kevin Costner! @ House of Blues New Orleans

John Sidney North ‏@Sidnorth tweeted: Kevin Costner @ House of Blues. My wife can get us in anywhere

glen david andrews ‏@tremeprince tweeted: Watching Kevin Costner he's rocking

Max James ‏@maxhjames tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West @ House of Blues #CrashDavis

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