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Pictures: Kevin Costner promoting 'Man Of Steel' at Warner Bros Studio in Burbank, CA, June 3, 2013:

Pictures: New York, NY - June 10: Actor Kevin Costner is seen outside the 'Katie Couric Show':[158730114]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Picture by Victoria A Miller: Indiana State Fair:

Picture by busan12 Susanne eriksson: Stockholm, Sweden 2011:

Pictures by Victoria Miller - vickmil:

Picture by yannloic:

Picture by mistile #reception #diner (Posted January 26, 2013)

Picture by buns83 Jess Stewie is really into The Bodyguard:

Picture by gaellebuswel Gaelle Buswel Meeting with Kevin Costner in Paris !!!!

Picture by cathywk Yes, it is Kevin Costner:

Picture #28 At 58, Kevin Costner is still booking leading man roles.

Translated: Kevin Costner: "The target is to be found" July 21, 2013:

'90s Actors: Hotter Then or Now? Kevin Costner THEN: Revenge, 1990 NOW: Cesar Film Awards, 2013:

'Dances With Wolves' filming pictures by will - dunniway

Sara Eleta ‏@SaraEleta tweeted: Don't know if I can pass up my very own #kevincostner. Only $10. @ Out Of The Past

Christina Nicole ‏@c_flowss tweeted: Going through old Sigma Kappa scrapbooks...wishing I went to CSUF when Kevin Costner did 💏 #love…

Picture by Karlye Lapetina at Arcada Theater, St Charles, Illinois:

Don Orsillo's Twitter pic (@DonOrsillo) [FOLLOW] My Pic of the week is Billy Chapel or Kevin Costner! - 2013-07-21

Laura Cayouette ‏@KnowSmallParts tweeted: #TBT Kevin Costner with my Aunt Norma a few years ago before the @modernwest concert.

Mit ARQUEONAUTAS-Polo-Shirts den Sommer geniessen.

Owen Coomer ‏@owencoomer tweeted: Looking at Kevin Costner at the Golden Boot Restaurant, what is better? (Posted August 1st)

Michael Florek ‏@michaelflorek tweeted So I just found this photo of Kevin Costner in our archives:

Superboy Homepage ‏@SuperboyHomepge tweeted: My Kevin Costner signed 8x10 photo. PSA/DNA Authenticated:

D-Swag ‏@DaranskiConnell tweeted: I'm really good mates with Kevin Costner,I would say he is about 35 years older than me,but that's never been an issue or a problem.

Jess Whitney ‏@Jessica_Whitney tweeted: When I was 5 I got Griffey jr's autograph at the pebble beach pro-am.. Along with Kevin Costner (bull Durham) & mine

W_KOSTNER.jpg Posted: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 This photo was taken just after the last of the three ‘last shot’ takes, filmed on Aug. 3, 1988, with Julie Ungs, of Luxemburg, on the left, Kevin Costner and Bernice Knippel, of Dyersville. They were in some of the first cars to arrive on the site after the third take.

Actors-Turned-Directors Who Nailed It on the First Try: Check out our favorite actors who soared, not sank, at the box office and with critics and fans when they took their work behind the camera.

Watch out for the long shots at Canadian Open By Ian Hutchinson, Special to Toronto Sun July 22, 2013:

Page 23 and Page 27: Kevin Costner '78, TIG Productions - Honorary Member of Dean's Advisory Board

Page 35 Kevin Costner Revitalizes The Western by Joey Berlin:

Page 9 April 17, 2012:

Page 7:

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