Sunday, September 22, 2013

The latest about Kevin's upcoming 'MacFarland'....

From the article by Pamela McClintock: Kevin Costner's cross-country running drama McFarland has gotten a high-profile release date of Nov. 21, 2014.

Brady Matthews ‏@Bradymatthews13 tweeted: Come see me tomorrow at The Icehouse in Pasadena at 10PM - yeah I screen grabbed it, just like how… (Posted September 11th)

Brady Matthews ‏@Bradymatthews13 tweeted: I'm performing @icehousecc tnight @ComedyJuice always a great show, and my man Kevin Costner is gona come hang w me tnight! So come say hi! (Posted September 12th)

CGE&M ‏@cgmanagement tweeted: CASTING: Kevin Costner Film looking for Latino Men & Women 18 and up. OPEN CALL The Moose Lodge of Glendale 357 Arden Ave. Glendale CA 91203 (Posted September 12th)

Wright Dynamic ‏@WrightDynamic tweeteed: Open Casting Call for Disney film "McFarland" starring Kevin Costner! on Sep 15, 2013 at the Moose lodge of Glendale CA 91203 (Posted September 12th)

DJ Perez ‏@DavidJasonPerez tweeted: #Glendalien bound! #bg #talent #castingcall for #KevinCostner #movie #McFarland #actorslife @ Moose Lodge (Posted September 15th)

Ra Mona Fleetwood commented: Completed hiring crew for my new film MacFarland with Kevin Costner and Maria Bello! Thank you Universe for a great team, Tyler Ely and Nani Velez!!! (Posted September 16th)

'The Bridge' Star Joins Disney's Sports Drama 'McFarland' - Carlos Pratts will appear in the Mayhem Pictures film, which stars Kevin Costner as a high school track coach.....Pratts will play Thomas, a McFarland High School student and member of the track team who has anger issues and spends plenty of time at the principal's office due to fighting.
Game Changing Films ‏@GameChangingFlm tweeted: #CastingCall this Sunday in the Los Angeles area. Looking for #RUNNERS, males 18-28. New Kevin Costner movie. (Posted September 18th)

Eric Schroeder ‏@Eric_Schroeder1 tweeted: Just got an audition for a Kevin Costner film!! Crossing fingers I book it, Costner is the man! #TinCup #ArnoldPalmer ! (Posted September8th)

From the article entitled: 'Local favorite Maria Bello dishes on 'Prisoners'' by Howard Gensler Excerpt: Q: So what's next? A: I'm starting "McFarland," a Disney movie with Kevin Costner. It's a true story, set in 1987, about this coach who comes to a migrant worker town outside of Los Angeles and starts this track team of migrant-worker kids and they win championship after championship. made me cry at the end. I'm lucky to be in that and also to be home for my son's seventh grade, because we shoot in L.A.

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