Thursday, October 31, 2013

More pictures and tweets from 'McFarland' filming...

Picture by palma_17 - Palma On set!!! #kevincostner #McFarland (Posted October 29th)

Michael Contreras ‏@Meeka661 tweeted: Kevin Costner outside the office filming. the secretaries all star struck. Bitch get back to your desk and answer my calls. (Posted 11:17am October 30th)

Greg Ursery commented: Got a handshake and a pic with Kevin Costner today seem like a cool cat!! (Posted October 30th)

Greg Ursery commented: At the lil fruit stand on Elmo Cynthia and Miss Cheri I liked Waterworld and The postman he was cool Kay and no Joe he didnt know you also saw his double he was kickin it in ray bans and gave us the whats up (Posted October 30th)

Cynthia Kiki Arismendez commented: He has a good double. We were able to go to their luncheon last week after filming. Lots of football player/actors. (Posted October 30th)

JoLynne Dunlap Hamilton commented: That's awesome. I met him Sunday at the Padre Hotel and he is really down to earth. But I didn't get a photo with go, Greg. (Posted October 30th)

Lynda Halligan ‏@LyndaHalligan tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner. Sweet! #kbaklive #kbfxlive (Posted 7:51pm October 30th)

Ilian Lopez commented: Yes he is in McFarland filming a movie there. Its surreal going to the pharmacy and Bam! you bump into Kevin Costner (Posted October 30th)

Kimmer Jackson tweeted: He's so handsome! I was a cook at a place he owned years ago! Great guy (Posted October 30th)

Serina ‏@serina765 tweeted: That's pretty cool that Kevin Costner knows my family in McFarland. (Posted October 30th)

Dr. John B. Campise ‏@campisefresno tweeted: I ran against these guys in HS, of course they always beat me, now I feel better, they're making a movie about them! (Posted October 30th)

Picture by I'd Go Back: On the movie set of "McFarland", this is actress Maria Bello with Cheryl and Jim White. Maria is playing the part of Cheryl in the film, of course Kevin Costner is Coach Jim White in the Disney major motion picture, the movie is a drama that is based on a true inspired story of Jim White and the 9 time California State Championship Cross-Country teams at McFarland High School.

Picture by I'd Go Back: Jim and Cheryl White are pictured with one of the head Walt Disney guys on location in McFarland. &set=a.532142953533949.1073741825.111764858905096&type=1&theater

Picture by I'd Go Back: Here are a couple buildings on Kern Avenue in McFarland that have been revamped for the "McFarland" movie, the movie stars academy award winning actor Kevin Costner portraying the legendary cross-country track coach Jim White (blanco) and actress Maria Bello as his wife Cheryl. If you notice the Farmacia is where the old post office was, next to it they have created the Cha-Cha-Cha bar and nite club that was originally down the street to the east and on the north side-- Go McFarland!

Sandra Hernandez ‏@Bit23Little tweeted: Kevin Costner in our little town of McFarland, portraying Coach White filming "McFarland". (Posted October 30th)

Picture by Jose Tito @josetitom Finally got a picture with Kevin Costner along with my homie Sergio.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kevin and John play during filming breaks...

kevincostnerandmodernwest - Official Modern West: Kevin and John's impromptu jam session in the produce aisle between takes on Kevin's new movie McFarland. (Posted October 27th)

Picture by Kevin Costner & MW: McFarland the movie. #kcmw #rocknroll #kevincostner #mcfarland #makingmovies #sunburstguitars #produce #modernwest

Annie Miranda commented: Here is the proof of our signatures we got from Kevin Costner and Maria Bello she even personalized Roman's Pocky lol. He can never eat his favorite treat because it will be worth millions of dollars one day it being a japanese product and I am sure someone would want to buy the signature of Costner and Maria Bello one of these days off ebay or something lol Very sore and tired after standing around from 3pm to 2am waiting to get those damn signatures lol

Sherilyn Curti commented: My daughter, Tasha, just has to show up her mother every chance she gets. Last weekend I got a quick view of Robert DeNiro in Las today, she is in downtown Bakersfield at the Padre watching football with friends and sends me a photo of her and her friend Katie...with Kevin Costner. (Posted October 27th)

Gitte Andresen Jespersen commented: One of my School friends has a friend who is a close friend with him (Posted October 27th)

Amanda Duke commented: Sooooooo... William Garrett and I saw Kevin Costner eating at The Padre this morning...but I was too much of a va jay jay to try and take a picture (Posted October 27th)

Tino Rossi ‏@T_RossiCB tweeted: @AshbyNeil I'm in a new movie with Kevin Costner! (Posted October 28th)

Tino Rossi ‏@T_RossiCB tweeted: @AshbyNeil Kevin Costner coaches a high school track team, and I'm on the rival team they upset in the championship duel (Posted October 28th)

The McFarland Movie Fan Facebook page:

Rose Mary Rodriguez commented: Just me, Kevin, Gina Tovar and her daughter and some random people to the side! lol Look at me and Gina all excited, since he is one of our favorite actors!!! (Posted October 25th)

Rose Mary Rodriguez commented: it was the best... he actually had to rub my back to get me to leave his side, indicating it was somebody else's day in 2013, for sure!

Clara Christensen Villanueva commented: It's Kevin Costner he has been here all week long his double does not even look like him at all close up Linda (Posted October 26th)

Picture by gronova7x - Geovonna Casanova: My sexy boyfriend in his track uniform for the Disney movie McFarland.

Picture by randysantaella - Randy Santaella On the movie set of McFarland they have been using my dads 65 Bel Air for two days as a background car. (Posted October 26th)

Pictures by yolie661 - Yolanda Fernandez:

Videos by yolie661 - Yolanda Fernandez:

Danny Venegas ‏@08VbaLLCHaMPs tweeted: Disney producers are gone for the day, so mad I just missed them and Kevin Costner :/ #disney #mcfarland (Posted 5:51pm October 28th)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

And more of Kevin filming 'MacFarland'....

Tommy Delfin commented:Today was awesome I saw Kevin Costner today that was just so awesome today now I can put in my bucket list that I seen a famous actor. Haha dude it was so awesome he waved at me and I was like hey Mr Kevin Costner lol (Posted October 21st)

Edgar Torres Perez commented: Well, my mom finally got to take pics with Kevin Costner. She pushed her way through lol Proud of her. (Posted October 25th)

Edgar Torres Perez commented: Yup, right down the street.

Bob Bender commented: I've been noticing a film grip truck around town this week filming including at the 24th Street Cafe, and the Padre Hotel. I just discovered its a movie that is being shot starring Kevin Costner. I love it when Hollywood comes to Bakersfield! (Posted October 25th)

Heather Hawkins ‏@hhawkins4407 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at The Padre while we were getting coffee!! He turned is back just as I took his photo darn it!!! (Posted October 25th)

The Padre Hotel website:

Todd Ellis ‏@ToddEllisSC tweeted: Brother Mark on the set with Kevin Costner in Northern Cali. No way they miss the Carolina game tomorrow though. (Posted October 25th)

Macias ‏@Ayyo_Karlaa tweeted: My grandma passed by kevin costner:O (Posted October 25th)

Yolie ‏@fer9dz661 tweeted: Have our pic with #KevinCostner ohhhhh yaaaa!!!!😱 (Posted October 25th)

Nicole♡. ‏@Nicole_EmilyZ16 tweeted: Wtf everyone is taking a picture w/ Kevin Costner :/ lol (Posted 6:33pm October 25th)

sub comandante toski ‏@TOSKI80 tweeted: Kevin costner in McFarland!!!!!! (Posted October 25th)

Lola ‏@lolatheslush tweeted: I wonder if anyone has taken #KevinCostner to Dewars yet? Hes so close! #bakersfield #Mcfarland (Posted October 25th)

Susana Cervantes ‏@susy_ceRva87 tweeted: Kevin Costner is still in McFarland..this is killing me.. #wanttomeethim (Posted October 25th)

Maggie Cisneros Gonzalez Their filming right now by Dr. Carson's old office !! On Kern Avenue by middle school (Posted 12:22pm October 25th)

Picture by starizlle Today while on the set of... (Posted October 25th)

Tommy Delfin commented: I just love how people tell me hey Tommy send me pictures of Kevin Costner because they always see me over there where they filming the movie lol (Posted October 26th)

selisa ‏@selisagarciaa tweeted: Kevin Costner!!! He waved at me!! Fakkkk! (Posted October 26th)

Laura Solorio-Ramirez: Just saw Kevin Costner He was buying tortillas. (Posted 5:52pm October 26th)

Frito Galvan commented: McFarland I seen Kevin costner up close whooping (Posted 6:55pm October 26th)

Kevin Martin commented: Here is a little glimpse of Kevin Costner in McFarland, filming the McFarland movie, he is talking to his assistants and production personal. They were filming a scene inside El Cazador restaurant--by the way I'd Go Back has featured El Caz in the past- great food! (Posted October 26th)

Kevin Martin commented: Here is Disney's revamp of the old post office on Kern Ave for the McFarland movie! (Posted October 26th)

Kevin Martin commented: Here is a smidge of the trucks and equipment for the McFarland movie, there are tons of Buena Vista Studios and Walt Disney Productions stuff everywhere, carpenters building false fronts on buildings, tons of cars and trucks from the 80's-90's, lots of action in one of my favorite places:) West side of el buen pastor church (Posted October 26th)

Kevin Martin commented: One of the chairs on the McFarland movie set today! (Posted October 26th)

Kevin Martin commented: Love this new McFarland sign! It's Hollywood, they know what looks good. (Posted October 26th)

Picture by gerry159 gerardo gonzalez Today on the mcfarland set with coach white and kevin costner (Posted October 26th)

Picture by randysantaella Randy Santaella Kevin Costner sign my baseball (Posted October 26th)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

More of Kevin filming 'MacFarland'...

Picture by 123_omar_g Omar Gonzalez On set of the filming of #McFarland #KevinCostner (Posted October 21st)

Picture by alicia_o_villarreal #kevincostner #mcfarlandmovie (Posted October 22nd)

Jaqueline Gonzalez ‏@JacksGee tweeted: I was like why is there so much traffic down my street like what even but then oh they're filming that movie and oh look it's Kevin Costner. (Posted October 23rd)

Jess(: ‏@jlara681 tweeted: @modernwest Kevin Costner ur fliming a block away from me!!!!! Can I meet u?? Please :-D #mcfarland#disneymovie#kevincostner (Posted October 23rd)

Nicole♡. ‏@Nicole_EmilyZ16 tweeted: I find it funny how my cousin used so much emojis cus he saw Kevin Costner today at school lol #McfarlandMovie #intheatresnearyou #Nov2014 (Posted October 23rd)

St. Mary's Catholic Supply commented: Just had the director of the new movie being filmed here in town called McFarland, staring Kevin Costner, come into the shop. They needed a small Our Lady of Guadalupe statue for one of the scenes to sit on the dash board of the car! So when the movie comes out look for our little statue to make an appearance;) (Posted October 23rd)

Wendy Landers commented: Omg they are filming half a block away from my house. I wonder if it's Kevin there ? (Posted October 23rd)

Wendy Landers commented: I've seen women wearing scarves walking back and forth. I just thought it was one of those reality TV shows. I should have been paying more attention. I don't live far from the store (Posted October 23rd)

Lynda Halligan commented: Kevin Costner is in Kern County shooting the movie "McFarland" right now and was spotted at Dagny's. Have you seen him in person? And what's your favorite Kevin Costner movie of all time??? (Posted October 23rd)

Dagny's Coffee Company:

Lisa Hegazy commented: of course as a lot of people: dances with wolves. I have to give him credit just after that movie came out, my sons class had to write to 3 movie stars and Kevin Costner was the only who wrote back sending pictures and a note with autograph. (Posted October 23rd)

Lynda Halligan commented: I met him back in the nineties and he couldn't have been nicer. Seemed like a great dad too. I later did karaoke in front of him and Sissy Spacek! Embarrassing! (Posted October 23rd)

Toni List Ricker commented: I taught his kids swimming lessons & baby sat (more for his wife, now X, Cindy, than for him) when I was about 19. He was at the end of filming Dances w/Wolves during that time & very stressed out (understandably!). I didn't get the best impression of him (kinda grouchy & NO sense of humor at all) but I think that may have been situational! I have an affinity for Dances w/ Wolves, partially b/c I learned that making a movie wasn't fun & games & I started to appreciate the work that went into films (Posted October 23rd)

Matt Munoz ‏@MattMunozBMOA tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner hangs w/ locals during filming of "McFarland." Fans react.. @kevincostner @KevinCostnerFan #Bcali (Posted October 23rd)

See the picture and article entitled 'Hollywood comes to our backyard' by Matt Munoz, "It's not every day you get a chance to rub elbows with Kevin Costner in your hometown."

Julia Valdez ‏@julv12 tweeted: My gma told Kevin Costner she loves him and he smiled and waved at her👵😊 #fangirling (Posted October 24th)

ƃnsʇɐʌo ‏@gustavorojo_ tweeted: More filming in McFarland for a Kevin Costner movie. (Posted October 24th)

Juan Eduardo Ojeda Vazquez commented: Met Kevin Costner @ 4:30 today (Posted October 24th)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The latest on Kevin filming Disney's 'MacFarland'...

Tino Rossi ‏@T_RossiCB tweeted: Going to be in a movie with Kevin Costner... dopppppe (Posted October 17th)

Game Changing Films ‏@GameChangingFlm tweeted: Busy picking teams! Need to fill about 100 roles to be runners in the new Kevin Costner movie. #mcfarland (Posted October 18th)

Dani Collette ‏@danileedlee tweeted: Just spent ten minutes fangirling over Kevin Costner with Trudy and Kathy Tansey in the education office. (Posted 9:30am October 18th)

John Ralfio ‏@will_yosh tweeted: Kevin Costner is playing at the golf course I'm at 😯 (Posted 12:32pm October 18th)

Dani Collette ‏@danileedlee tweeted: Just spent ten minutes fangirling over Kevin Costner with Trudy and Kathy Tansey in the education office. (Posted 9:30am October 18th)

Aaron Perlman ‏@Aaronsweather tweeted: @modernwest Understand this is the band Twitter Page, but would love to have #KevinCostner on my morning news @bakersfieldnow for #McFarland (Posted October 21st)

DAVID PLASCENCIA ‏@BLAKMIST tweeted: Coach White! The coach the movie "McFarland" is being based on... Kevin Costner is playing him... (Posted October 21st)

Jaqueline Gonzalez ‏@JacksGee tweeted: So Kevin Costner is in town filming and I'm debating whether I should skip class so I can go see...... (Posted October 21st)

Jazmine ‏@JazmineMedrano1 tweeted: Haha my dad almost ran over Kevin Costner and was happy about it😂😂 (Posted October 21st)

Susana Cervantes ‏@susy_ceRva87 tweeted: And I'm just finding out Kevin Costner was in McFarland today :( perfect choice for the track coach (Posted October 21st)

Stacy Gill ‏@SparkleAWin tweeted: Kevin Costner is in McFarland filming the movie by the same name this week! (Posted October 22nd)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner begins work on 'McFarland' movie:

KGET News ‏@KGETnews tweeted: Kevin Costner was seen in McFarland on Monday for the Disney drama called 'McFarland.' He plays high school track.. (Posted October 22nd)

Leonardo Garcia ‏@HispanicPanic23 tweeted: Apparently I might be in that Kevin Costner movie in McFarland tomorrow as an extra. No biggie 😋 (Posted October 22nd)

♡ 孤独な心 ♡ ‏@I_h8everyone tweeted: Gorge Lopez is in mcfarland omfg @unicorn_mobile he and Kevin Costner are staying in the church next to our houses omfg (Posted October 22nd)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another casting call for 'MacFarland' today...

James drum ‏@italianjedi68 tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER (Posted 8:11am October 14th)

israel corona. ‏@icorona10 tweeted: my brother is an extra in a movie with Kevin Costner, how dope. (Posted October 15th)

‘Homeland’s Morgan Saylor Joins Disney Sports Drama ‘McFarland’ By Jen Yamato October 14, 2013 EXCLUSIVE: Homeland‘s Morgan Saylor has landed the role of Julie, the teenage daughter of Kevin Costner‘s character, in Disney’s sports drama McFarland.

BRIEF: Disney movie starring Kevin Costner filming in Camarillo by YellowBrix October 15, 2013

See the video and article entitled: Hollywood comes to town: Extras get fitted for McFarland movie By Jose Gaspar

Salamanca ‏@Cocacola451 tweeted: Can't wait to see this movie!! Open casting call in CA for Disney's new movie w/ Kevin Costner as coach "McFarland" (Posted October 16th)

Open casting calls now scheduled for Walt Disney Pictures feature film 'McFarland' Update, October 16, 2013: NEW open casting call in Santa Clarita, CA has been scheduled for October 17, 2013 seeking athletes. See article for details:

Sunday, October 13, 2013

More from the 'MacFarland' filming....

Gisèle Gérard-Tolini ‏@gerardtolini tweeted: Conducting brass for Three days to kill soundtrack #ThreeDaysToKill #Europacorp #KevinCostner (Posted October 9th)

Brad Everett Young ‏@BradEYoung tweeted: Just left a screening of the new #KevinCostner #JenniferGarner film @DraftDayMovie . #NFL fans will def like it! (Posted October 8th)

Carlos Chalabi commented: Day 3 of McFarland. Love. My. Job. Ps Kevin Costner is a awesome. Just a legit, down to earth, guy! (Posted October 9th)

luke brooks ‏@lukes_bitches tweeted: All the teachers got a group picture with Kevin Costner and they've been freaking out for more than 5 minutes (Posted October 9th)

luke brooks ‏@lukes_bitches tweeted: Everyone is freaking out bc Kevin Costner is here (Posted October 9th)

daniela ‏@narrycreative tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER IS 10 FEET AWAY FROM ME (Posted 11:42am October 10th)

Kristina ‏@tiiiinnnnn tweeted: We're on a movie set omg 😱 lol Just watching all these film crew pass by (Posted October 7th)>BR?

Kristina ‏@tiiiinnnnn tweeted: The Disney food they're serving look like poutine boxes (Posted October 8th)>BR>

Kristina ‏@tiiiinnnnn tweeted: My mom ordered me to take a picture with Kevin Costner.. yeah, okay lol (Posted October 10th)

Roycé ‏@roycexz tweeted: on set with kevin costner McFarland Day 2 (Posted October 11th)

Carlos Pratts ‏@carlospratts tweeted: Meet team McFarland! #November2014 #KevinCostner #itsgonnabespecial :) (Posted October 11th)

Carlos Pratts ‏@carlospratts tweeted: Team McFarland :) #KevinCostner #Disney #NikkiCaro #November2014 (Posted October 12th)

Glenna Bartlett ‏@GlennaBartlett tweeted: I just breathed the same air as Kevin Costner. Like he was 2 from me and looked right at me. (Posted 3:25pm October 12th)

J Broida ‏@BRoid04 tweeted: Just said what up to Kevin Costner here in SB. Dude looks 70 (Posted 3:03pm October 12th)

Panda Yeung ‏@TYeung153 tweeted: @BRoid04 was he cool? (Posted 3:45pm October 12th)

J Broida ‏@BRoid04 tweeted: @TYeung153 it was on his way out. Kind of just like oh yeah I'm Kevin Costner, but not a dick. (Posted 3:57pm October 12th)

Alilla. † ♥ ☺ ‏@alillamarie tweeted: soo proud of my cousin. he's coming out in the McFarland movie with kevin costner (Posted October 12th)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lots of pictures to view....

Picture by graceagainsttime - Grace Angel Garcia:

Claudio Jacobellis ‏@ClaudioNY tweeted: Throwback Thursday, with Kevin Costner in Old Yankee Stadium, "For Love of the Game" #yankeestadium… (Posted October 3rd)

Osborne Village ‏@OsborneVillage tweeted: Attention Kevin Costner fans: "@AmandaLeslie999: This exists @ AAA Consignment in Osborne Village #danceswithwolves

ihanna7 tweeted: Me and Kevin Costner at the BMW Open in 2005. We go way back... not really. #celebrityphoto #tbt (Posted October 3rd)

Nice picture from the Cesar Awards:

Picture by barnebys Class photo at Affordable Art Fair! Terry O'Neill - Paramount Pictures, LA 1987 at Richard Goodall Gallery Manchester

Savage Beat @savagebeat tweeted: Photo: Flyer #9: Dave Alvin, John Doe, Chris D and Kevin Costner, yea that Kevin Costner. An abused flyer... (Posted September 28th)

Ray Paulick ‏@raypaulick tweeted: Roaming grandstand of @santaanitapark found this nugget from past. Actor Kevin Costner w @racehorsereport & Laffit (Posted September 26th)

Nicola Loughran ‏@lilirishgf tweeted: Yup still number one!! <3 #mcm#mancrushmonday #costner #kevincostner #dreamman (Posted September 23rd)

Picture by tonyromanov Anton Romanov:

Picture by takerfanatic - alex:

Picture by masaku83 Sim3a Myself and Kevin Costner on the set of the upside of anger

Picture by myeshatmcg Myesha-Tiara Going through my phone and this is what I came across. On the set of #BlackandWhite with the one of the #sweetest men I have ever met. Mr. #KevinCostner himself! I love my job. #Acting will always feed my #soul. #actoslife #theatreislife #setlife

Picture by busan12 Susanne eriksson Hitta bilder fran Kevin costner konserten 2011 #stockholm #sweden #2011

Story: Aston Villa Steve Stride:

Picture by Campus Attic - Kevin Costner with the Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders

From Kevin Costner italian fans club: Tea Cheney #kevincostner #toronto #backstage

Alex Watson ‏@floweringsnows tweeted: People forget how good #KevinCostner used to be- here are some reasons to remember why! (Posted October 1st)

See the blog posting entitlded: Kevin Costner: Worthy of Redemption? October 1, 2013 by floweringsnows1987

Photo slideshow: Kevin Costner & Modern West "How Deep The Water Runs" with lyrics/Famous For Killing Each Other... by ichiban2592007 Published on Oct 8, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The latest Kevin Costner movie news....

sundancefrancophone tweeted: Kevin Costner reprend du service dant "3 days to kill" (Posted October 3rd)

EXCLU PHOTOS - Kevin Costner est de retour dans Three Days To Kill October 3, 2013

ERIKA Navarro ‏@ErikaNavarro9 tweeted: On set of Disney's "McFarland" movie with @marianngavelo starring Kevin Costner =D #lovemyjob #LA (Posted September 30th)

Chelsea Rendon ‏@chelsearendon tweeted: Gonna be working on #McFarland with #KevinCostner and my bestie @carlospratts this is awesome!!! Yay!!! #ohyeahh #excited #film 🎥🎬👍😃 (Posted October 1st )

MariaBello Assistant ‏@AsPerMaria tweeted: @maria_bello enjoyed her first day on the set of McFarland yesterday, her new #disney movie with #kevincostner (Posted October 1st)

Carlos Pratts ‏@carlospratts tweeted: @maria_bello #kevincostner #McFarland I'm the luckiest guy in the world #learningfromthebest (Posted October 3rd)

Ashley Bowen ‏@ashbowen tweeted: Disney is about to shoot a movie at my dad's prison in Cali which means my parents get to hangout & meet Kevin Costner. Maybe I should move? (Posted October 3rd)

Darcy Danelian ‏@DarcyDanelian tweeted: Kevin Costner said hello to me today. #bejealous (Posted October 7th)

Pitythedeadwhoeat ‏@pitythebackseat tweeted: Congrats to Carlos, filming new Disney movie with Kevin Costner and Maria Bello! RT @carlospratts: In 24 hours we start shooting #McFarland! (Posted October 7th)

Siena Escobar ‏@SienaEscobar tweeted: Lol just saw Kevin Costner waltzing down the hallway in a bright red track suit #goodmorning (Posted October 8th)

Sergio A. Marmolejo ‏@ADRIANsmm tweeted: Just met Kevin Costner and I'm working with him today, no big deal really. (Posted October 8th)

Alexandria ‏@beckyalexandria tweeted: Filming went great today! Made some awesome friends, talked to Kevin Costner, acted like a chola lol can't wait for Thurs. (Posted October 8th)

Jesse Lorenzo commented: it's funny how things work out sometimes.. I had an audition for a Right Guard commercial back in March. Never heard anything back until a couple days ago when one of the sports coordinators/casting directors called me up because she is working on a new movie starring Kevin Costner called McFarland, about a hs cross country team, and needs a double for one of the main actors. It came down to me and two other guys, and because I'm the most physically similar to the actor I booked the job! I will be doubling for Carlos Pratts, and I'm very grateful for this opportunity.. The Lord works in mysterious ways (Posted October 8th)

Draft Day Filming At 11 River Moderator: Jim DeVito Posted: Fri May 17, 2013

See the picture and excerpt from the blog: Movie Making in Cleveland 06/11/2013 by deblamb67 Excerpt: “Draft Day” has been filming in and around Cleveland and suburbs. You never know when you will run into a film crew or one of the stars of the movies. Kevin Costner was recently seen at a Cleveland Indians game.

Vicki Arkoff ‏@VickiArkoff tweeted: Test screening of Draft Day starring @KevinCostner. Directed by @IvanReitman. (@ ArcLight Sherman Oaks) ArcLight Sherman Oaks 15301 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Toni Zwerling commented: Just out of a screening of Draft Day. Long time since Kevin Costner carried a movie. Good job. Supporting cast was perfect! (Posted 10pm October 8th)

Pictures from Brothers Lounge concert and about Draft day filming:

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recuit' poster released....

See the new poster and banner from the upcoming movie with Kevin Costner, with the article by Alex Zalben:

Excerpt from article entitled: ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ Poster; Trailer Premiere on Thursday by Russ Fischer, Yahoo has the poster, and will premiere the trailer on Thursday at 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PST.

See the article entitled, R.I.P. Jack Ryan Author Tom Clancy by Mike Fleming:

Kevin seen in Beverly Hills and at gas station....

Kevin Costner Leaves a Doctor's Office 'Man Of Steel' actor Kevin Costner chatting on his cell phone after leaving a doctors office in Beverly Hills, California on September 24, 2013

AleX kotschevar commented: Just met Kevin Costner at a gas station, hell yea...I was just grabbin a coke and he walked in as I was walkin out so I just acknowledged his awesomeness (Posted at 3:55pm September 22nd)

Nick de Graffenreid ‏@TheNickdeG tweeted: Just booked a role in the upcoming Kevin Costner film "McFarland"!!! #ThankTheAuditionGods #McFarland #Disney #CrossCountry #Running (Posted September 22nd)