Sunday, October 27, 2013

And more of Kevin filming 'MacFarland'....

Tommy Delfin commented:Today was awesome I saw Kevin Costner today that was just so awesome today now I can put in my bucket list that I seen a famous actor. Haha dude it was so awesome he waved at me and I was like hey Mr Kevin Costner lol (Posted October 21st)

Edgar Torres Perez commented: Well, my mom finally got to take pics with Kevin Costner. She pushed her way through lol Proud of her. (Posted October 25th)

Edgar Torres Perez commented: Yup, right down the street.

Bob Bender commented: I've been noticing a film grip truck around town this week filming including at the 24th Street Cafe, and the Padre Hotel. I just discovered its a movie that is being shot starring Kevin Costner. I love it when Hollywood comes to Bakersfield! (Posted October 25th)

Heather Hawkins ‏@hhawkins4407 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at The Padre while we were getting coffee!! He turned is back just as I took his photo darn it!!! (Posted October 25th)

The Padre Hotel website:

Todd Ellis ‏@ToddEllisSC tweeted: Brother Mark on the set with Kevin Costner in Northern Cali. No way they miss the Carolina game tomorrow though. (Posted October 25th)

Macias ‏@Ayyo_Karlaa tweeted: My grandma passed by kevin costner:O (Posted October 25th)

Yolie ‏@fer9dz661 tweeted: Have our pic with #KevinCostner ohhhhh yaaaa!!!!😱 (Posted October 25th)

Nicole♡. ‏@Nicole_EmilyZ16 tweeted: Wtf everyone is taking a picture w/ Kevin Costner :/ lol (Posted 6:33pm October 25th)

sub comandante toski ‏@TOSKI80 tweeted: Kevin costner in McFarland!!!!!! (Posted October 25th)

Lola ‏@lolatheslush tweeted: I wonder if anyone has taken #KevinCostner to Dewars yet? Hes so close! #bakersfield #Mcfarland (Posted October 25th)

Susana Cervantes ‏@susy_ceRva87 tweeted: Kevin Costner is still in McFarland..this is killing me.. #wanttomeethim (Posted October 25th)

Maggie Cisneros Gonzalez Their filming right now by Dr. Carson's old office !! On Kern Avenue by middle school (Posted 12:22pm October 25th)

Picture by starizlle Today while on the set of... (Posted October 25th)

Tommy Delfin commented: I just love how people tell me hey Tommy send me pictures of Kevin Costner because they always see me over there where they filming the movie lol (Posted October 26th)

selisa ‏@selisagarciaa tweeted: Kevin Costner!!! He waved at me!! Fakkkk! (Posted October 26th)

Laura Solorio-Ramirez: Just saw Kevin Costner He was buying tortillas. (Posted 5:52pm October 26th)

Frito Galvan commented: McFarland I seen Kevin costner up close whooping (Posted 6:55pm October 26th)

Kevin Martin commented: Here is a little glimpse of Kevin Costner in McFarland, filming the McFarland movie, he is talking to his assistants and production personal. They were filming a scene inside El Cazador restaurant--by the way I'd Go Back has featured El Caz in the past- great food! (Posted October 26th)

Kevin Martin commented: Here is Disney's revamp of the old post office on Kern Ave for the McFarland movie! (Posted October 26th)

Kevin Martin commented: Here is a smidge of the trucks and equipment for the McFarland movie, there are tons of Buena Vista Studios and Walt Disney Productions stuff everywhere, carpenters building false fronts on buildings, tons of cars and trucks from the 80's-90's, lots of action in one of my favorite places:) West side of el buen pastor church (Posted October 26th)

Kevin Martin commented: One of the chairs on the McFarland movie set today! (Posted October 26th)

Kevin Martin commented: Love this new McFarland sign! It's Hollywood, they know what looks good. (Posted October 26th)

Picture by gerry159 gerardo gonzalez Today on the mcfarland set with coach white and kevin costner (Posted October 26th)

Picture by randysantaella Randy Santaella Kevin Costner sign my baseball (Posted October 26th)

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