Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kevin and John play during filming breaks...

kevincostnerandmodernwest - Official Modern West: Kevin and John's impromptu jam session in the produce aisle between takes on Kevin's new movie McFarland. (Posted October 27th)

Picture by Kevin Costner & MW: McFarland the movie. #kcmw #rocknroll #kevincostner #mcfarland #makingmovies #sunburstguitars #produce #modernwest

Annie Miranda commented: Here is the proof of our signatures we got from Kevin Costner and Maria Bello she even personalized Roman's Pocky lol. He can never eat his favorite treat because it will be worth millions of dollars one day it being a japanese product and I am sure someone would want to buy the signature of Costner and Maria Bello one of these days off ebay or something lol Very sore and tired after standing around from 3pm to 2am waiting to get those damn signatures lol



Sherilyn Curti commented: My daughter, Tasha, just has to show up her mother every chance she gets. Last weekend I got a quick view of Robert DeNiro in Las Vegas....so today, she is in downtown Bakersfield at the Padre watching football with friends and sends me a photo of her and her friend Katie...with Kevin Costner. (Posted October 27th)

Gitte Andresen Jespersen commented: One of my School friends has a friend who is a close friend with him (Posted October 27th)

Amanda Duke commented: Sooooooo... William Garrett and I saw Kevin Costner eating at The Padre this morning...but I was too much of a va jay jay to try and take a picture (Posted October 27th)

Tino Rossi ‏@T_RossiCB tweeted: @AshbyNeil I'm in a new movie with Kevin Costner! (Posted October 28th)

Tino Rossi ‏@T_RossiCB tweeted: @AshbyNeil Kevin Costner coaches a high school track team, and I'm on the rival team they upset in the championship duel (Posted October 28th)

The McFarland Movie Fan Facebook page:

Rose Mary Rodriguez commented: Just me, Kevin, Gina Tovar and her daughter and some random people to the side! lol Look at me and Gina all excited, since he is one of our favorite actors!!! (Posted October 25th)

Rose Mary Rodriguez commented: it was the best... he actually had to rub my back to get me to leave his side, indicating it was somebody else's turn...lol...funnest day in 2013, for sure!

Clara Christensen Villanueva commented: It's Kevin Costner he has been here all week long his double does not even look like him at all close up Linda (Posted October 26th)

Picture by gronova7x - Geovonna Casanova: My sexy boyfriend in his track uniform for the Disney movie McFarland.

Picture by randysantaella - Randy Santaella On the movie set of McFarland they have been using my dads 65 Bel Air for two days as a background car. (Posted October 26th)

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Danny Venegas ‏@08VbaLLCHaMPs tweeted: Disney producers are gone for the day, so mad I just missed them and Kevin Costner :/ #disney #mcfarland (Posted 5:51pm October 28th)

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