Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kevin seen in Beverly Hills and at gas station....

Kevin Costner Leaves a Doctor's Office 'Man Of Steel' actor Kevin Costner chatting on his cell phone after leaving a doctors office in Beverly Hills, California on September 24, 2013

AleX kotschevar commented: Just met Kevin Costner at a gas station, hell yea...I was just grabbin a coke and he walked in as I was walkin out so I just acknowledged his awesomeness (Posted at 3:55pm September 22nd)

Nick de Graffenreid ‏@TheNickdeG tweeted: Just booked a role in the upcoming Kevin Costner film "McFarland"!!! #ThankTheAuditionGods #McFarland #Disney #CrossCountry #Running (Posted September 22nd)

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