Sunday, October 13, 2013

More from the 'MacFarland' filming....

Gisèle Gérard-Tolini ‏@gerardtolini tweeted: Conducting brass for Three days to kill soundtrack #ThreeDaysToKill #Europacorp #KevinCostner (Posted October 9th)

Brad Everett Young ‏@BradEYoung tweeted: Just left a screening of the new #KevinCostner #JenniferGarner film @DraftDayMovie . #NFL fans will def like it! (Posted October 8th)

Carlos Chalabi commented: Day 3 of McFarland. Love. My. Job. Ps Kevin Costner is a awesome. Just a legit, down to earth, guy! (Posted October 9th)

luke brooks ‏@lukes_bitches tweeted: All the teachers got a group picture with Kevin Costner and they've been freaking out for more than 5 minutes (Posted October 9th)

luke brooks ‏@lukes_bitches tweeted: Everyone is freaking out bc Kevin Costner is here (Posted October 9th)

daniela ‏@narrycreative tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER IS 10 FEET AWAY FROM ME (Posted 11:42am October 10th)

Kristina ‏@tiiiinnnnn tweeted: We're on a movie set omg 😱 lol Just watching all these film crew pass by (Posted October 7th)>BR?

Kristina ‏@tiiiinnnnn tweeted: The Disney food they're serving look like poutine boxes (Posted October 8th)>BR>

Kristina ‏@tiiiinnnnn tweeted: My mom ordered me to take a picture with Kevin Costner.. yeah, okay lol (Posted October 10th)

Roycé ‏@roycexz tweeted: on set with kevin costner McFarland Day 2 (Posted October 11th)

Carlos Pratts ‏@carlospratts tweeted: Meet team McFarland! #November2014 #KevinCostner #itsgonnabespecial :) (Posted October 11th)

Carlos Pratts ‏@carlospratts tweeted: Team McFarland :) #KevinCostner #Disney #NikkiCaro #November2014 (Posted October 12th)

Glenna Bartlett ‏@GlennaBartlett tweeted: I just breathed the same air as Kevin Costner. Like he was 2 from me and looked right at me. (Posted 3:25pm October 12th)

J Broida ‏@BRoid04 tweeted: Just said what up to Kevin Costner here in SB. Dude looks 70 (Posted 3:03pm October 12th)

Panda Yeung ‏@TYeung153 tweeted: @BRoid04 was he cool? (Posted 3:45pm October 12th)

J Broida ‏@BRoid04 tweeted: @TYeung153 it was on his way out. Kind of just like oh yeah I'm Kevin Costner, but not a dick. (Posted 3:57pm October 12th)

Alilla. † ♥ ☺ ‏@alillamarie tweeted: soo proud of my cousin. he's coming out in the McFarland movie with kevin costner (Posted October 12th)

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