Thursday, October 24, 2013

More of Kevin filming 'MacFarland'...

Picture by 123_omar_g Omar Gonzalez On set of the filming of #McFarland #KevinCostner (Posted October 21st)

Picture by alicia_o_villarreal #kevincostner #mcfarlandmovie (Posted October 22nd)

Jaqueline Gonzalez ‏@JacksGee tweeted: I was like why is there so much traffic down my street like what even but then oh they're filming that movie and oh look it's Kevin Costner. (Posted October 23rd)

Jess(: ‏@jlara681 tweeted: @modernwest Kevin Costner ur fliming a block away from me!!!!! Can I meet u?? Please :-D #mcfarland#disneymovie#kevincostner (Posted October 23rd)

Nicole♡. ‏@Nicole_EmilyZ16 tweeted: I find it funny how my cousin used so much emojis cus he saw Kevin Costner today at school lol #McfarlandMovie #intheatresnearyou #Nov2014 (Posted October 23rd)

St. Mary's Catholic Supply commented: Just had the director of the new movie being filmed here in town called McFarland, staring Kevin Costner, come into the shop. They needed a small Our Lady of Guadalupe statue for one of the scenes to sit on the dash board of the car! So when the movie comes out look for our little statue to make an appearance;) (Posted October 23rd)

Wendy Landers commented: Omg they are filming half a block away from my house. I wonder if it's Kevin there ? (Posted October 23rd)

Wendy Landers commented: I've seen women wearing scarves walking back and forth. I just thought it was one of those reality TV shows. I should have been paying more attention. I don't live far from the store (Posted October 23rd)

Lynda Halligan commented: Kevin Costner is in Kern County shooting the movie "McFarland" right now and was spotted at Dagny's. Have you seen him in person? And what's your favorite Kevin Costner movie of all time??? (Posted October 23rd)

Dagny's Coffee Company:

Lisa Hegazy commented: of course as a lot of people: dances with wolves. I have to give him credit just after that movie came out, my sons class had to write to 3 movie stars and Kevin Costner was the only who wrote back sending pictures and a note with autograph. (Posted October 23rd)

Lynda Halligan commented: I met him back in the nineties and he couldn't have been nicer. Seemed like a great dad too. I later did karaoke in front of him and Sissy Spacek! Embarrassing! (Posted October 23rd)

Toni List Ricker commented: I taught his kids swimming lessons & baby sat (more for his wife, now X, Cindy, than for him) when I was about 19. He was at the end of filming Dances w/Wolves during that time & very stressed out (understandably!). I didn't get the best impression of him (kinda grouchy & NO sense of humor at all) but I think that may have been situational! I have an affinity for Dances w/ Wolves, partially b/c I learned that making a movie wasn't fun & games & I started to appreciate the work that went into films (Posted October 23rd)

Matt Munoz ‏@MattMunozBMOA tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner hangs w/ locals during filming of "McFarland." Fans react.. @kevincostner @KevinCostnerFan #Bcali (Posted October 23rd)

See the picture and article entitled 'Hollywood comes to our backyard' by Matt Munoz, "It's not every day you get a chance to rub elbows with Kevin Costner in your hometown."

Julia Valdez ‏@julv12 tweeted: My gma told Kevin Costner she loves him and he smiled and waved at her👵😊 #fangirling (Posted October 24th)

ƃnsʇɐʌo ‏@gustavorojo_ tweeted: More filming in McFarland for a Kevin Costner movie. (Posted October 24th)

Juan Eduardo Ojeda Vazquez commented: Met Kevin Costner @ 4:30 today (Posted October 24th)

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