Thursday, October 31, 2013

More pictures and tweets from 'McFarland' filming...

Picture by palma_17 - Palma On set!!! #kevincostner #McFarland (Posted October 29th)

Michael Contreras ‏@Meeka661 tweeted: Kevin Costner outside the office filming. the secretaries all star struck. Bitch get back to your desk and answer my calls. (Posted 11:17am October 30th)

Greg Ursery commented: Got a handshake and a pic with Kevin Costner today seem like a cool cat!! (Posted October 30th)

Greg Ursery commented: At the lil fruit stand on Elmo Cynthia and Miss Cheri I liked Waterworld and The postman he was cool Kay and no Joe he didnt know you also saw his double he was kickin it in ray bans and gave us the whats up (Posted October 30th)

Cynthia Kiki Arismendez commented: He has a good double. We were able to go to their luncheon last week after filming. Lots of football player/actors. (Posted October 30th)

JoLynne Dunlap Hamilton commented: That's awesome. I met him Sunday at the Padre Hotel and he is really down to earth. But I didn't get a photo with go, Greg. (Posted October 30th)

Lynda Halligan ‏@LyndaHalligan tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner. Sweet! #kbaklive #kbfxlive (Posted 7:51pm October 30th)

Ilian Lopez commented: Yes he is in McFarland filming a movie there. Its surreal going to the pharmacy and Bam! you bump into Kevin Costner (Posted October 30th)

Kimmer Jackson tweeted: He's so handsome! I was a cook at a place he owned years ago! Great guy (Posted October 30th)

Serina ‏@serina765 tweeted: That's pretty cool that Kevin Costner knows my family in McFarland. (Posted October 30th)

Dr. John B. Campise ‏@campisefresno tweeted: I ran against these guys in HS, of course they always beat me, now I feel better, they're making a movie about them! (Posted October 30th)

Picture by I'd Go Back: On the movie set of "McFarland", this is actress Maria Bello with Cheryl and Jim White. Maria is playing the part of Cheryl in the film, of course Kevin Costner is Coach Jim White in the Disney major motion picture, the movie is a drama that is based on a true inspired story of Jim White and the 9 time California State Championship Cross-Country teams at McFarland High School.

Picture by I'd Go Back: Jim and Cheryl White are pictured with one of the head Walt Disney guys on location in McFarland. &set=a.532142953533949.1073741825.111764858905096&type=1&theater

Picture by I'd Go Back: Here are a couple buildings on Kern Avenue in McFarland that have been revamped for the "McFarland" movie, the movie stars academy award winning actor Kevin Costner portraying the legendary cross-country track coach Jim White (blanco) and actress Maria Bello as his wife Cheryl. If you notice the Farmacia is where the old post office was, next to it they have created the Cha-Cha-Cha bar and nite club that was originally down the street to the east and on the north side-- Go McFarland!

Sandra Hernandez ‏@Bit23Little tweeted: Kevin Costner in our little town of McFarland, portraying Coach White filming "McFarland". (Posted October 30th)

Picture by Jose Tito @josetitom Finally got a picture with Kevin Costner along with my homie Sergio.

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