Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The latest Kevin Costner movie news....

sundancefrancophone tweeted: Kevin Costner reprend du service dant "3 days to kill" (Posted October 3rd)

EXCLU PHOTOS - Kevin Costner est de retour dans Three Days To Kill October 3, 2013

ERIKA Navarro ‏@ErikaNavarro9 tweeted: On set of Disney's "McFarland" movie with @marianngavelo starring Kevin Costner =D #lovemyjob #LA (Posted September 30th)

Chelsea Rendon ‏@chelsearendon tweeted: Gonna be working on #McFarland with #KevinCostner and my bestie @carlospratts this is awesome!!! Yay!!! #ohyeahh #excited #film 🎥🎬👍😃 (Posted October 1st )

MariaBello Assistant ‏@AsPerMaria tweeted: @maria_bello enjoyed her first day on the set of McFarland yesterday, her new #disney movie with #kevincostner (Posted October 1st)

Carlos Pratts ‏@carlospratts tweeted: @maria_bello #kevincostner #McFarland I'm the luckiest guy in the world #learningfromthebest (Posted October 3rd)

Ashley Bowen ‏@ashbowen tweeted: Disney is about to shoot a movie at my dad's prison in Cali which means my parents get to hangout & meet Kevin Costner. Maybe I should move? (Posted October 3rd)

Darcy Danelian ‏@DarcyDanelian tweeted: Kevin Costner said hello to me today. #bejealous (Posted October 7th)

Pitythedeadwhoeat ‏@pitythebackseat tweeted: Congrats to Carlos, filming new Disney movie with Kevin Costner and Maria Bello! RT @carlospratts: In 24 hours we start shooting #McFarland! (Posted October 7th)

Siena Escobar ‏@SienaEscobar tweeted: Lol just saw Kevin Costner waltzing down the hallway in a bright red track suit #goodmorning (Posted October 8th)

Sergio A. Marmolejo ‏@ADRIANsmm tweeted: Just met Kevin Costner and I'm working with him today, no big deal really. (Posted October 8th)

Alexandria ‏@beckyalexandria tweeted: Filming went great today! Made some awesome friends, talked to Kevin Costner, acted like a chola lol can't wait for Thurs. (Posted October 8th)

Jesse Lorenzo commented: it's funny how things work out sometimes.. I had an audition for a Right Guard commercial back in March. Never heard anything back until a couple days ago when one of the sports coordinators/casting directors called me up because she is working on a new movie starring Kevin Costner called McFarland, about a hs cross country team, and needs a double for one of the main actors. It came down to me and two other guys, and because I'm the most physically similar to the actor I booked the job! I will be doubling for Carlos Pratts, and I'm very grateful for this opportunity.. The Lord works in mysterious ways (Posted October 8th)

Draft Day Filming At 11 River Moderator: Jim DeVito Posted: Fri May 17, 2013

See the picture and excerpt from the blog: Movie Making in Cleveland 06/11/2013 by deblamb67 Excerpt: “Draft Day” has been filming in and around Cleveland and suburbs. You never know when you will run into a film crew or one of the stars of the movies. Kevin Costner was recently seen at a Cleveland Indians game.

Vicki Arkoff ‏@VickiArkoff tweeted: Test screening of Draft Day starring @KevinCostner. Directed by @IvanReitman. (@ ArcLight Sherman Oaks) ArcLight Sherman Oaks 15301 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Toni Zwerling commented: Just out of a screening of Draft Day. Long time since Kevin Costner carried a movie. Good job. Supporting cast was perfect! (Posted 10pm October 8th)

Pictures from Brothers Lounge concert and about Draft day filming:

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