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Happy Thanksgiving....

I'm thankful for all my blog readers!! You motivate me to keep searching for the news about Kevin Costner so I can keep you informed!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

'Draft Day' release date is set for April 11, 2014....

'Draft Day' has opening date: Cleveland-shot movie about Browns GM starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner will hit theaters on April 11 By Clint O'Connor, The Plain Dealer: “Draft Day,” the film about a fictional Browns GM played by Kevin Costner, now has a release date: Friday, April 11. reported this morning that the film’s distributor Lionsgate made the move by bumping the opening date of its 2014 supernatural thriller “The Quiet Ones” by a few weeks...The film will now debut a month before the 2014 NFL Draft.

John Debney to Score Ivan Reitman’s ‘Draft Day’ Posted: November 25, 2013 by filmmusicreporter

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kevin is still filming 'McFarland'...

Gary Apple commented: They filming a movie here called McFarland.... Kevin Costner is right outside i guess..... MUTHERF$%&*^G WYATT EARP!!!!!!! Paramount Citrus, 1901 S Lexington St, Delano, California. Kevin costner is here filming a movie about some boring jogger... f&%k all that noise he was the bomb in Waterworld yo! Kevin costner smelled so good.... he was wearing eternity or polo or some $60+ shit... they made him put a hair net and beard cover on so it looked like he had panties over his face (Posted 7:36am November 13th)

Picture by _angelina_26: Disney filming across the street (Posted November 13th)

Picture by _angelina_26: hahaha I walked by lol they had all the bells and whistles but they gonna be here for the eest of the week. They gonna use my house for a scene well just our driveway lol (Posted November 13th)

Hispanic Faces commented: congrats to one of our Talent who got a feature speaking role with Kevin Costner in his upcoming film! (Posted November 14th)

_Angelina_26 ‏@aangie26p tweeted: I look like shit but I had to get a photo with the talented #KevinCostner (Posted 11:49am November 14th)

_Angelina_26 ‏@aangie26p tweeted: So I found out the movie is called McFarland and apparently this is kevin costner (Posted November 14th)

Picture by tacoselcazador - Tacos El Cazador Throwback Thursday, during the movie production of the new Disney film 'McFarland' in theaters November 2014

Picture by thomaspeople92 - Bregy #kevincostner #actor #acteur #paris #france #cinema #film #tournage #star #people #best #legende #movie

Paul Roberts: I'm working with Kevin Costner tomorrow. Nice! (Posted November 18th)

Steve Lanthripp see you there (Posted November 18th)

Paul Roberts commented: Ready for my not so close up — at Will Rogers State Historic Park. (Posted 7:36am November 19th)

Will Rogers State Historic Park:

Paul Roberts commented: Nice day on the set of Mcfarland. Thanks to Kevin Costner and crew for a fun day. We'll see you bright and early again tomorrow! Get some rest everyone. (Posted 8:58pm November 19th)

Paul Roberts commented: Let's do this — at Will Rogers State Beach. (Posted 5:51am November 20th)

Will Rogers State Beach:

Paul Roberts commented: It's a lot more than a glimpse. We work scenes with him (Posted 7:17am November 20th)

Paul Roberts commented: Good morning from pacific palisades (Posted 8:14am November 20th)

Paul Roberts commented: Day 2 complete on McFarland with Kevin Costner. Great location and good friends to work with! (Posted 8:22pm November 20th)
Filming in California: McFarland, starring Kevin Costner, is filming at 990 N. Allen Ave, Pasadena. by Christine (Posted November 21, 2013)

Monday, November 18, 2013

'Black And White' gets a screening tonight...

Paula Gallucci commented: Tonight, at a preview for his new film "Black & White", I met Kevin Costner with my friend, Dallas Malloy!!! Shook his hand and everything! :) Fun night and a great new film...go see it when it comes out, folks! (Posted 11:11pm November 18th)

Dallas Malloy That was awesome--totally agree--go see Black and White when it comes out people! And it was such a pleasure meeting Kevin Costner, so glad we went Paula Gallucci! Love you! (Posted 11:36pm November 18th)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lots of links to check out...

Eric Garnto commented: Just came face to face with Kevin Costner... Awesome — at Fiesta 5 Metropolitan Theaters. (Posted 3:47pm November 9th)

Fiesta 5 Theatre, 916 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA:

Gretchen Heidemann Whitt commented: My niece was born today, and I saw Kevin Costner outside the Arclight Pasadena. Life is good. — at Arclight Cinemas Pasadena. (Posted 10:11pm November 11th)

Arclight Cinema Pasadena, 336 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA:

'Country to Celtic: Trace Adkins ventures into new genre' by Samantha Madison Excerpt: Kevin Costner and his daughter, Lily Costner, are among the artists appearing with Adkins. He said Lily Costner mentioned something to her father about the album, and he wanted to be a part of it, so Adkins had him featured on “Silent Night.”

Big Frog 104 ‏@BigFrog104 tweeted: Talking with @TraceAdkins about his xmas CD, tour at @StanleyUtica and having Kevin Costner's daughter on tour next (Posted October 21st)

Exclusive: Trace Adkins Talks First Christmas Album, Concert at the Stanley Theater and Christmas Shopping Plans By Polly Wogg, October 21, 2013

Cook Wayne ‏@CookWayne1 tweeted: just left a Pretty awesome, special advanced screening of a new Dir. Ivan Rietman movie. Starring Kevin Costner. NFL sports drama (Posted October 23rd)

Richard Honig ‏@RichardHonig tweeted: Going to an advance movie screening tonight of the new Ivan Reitman film with Kevin Costner. (Posted October 23rd)

More ARQUEONAUTAS pictures:

Justin Roberts ‏@JustinRoberts tweeted: #tbt on set with Kevin Costner (Posted October 24th)

sarahcostner18 Sarah Radtke Throwback to the first time I ever saw Kevin Costner face-to-face! Greatest day of my life!

Picture by danielle_breece - bagelman collage

Sarah Radtke ‏@KevinCostner18 tweeted: Kevin Costner and I! kevincostnerandmodernwest (Posted October 22nd)

Ben Calhoun ‏@bencalhoun tweeted: signed the surf ballroom-find Kevin Costner's signature-look right-see ours #totallynamedroppingrightnow (Posted October 20th)

Audra Greitai ‏@gaudrule tweeted: It was first day at work! :) "hi, I'm Kevin.. " #kevincostner (Posted October 23rd)

Al Moloney ‏@Al_Moloney tweeted: Boo! Going to have to wait even longer for some Kevin Costner & Chris Pine action. @JackRyanMovie now out in UK Jan 31st 2014 #ShadowRecruit (Posted October 23rd)

elif aktug ‏@elifaktug tweeted: #kevincostner ile.. Bir zamanlar.. (Posted November 7th)

Sarah Ryan ‏@PredsWebGirl tweeted: #TBT with Kevin Costner (Posted Novenber 7th)

Vincent GeirnaertKevin Costner & Modern West - Un grand acteur avec qui j'ai eu l'honneur de travailler!

EAF2014 | 24-26 Jan ‏@europeanarchery tweeted: Just emailed Kevin Costner's #Hollywood reps - asking for an appearance at the European Archery Festival! LIKE...

Kevin Costner TD pass to Chris Yates by Chris Yates Published on Nov 7, 2013 During Dallas Cowboys training camp Hollywood Actor Kevin Costner throws this TD pass to Chris Yates

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

'Man Of Steel' out on Blu-ray and DVD today...

Man of Steel ‏@ManofSteelMovie tweeted: Hope has arrived! #ManofSteel is available today:

'Man of Steel' pounds its way onto DVD and Blu-ray' by Rich Heldenfels:

KC & MW to play benefit in December...

Kevin Costner and Modern West will play a benefit for 'One Night for the Love of Our Country' on December 15, 2013, at The Ronald Reagan Library, Air Force One Pavilion, 40 Presidential Drive, Simi Valley, California. Donations start at $1,000. Doors open at 5:00pm for Silent Auction and Seven Course Meal - Main entrees Filet Mignon or Halibut. Event proceeds support IAVA and SEAL – NSW Family Foundation.

Monday, November 11, 2013

News about another new movie for Kevin....

According to Borys Kit of Hollywood Reporter, Kevin will be starring in a Universal thriller entitled 'Midnight Delivery' written by Neil Cross and being produced by Guillermo del Toro and David Linde. British director Otto Bathurst has closed a deal to direct the movie about a father attempting to save his daughter from a Colombian gang by trafficking cocaine to London on a midnight flight. See more detail at the link:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The latest on 'McFarland' filming...

Kevin Martin: I just met Kevin Costner, had the pleasure to visit with him--and have a great photo of the 2 Kevin's to post later.) (Posted 11:44am October 31st)

Olga Champion Valladares: So I met the camera crew from the Kevin Costner / aka mr white McFarland teacher !!!! at Lr's Pizza. 707 High St Delano, CA (Posted 2:17pm October 31st)

Manny Villalobos: Workin this private halloween party for cast and crew of McFarland movie! Just served a drink for Kevin Costner!!! I guess it's an ok way to spend a Halloween! I'd still rather be with my kids!! (Posted 8:32pm October 31st, 2013)

Pan Duh commented: I'm too nervous right now. I'm am about to go to a private party with f*&^%$g celebs! =0 Omg there are sooooo many celebrates here tonight !! I need a drink ASAP!!! I question my presence here lol party mode on! F*&^%$g kevin Costner is here (Posted 8:04pm October 31st)

Pan Duh commented: New goal! I wanna start acting now. Being around all these actors and actress has inspired me lol when a director from Disney tells you that you have the look and personality, than it's time to get real in life lol. Best Halloween party ever. (Posted 9:56pm October 31st)

Kevin Martin: The chef at the McFarland movie insisted I take some food to go home with me...mmmm just devoured some Boneless Teriyaki Chicken Breasts with New Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts--and some Tiramisu! FYI --Kevin Costner looks much better in person than photos! Great guy, gonna be a Great movie! (Posted November 1st)

Chelsea Lopez ‏@ChelsL16 tweeted: Such a crazy week! Wouldn't have it any other way though and yes that is Kevin Costner☺️😏 #spiritweek… (Posted November 1st)

Pamela Prado ‏@PamelaPrado559 tweeted: Anyone out there an extra on #Disney's #McFarland? Would love to hear about it! I love Kevin Costner! (Posted November 1st)

Eric Miranda ‏@HomosensualEric tweeted: @MaddyChampagne I know what kinda cave you meant haha. And I saw that you met Kevin Costner. Lucky bitch haha (Posted November 2nd)

Gigi Lawver ‏@georgiapeach389 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at Von's so that was cooly👌 #montecitolivin (Posted 8:07pm November 2nd)

Vons Store - 1040 Coast Village Rd, Montecito, CA

Kevin Martin commented: On location in McFarland, this is 1967 graduate of McFarland High School, and an extra and double in the movie--Mrs. Debbie Shick, and of course she is with actor Kevin Costner, The production was filming out where the runners would train on Mast Rd and in Almond orchards. Costner portrays legendary McFarland teacher and coach Jim White in the Disney major motion picture that is slated for release November of 2014. The production was in McFarland for 3 weeks, the crew loved the community and made some great memories in the city that will soon be made famous because of Jim White, and his runners, who won 9 California State Cross-Country Track Championships against all odds! (Posted November 2nd)

Rachel Sandler Hayman commented: Wow- Kevin Costner sighting today at a free event for the kids! Love Montecito!! (Posted 1:17pm November 3rd)

Laurel Foster-Schooler We used to see him walking his dog down by butterfly beach when we lived down that way! I (Posted November 3rd)

Tea in Tiaras · Alice st the Owls in Wonderland Laguna Blanca School event today. She met Kevin Costner and many other wonderful parents and children today! Fun! (Posted November 3rd)

Raul G ‏@c0mpguru tweeted: Pretty cool… Kevin Costner is filming in Central Valley and my dad saw him lol (Posted November 3rd)

Ramon Vargas ‏@DoctahRVargas tweeted: Thinking back, I feel hella dumb I had a conversation with Kevin Costner and didn't know who he was. And I accidently hugged Maria Bella Bwahaha (Posted November 3rd)

I'd Go Back commented: Kevin Costner is driving down Mast Road in McFarland, the vehicle had cameras inside and at every angle in this scene. He even looked like a young coach Jim White, if you didn't know by know, Kevin is portraying coach White in the Disney film entitled "McFarland". Production crews were based in the farming community for 3 weeks and just wrapped up the filming for now at that location. Disney people and production crews have been all over the place eating in local restaurants and shopping in local stores, some had never experience the rural life and said they will miss it! (Posted November 3rd)

IT&LY Hairfashion ‏@ITALY_Hair tweeted: Sending IT&LY Purity Design Hair Care Products to the set of the upcoming film McFarland starring Kevin Costner and Maria Bello! (Posted November 4th) Bill Siemantel ‏@theBBZtv tweeted: Cool day on the water. First I see a deer and then Kevin Costner filming. Hold on I think he want my… (Posted 4:00pm November 5th)

J☝ ‏@jay_andresz tweeted: Dad noticed the guy next table is Kevin Costner. Now I know where I got the skill (Posted November 6th)

Tyler Sellers ‏@TySellers tweeted: Working the kinks out of a scene with Kevin Costner. Pretty special moment for me (Posted 5:02pm November 6th)

Jaye Brown commented: Just confirmed that I will have a supporting role in the upcoming #Disney movie "MacFarland", starring #KevinCostner (acted alongside Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard). I auditioned for this part months ago. It's amazing to know, that if u believe hard enough, dreams do come true. Thank you Jesus! Can't wait to start production. #work #LA #ACTOR #production #onset #TBT #disney #starinthemaking #Postoftheday #POTD (Posted 12:17pm November 7th)

Brandon Avery Smith ‏@bsmithavery tweeted: S/O to my homie @JayeIAM for being casted as a supporting actor in the upcoming #Disney movie "McFarland" starring Kevin Costner!! #DOPE 😎 (Posted November 7th)

Translated: 'A Mexican with Kevin Costner' - Posted on 11/07/2013 by closeupmexico Excerpt: Natalia Cordova...actress cast as part of McFarland, tape currently in filming....I still have eight days of filming and, really, could not reach me at a better time. With Kevin I have a scene towards the end of the movie.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

'Three Days To Kill' release date moved...

According to, "The McG-directed action thriller starring Kevin Costner had been slated for the busy Valentine’s Day slot but now will open February 21. Three Days To Kill faces a much less crowded opening field led by Sony TriStar’s volcanic actioner Pompeii." Also 'In Secret' and 'The Wind Rises'- both in "Limited" release.

Monday, November 4, 2013

New 'Jack Ryan' poster and pictures...

New ‘Jack Ryan’ Poster and Photos by Mike Sampson November 4, 2013 Excerpt: We like this new era of “seasoned veteran” roles for Costner; no need to try and pull a digital time machine and make him look like nearly unrecognizable.