Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kevin is still filming 'McFarland'...

Gary Apple commented: They filming a movie here called McFarland.... Kevin Costner is right outside i guess..... MUTHERF$%&*^G WYATT EARP!!!!!!! Paramount Citrus, 1901 S Lexington St, Delano, California. Kevin costner is here filming a movie about some boring jogger... f&%k all that noise he was the bomb in Waterworld yo! Kevin costner smelled so good.... he was wearing eternity or polo or some $60+ shit... they made him put a hair net and beard cover on so it looked like he had panties over his face (Posted 7:36am November 13th)

Picture by _angelina_26: Disney filming across the street (Posted November 13th)

Picture by _angelina_26: hahaha I walked by lol they had all the bells and whistles but they gonna be here for the eest of the week. They gonna use my house for a scene well just our driveway lol (Posted November 13th)

Hispanic Faces commented: congrats to one of our Talent who got a feature speaking role with Kevin Costner in his upcoming film! (Posted November 14th)

_Angelina_26 ‏@aangie26p tweeted: I look like shit but I had to get a photo with the talented #KevinCostner (Posted 11:49am November 14th)

_Angelina_26 ‏@aangie26p tweeted: So I found out the movie is called McFarland and apparently this is kevin costner (Posted November 14th)

Picture by tacoselcazador - Tacos El Cazador Throwback Thursday, during the movie production of the new Disney film 'McFarland' in theaters November 2014

Picture by thomaspeople92 - Bregy #kevincostner #actor #acteur #paris #france #cinema #film #tournage #star #people #best #legende #movie

Paul Roberts: I'm working with Kevin Costner tomorrow. Nice! (Posted November 18th)

Steve Lanthripp see you there (Posted November 18th)

Paul Roberts commented: Ready for my not so close up — at Will Rogers State Historic Park. (Posted 7:36am November 19th)

Will Rogers State Historic Park:

Paul Roberts commented: Nice day on the set of Mcfarland. Thanks to Kevin Costner and crew for a fun day. We'll see you bright and early again tomorrow! Get some rest everyone. (Posted 8:58pm November 19th)

Paul Roberts commented: Let's do this — at Will Rogers State Beach. (Posted 5:51am November 20th)

Will Rogers State Beach:

Paul Roberts commented: It's a lot more than a glimpse. We work scenes with him (Posted 7:17am November 20th)

Paul Roberts commented: Good morning from pacific palisades (Posted 8:14am November 20th)

Paul Roberts commented: Day 2 complete on McFarland with Kevin Costner. Great location and good friends to work with! (Posted 8:22pm November 20th)
Filming in California: McFarland, starring Kevin Costner, is filming at 990 N. Allen Ave, Pasadena. by Christine (Posted November 21, 2013)

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