Friday, December 27, 2013

A 'Jack Ryan' spot and theater previews happening...

Paramount Pictures: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit tweeted: Watch this video from Chris Pine's upcoming Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit! In theaters January 17th. Chris Pine, Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner star in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on 1/17!

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - Prepare Spot by Paramount Pictures Published on Dec 25, 2013

Kenneth Branagh Directs and Stars as Villain in Thriller 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' by, December 26, 2013:

Marython ‏@Marython88 tweeted: New trailer for @DraftDayMovie with my costars @denisleary & Kevin Costner! I'm a dot in the 'OSU' Stadium at :53 (Posted December 23rd)

jonathanjoseph ‏@jonathanjoseph tweeted: I can't wait to see that Kevin Costner movie Draft Day. Like Jerry Maguire but for an NFL GM. (Posted December 23rd)

Mark Sipos ‏@Draft4Mark tweeted: I'm in this “@NOTSCCleveland: The trailer for Draft Day, a major motion picture film featuring your Cleveland Browns (Posted December 24th)

Jim Pagels ‏@jimpagels tweeted: The theater just played three Kevin Costner movie previews in a row. This is a bigger three-peat than the Miami Heat. (Dallas) (Posted December 25th)

Bill Rini ‏@billrini tweeted: Went to see Wolf of Wall Street today. Kevin Costner starring in three of the trailers. Did I miss the news of a Costner comeback? (Posted December 25th)

Logan Johnson ‏@loganmagic tweeted: 3 out of 7 trailers feature Kevin Costner #COMEBACK (Posted December 25th)

Schneid Miser ‏@SchneidRemarks tweeted: I have seen Kevin Costner's face on posters for three different films today because apparently my movie theater is located in 1995: (Posted December 25th)

Chris Hampshire ‏@cjhampshire tweeted: @BillSimmons How about Kevin Costner as a future BS Report guest? He's got a new sports movie coming out. Easily a strong 2 parter right? (Posted December 26th)

'Draft Day' picture of Kevin:

beth ‏@bethisking tweeted: Dads song is being used in the new Kevin costner movie 👌 (Posted December 26th)

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