Friday, December 6, 2013

'McFarland' evidently still filming....

MariaBello Assistant ‏@AsPerMaria tweeted: Been a busy week so far for @maria_bello filming #McFarland :-) Here's a snap of her leaving the set! (Posted October 9th)

Daniel Moncada ‏@DanielMoncada80 tweeted: #OnSet for #McFarland with @koolaidrafa getting My nails did (Posted November 13th)

Natalia Cordova ‏@YOSOYCORDOVA tweeted: Valles Family... #McFarland @carlospratts Wonderful working with you all! (Posted October 18th)

Picture by chelsearendon - Chelsea Rendon Working with Kevin has been an amazing experience! Not only is he a great actor, but he is even better person. Just watching him on set has taught me so much. I am so blessed to be able to work with such talent!

Monica Lugo ‏@monislugo tweeted: So glad I saw kevin Costner today in the flesh (Posted November 21st)

Preston ‏@PrestoParsons tweeted: Headed down to LA for the week! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘ #movieset #McFarland (Posted November 24th)

Dennis J. Depew Jr. commented: Had a chat with Kevin Costner today. We spoke about going to rival High Schools in Visalia. (Posted November 25th)

Game Changing Films ‏@GameChangingFlm tweeted: Another beautiful day on set! #mcfarland #setlife #pacificocean (Posted November 25th)

MariaBello Assistant ‏@AsPerMaria tweeted: Here's the beautiful @maria_bello hard at work on the set of #Mcfarland :-) great pic! (Posted November 25th)

Rafael Martinez ‏@koolaidrafa tweeted: We have one of the hardest working cast and crew out there! Thank God for all of them. #McFarland #GameChangingFilms (Posted November 26th)

Game Changing Films ‏@GameChangingFlm tweeted: Coach Ellis just beat Coach Mike in a race...We'll never hear the end of it... #mcfarland (Posted November 26th)

Linda Adams ‏@lpadams_ tweeted: My nephew's status : he's on set today with Kevin Costner. Go Josh go! @thejoshuacooper (Posted November 26th)

margaritareyes ‏@margaritareyes tweeted: On the set of "McFarland" starring Johnny Ortiz (left), Hector Duran (right), and Kevin Costner. (Posted November 27th)

Roger Giltner commented: day off sittn watchin tv while roger is spending day with Kevin Costner. where did I go wrong

Connor Weil ‏@ConnorWeil tweeted: #mcfarland tells the story of Coach Jim White and his family. Jim, Cheryl, costar Tyler Sellers, and I #CoachBlanco (Posted November 27th)

Connor Weil ‏@ConnorWeil tweeted: Just wrapped shooting the #Disney movie #mcfarland. Such a great couple of weeks. (Posted 4:59pm November 27th)

Joe Dub ‏@THEJoeDub tweeted: Pleasantly surprised after receiving the check for my 2nd of 4 days of acting on #Disney's #McFarland. Meal penalty+overtime+double-time=πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘Œ (Posted November 27th)

Ricky Flowers Jr ‏@RickyFlowersJr tweeted: Up early getting ready to head to set for filming! Getting it in early #filming (Posted 5:40am December 6th)

Ricky Flowers Jr ‏@RickyFlowersJr tweeted: Working on set with Kevin Costner today! Man I love meeting new people! (Posted 10:38am December 6th)

Ricky Flowers Jr ‏@RickyFlowersJr tweeted: Wrapped at 530 but took forever to get home. O la traffic how I love you lol. (Posted 7:13pm December 6th)

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