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Early screenings of 'Draft Day' are happening...

Found a site that is offering free passes to a screening of 'Draft Day' on January 27th in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Metarie, Portland OR, San Antonio, San Diego, Las Vegas. It says dozens of additional cities to be added before April 10th.

Brandon Marcello ‏@bmarcello tweeted: Florida State attending private screening of Kevin Costner's "Draft Day" tonight in Los Angeles. Seminoles and Auburn tomorro (Posted January 5th)

Robin Wulf: Won free passes to a screening tonight of "Draft Day" with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner, opening in April. Good movie about one of my favorite subjects.......FOOTBALL! :-)

Susan Holland: Draft Day holds your interest | Gofobo #6. Draft Day is my kind of football movie. This movie doesn't come out until April 11. I'm happy to see Kevin Costner back in a good movie. Go see it!

Renate Panian Burington commented: The movie is GREAT! - And no, not just because Kevin Costner is in it. I went to see it because of him but I really didn't have much of any expectations. I don't know anything about football or the NFL Draft and could really care less about the sport. To be honest, until a few days ago I didn't know who will be playing in this year's Superbowl or where and when it will be played. As it turns out one does not have to know all the above or be a fan to enjoy the movie. Those who enjoyed "For love of the game" will also love this movie. The majority of the movie centers around the last 12 hours leading to the start of the NFL Draft. While football is obviously the center of the movie it is also about character, honor and integrity. There was suspense, drama yet also a lot of humor keeping us on the edge of our seats. The theater the movie was shown in was rather small and most seats were occupied by members of the press. Throughout the movie the audience cheered, laughed, clapped and screamed. And before we knew it the lights came back on and two hours had gone by. Everybody clapped at the end. A theater employee was writing down first impressions from the exiting audience. All the ones I heard were positive and several people made the statement that a football fan will definitely enjoy it but so will a non-football fan. My coworkers who are all football nuts have tried to explain to me the importance and excitement surrounding the annual NFL Draft and I can now say I understand why! Can't wait to see this movie again. April 11 th for fans in the USA. I give this movie two thumbs up!

BeckyCharms ‏@beckycharms tweeted: I loved loved loved #DraftDay. Kevin Costner surprised me with his pensive and convincing character. It made me interested in football. (Posted January 27th)

That Jaime ‏@jaimeburchardt tweeted: Hey @Pat_Healy, saw #DraftDay earlier this evening with @dtuck318. You had a hell of a scene, good sir. Great job. (Posted January 27th)

Chris Tapia ‏@AlmightyTapia tweeted: Just watched an advanced screening of #draftday. It was entertaining and I enjoyed it, but no way that happens in actual draft. (Posted January 27th)

Dinorah Gonzalez ‏@DinorahSays tweeted: Screened @DraftDayMovie . A #MustSee for all #NFL fans! Great peek inside the draft process! #KevinCostner at his best. Opens 4/11. #movies (Posted January 27th)

'Draft Day' should score with Cleveland Browns fans: Lowdown on Tuesday's sneak peek at football drama starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner By Clint O'Connor:

Draft Day ‏@DraftDayMovie tweeted: #TeamRice or #TeamSanders, the road to @NFL #ProBowl begins with #DraftDay. Which team will find greatness on Sunday? (Posted January 22nd)

Marty Caswell ‏@MartyCaswell tweeted: Nothing like the chaos of radio row. Place should be nuts by Friday when Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner are promoting Draft Day (Posted January 27th) (Producer/Reporter for the Darren Smith Show on The Mighty 1090 Sports Radio)

Justin K. ‏@jdK1051 tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner is comin into work in the next couple of weeks. I need to brush up on his movies. (Posted 8:29am January 3rd) On-Air K105 Salem/Youngstown/Canton Ohio @KCountry105 Columbiana County, Ohio

'Draft Day' Twitter page:

'Draft Day' Facebook page:

'Draft Day' Movie website:

michael mckinney ‏@Lastonetoleave tweeted: Saw Draft Day last night starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. There is a phone case in the film that everyone will want, guaranteed! (Posted January 24th)

The HaterNation Show ‏@TheHaterNation tweeted: @Screening passes to @DraftDayMovie w/ Kevin Costner. hit our contest page- & grab your tix.1/30, Regal Gallery Place (Posted January 24th)

Christina Peden ‏@christinapeden tweeted: I may or may not have a larger-than-life-sized cutout of Kevin Costner looking over my shoulder all… (Posted January 21st)

Chica Mutante ‏@Chica_Mutante tweeted: Kevin Costner en "Draft Day" (Posted January 3rd)

ATICLE: From the Press Box — ‘Draft Day’ movie could offer interesting insight. December 28, 2013 6:00 am By John Lee

Piru Creek Ranch commented: Life is interesting. Was reading on one of the goat health pages about feeding cabbage to goats. That afternoon a neighbor called and asked if we wanted some cabbage. Seems there was a film being made on his property and one scene contained a cabbage patch so he had all these cabbages to get rid of. We said yes. Turns out the film is about a football team from a small town in California whose coach (Kevin Costner) takes them to the state championship. They even had a cabbage patch planted on a platform so the camera would look up at Kevin Costner. Hope to see the movie when in comes out ... in the mean time our goats and pigs are enjoying cabbage! (Posted December 9th)

Picture by heart2soul03 - Lafarrah Davis Signing movie contracts for 'Draft Day'

Picture by lazlox - Galen T 'Draft Day' poster in theater:

Kevin Costner tries to save the Browns in the first Draft Day trailer December 24, 2013 | Written By: Brad Sturdivant Excerpt: The film actually looks decent and I love Costner in his sports movies, but it does feel like something the NFL put together. I guess that’s the price you pay when need them to support your film. See picture:

Kevin Costner returns to sports genre in Draft Day trailer Posted December 27th, 2013 by Tino Jochimsen Excerpt: His upcoming movie, the football dramedy Draft Day will test in how far the magic ‘Costner touch’ can be applied to the gridiron pastime. But the requirements for a good movie are definitely all there: a cast, best described as NICE (Denis Leary, Jennifer Garner, Frank Langella, Ellen Burstyn, Sam Elliott), a once-great director hungry for a long — overdue rebound (Ivan Reitman… and sorry for the wrong sports pun) and a script which nabbed the prestigious No. 1 spot on the 2012 Black List. Here’s hoping Draft Day turns out a touchdown!

Kevin Costner plays Browns GM in new football movie by Luke Hughes, NESN December 26, 2013 Excerpt: Jennifer Garner also plays a major role in the film, and, by the looks of the trailer, she plays the Dr. Molly Griswold role to Costner'€™s NFL adaptation of Roy McAvoy, challenging Costner to think outside the box and make the right decisions --€” hooray for Tin Cup references!

Griffin Newman ‏@GriffLightning tweeted: There's now a GIF of me dropping Kevin Costner's coffee in a loop, courtesy of @blergpwomp

From the Press Box — ‘Draft Day’ movie could offer interesting insight. December 28, 2013 6:00 am By John Lee

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