Monday, January 20, 2014

Kevin at Disneyland for his birthday...

Brittany ‏@BrittOwesNothin tweeted: @DisneylandCeleb Kevin Costner or whatever his name was at mad t party in DCA about 30 minutes ago (Posted 7:38pm January 17th)

Elle Bright ~ Author ‏@Elle_Bright tweeted: I just met Kevin Costner at Disneyland and it totally made my night. :) I'm such a nerd, but proud of it. (Posted 8:16pm January 17th)

Lauren Cardenas ‏@lolocarnitas tweeted: Just met and took a selfie with Kevin Costner at Disneyland! Dreams really do come true! šŸ°šŸ­ #omg… (Posted 8:21pm January 17th)

Disneyland Celebs ‏@DisneylandCeleb tweeted: ***SPOTTED!*** Kevin Costner is at DCA! #DisneylandCelebs (Posted 8:45pm January 17th)

Dan - Tasmic! ‏@Dan_Tasmic tweeted: Anyone at #MadTParty see Kevin Costner at @DCAToday tonight, :) (Posted 9;16pm January 17th)

Julia Southwick ‏@JRsouthwick tweeted: 1) I've always had a crush on Kevin Costner. 2) He was at CA Adventures the same time I was today...and close by 3) I didn't see him 4) :( (Posted 9:56pm January 17th)

Jennifer Marie ‏@JennMarieCarson tweeted: I cant believe Kevin Costner was AT the Tparty last night at the same time I was but I was too captivated by shakin' booties to notice!!! (Posted January 18th)

Megan Jennings ‏@megelizzzabeth tweeted: Kevin Costner is in the park today, just saw him on Indiana Jones. Should of yelled "f yeah Tin Cup" (Posted 3:44pm January 18th)

Gretchen Mayes ‏@G_aMAYESing tweeted: That awkward moment when you try to tag Kevin Costner on Twitter cause you saw him at work today but he doesn't have one. (Posted 3:57pm January 18th)

Scarlett ♡ ‏@PeculiarPFemme tweeted: My Grandma spent Kevin Costner's birthday with him today! (Posted 3:57pm January 18th)

larrytalk ‏@Larrytalk tweeted: Just spotted Kevin Costner leaving disneyland #Disneyland (Posted 4:52pm January 18th)

Jessy Auger ‏@cyanvain tweeted: Kevin Costner behind me in line at Disneyland? Pretty sweet (Posted 7:03pm January 18th)

Kimberly ‏@Lomara tweeted: So we were just chatting with Kevin Costner here in the line for Soarin' over California. Nice man. (Posted 9:32pm January 18th)

įƒ¦ gā„“Ī±Š¼ĻƒŃ įƒ¦ ‏@TenaciousGlamor tweeted: Okay so I got to see Kevin Costner and John Travolta!! John Travolta actually spoke to me! Guys... I saw Danny Zuco!! I work at Disneyland and I work on pirates of the Carribbean (Posted January 19th)

įƒ¦ gā„“Ī±Š¼ĻƒŃ įƒ¦ ‏@TenaciousGlamor tweeted: I'm still freaking over Kevin Costner and John Travolta. *~* (Posted January 19th)

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VIDEO: Kevin Costner is set to celebrate his 59th birthday with his kids at the happiest place on earth - Disneyland by Celia Paul:

Alexa Fishman ‏@alexa_fishman tweeted: Just spoke to Kevin Costner and he touched my hand as we spoke šŸ˜­❤️ such a brilliant actor (Posted 9:10am January 19th)

Alexa Fishman ‏@alexa_fishman tweeted: @DShehadeh_ he was so nice! I just told him I loved him in Rumor Has It, and he was so appreciative šŸ’• (At The Grove) (Posted 9:42am January 19th)

Alexa Fishman ‏@alexa_fishman tweeted: Still can't believe I met Kevin Costner today, and he held my hand (Posted January 19th)

Broc Barthel ‏@BrocBarthel tweeted: My mom just told me that her boss KEVIN COSTNER invited our family to his ranch in Aspen and SHE SAID NO. #smh #MissTheXGames (Posted January 18th)

Rafael Martinez ‏@koolaidrafa tweeted: Can you tell I'm excited? About to check out my boss Kevin Costner in #JackRyanShadowRecruit ! God is Awesome. (Posted January 19th)

'Jack Ryan' Premiere pictures and poster:

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