Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kevin attends Quail Albany Celebrity Conservation Event...

Cameron Evans ‏@CameronEvans56 tweeted: Going hunting with Kevin Costner next week! (Posted January 12th)

Cameron Evans ‏@CameronEvans56 tweeted: @Leeguitarshreds yep! Going to a celebrity quail hunt in Albany

Tori Alexander ‏@_Torrence_ tweeted: My dad is going to shoot skeet with Kevin Costner tomorrow so there's that. (Posted January 22nd)

Tori Alexander ‏@_Torrence_ tweeted: "An Oscar-winning Hollywood superstar is one of the celebrities in town for an annual celebrity quail hunt." IT'S KEVIN COSTNER (Posted January 23rd)

Austin Murphy ‏@AustinMurphy13 tweeted: It was awesome to meet Kevin Costner tonight! (in Albany, Georgia) (Posted January 23rd)

See the pictures, article and video: Oscar-winning Hollywood star is one celebrity quail hunter By Ben Roberts:, Albany News, Weather, Sports

Quail Albany Celebrity Conservation Event January 22 - 25, 2014:

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Schedule of Events:

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Article about the event: Quail Albany gives celebrity event a local flavor - Conservation hunt, skeet shoot, golf tournament part of Quail Albany event By Carlton Fletcher:


Grebey said...

My husband spent 2 days driving Kevin Costner on that quail hunt. Is that awsome or what?

More Than A Kevin Costner Fan said...

That is awesome!! Did your husband get a picture with Kevin?

Sam Bell said...

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