Saturday, January 25, 2014

More from the Albany Quail Conservation Event...

Christian Flick ‏@cflick10 tweeted: So my dad is just causally hanging out with Kevin Costner right now... (Posted 3:11pm January 24th)

Katie Carter ‏@Katie_Carter8 tweeted: Not a bad day when you have Kevin Costner and Chris Breed on you quail hunting crew! @ Magnolia… (Posted 4:41pm January 24th)

Sierra Milligan ‏@sierrasmilligan tweeted: Just met Kevin Costner! #FFA #QuailAlbany (Posted 5:01pm January 24th)

Sierra Milligan ‏@sierrasmilligan tweeted: Kevin Costner!! (Posted 6:05pm January 24th)

Kitty Kryptonite ‏@Bo_Osie2kinKy tweeted: kinda dark but my ma met Kevin Costner he's important! lol #ManOfSteel #TheBodyguard (Posted 6:18pm January 24th)

PLM † ‏@presleylayne tweeted: Where's my picture with Kevin Costner?? #Albany #TheBodyguard #QuailsUnlimited (Posted 7:06pm January 24th)

Rick Lanford ‏@Laudis1958 tweeted: Quail Albany was Awesome. Had lunch with Kevin Costner.@dscotthagan @MiddleGaFca @bgosden @jdsmit5 @BishopJamesKing (Posted January 25th)

Morgan Shipman ‏@morganabanana89 tweeted: Apparently Kevin Costner was in Albany today and I didn't get to see him. 😿 (Posted 6:53pm January 25th)

Katherine Clarke ‏@kitty_clarke98 tweeted: ¿Why are my parents with Kevin Costner? (Posted 7:33pm January 25th)

VIDEO: Celebrity quail hunt wraps up with concert By Aaryn Valenzuela:
WFXG FOX54 Augusta - Your News One Hour Earlier


Grebey said...

My husband just spent 2 days driving Kevin Costner on that quail hunt! Is that awsome or what?

More Than A Kevin Costner Fan said...

Very awesome! Did your husband get a picture with Kevin?