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More of Kevin from 'Jack Ryan' press junket...

Pictures of Kevin doing press junket on January 9, 2014:[461976753]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Pictures by amosart - Angela Ortiz:

Picture by rovins - moosetowne:

Patrick Bishop ‏@geekspeaktvpat tweeted: On my way to my first official press conference with Kevin Costner, Kenneth Branaugh, & Chris Pine! — feeling excited (Posted 8:02am January 10th)

Josh Macuga ‏@JoshMacuga tweeted: I just asked Kevin Costner if he really enjoyed the sound track to Robin Hood. (Posted 10:09am January 10th)

Bryan Alexander ‏@BryAlexand tweeted: Kevin Costner joking about how many questions at #JackRyan press conference refer to "the last century." Dude looks good. (Posted 10:15am January 10th)

Josh Macuga ‏@JoshMacuga tweeted: "I got sick and tired of that f***ing mini van." -Kevin Costner on why he's working a lot more. #JackRyanShadowRecruit (Posted 10:18am January 10th)

Chris Pine ‏@PineChrisW tweeted: Kevin Costner says that Sean Connery was his greatest mentor. Just did a great impersonation of him...LMAO (Posted 10:33am January 10th)

Patrick Bishop ‏@geekspeaktvpat tweeted: Hehe! Kevin Costner photo bombed me! #jackryan #shadowrecruit #pressconference (Posted 10:52am January 10th)

Le'a Stroud commented: One of the last films my son Daniel acted in was with Kevin Costner, He liked Daniel so much he invited him to go eat with him.. He is truly a remarkable actor very gracious I have the photo of the two of them together that the studio sent to us, they actually looked like father and son:) loll (Posted 11:03pm January 10th)

Chris Lee ‏@__ChrisLee tweeted: Just heard Kevin Costner explain his career renaissance this way: "the mini van is fucking killing me. I gotta get back to action films." (Posted 11:30am January 10th)

Sean O'Connell ‏@Sean_OConnell tweeted: About to interview Kevin Costner. We'll dig into Hologram Pa Kent, if there's time. #JackRyan (Posted 11:57am January 10th)

Anna ‏@blueorchids tweeted: Getting ready to interview Chris Pine, Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh for @decodrive ... #undercover #jackryan (Posted 12:07pm January 10th)

Patrick Estrada LOL… He was the coolest guy he was the realist during the whole interview he kept using bad language making all the other actors laugh (Posted 12:14pm January 10th)

Nadia Neophytou ‏@NadiaNeophytou tweeted: ...and unintentionally insulting Kevin Costner. At least the guys of #JackRyanShadowRecruit have a… (Posted 12:20pm January 10th)

Jenelle Riley ‏@jenelleriley tweeted: I always think Anderson Cooper is Kevin Costner when I see the Jack Ryan billboard. (Posted January 10th)

Ryan Pearson ‏@ryanwrd tweeted: Overheard at junket: Two reporters on Kevin Costner's upcoming "Draft Day": "Wasn't he in another sports movie?" "I don't remember" :( (Posted 2:23pm January 10th)

Shaun Robinson ‏@MsShaunRobinson tweeted: Finishing up my day chatting with Kevin Costner about his new movie, "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit". (Posted 2:45pm January 10th)

Front Row Features commented: Back in the day, Kevin Costner was supposed to play Tom Clancy spy Jack Ryan in "The Hunt for Red October." Instead, he's now playing the Sean Connery character in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit." Stay tuned for the full report on Costner the newest spy installment on (Posted 2:47pm January 10th)

AdPock ‏@AdPoc tweeted: I liked Kevin Costner before interviewing him on the #JackRyan set, I pretty much revered him after (Posted January 10th)

Ryan Pearson ‏@ryanwrd tweeted: Chatted with Chris Pine, Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Costner about US-Russia relations cuz that's how I roll #JackRyan (Posted January 10th)

Roy Nelson ‏@roynelsonmma tweeted: Excited to host the @JackRyanMovie #ShadowRecruit movie tonight before it comes out 1/17 with Chris Pine, Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley! (Posted 3:55pm January 11th)

Ashley ‏@atb224155 tweeted: @JackReacher Saw Jack Reacher: Shadow Recruit with @roynelsonmma and the movie was awesome as well as the Galaxy theater (Posted 10:15pm January 11th)

Dominate Your Game! ‏@Domin8YourGame tweeted: Jack Ryan - damn decent movie! Thanks to @roynelsonmma for the hospitality... (Posted 10:21pm January 11th)

Roy Nelson ‏@roynelsonmma tweeted: Always appreciate the fans and @Paramount for allowing me to host @jackryanmoviemovie night with the fans!... (Posted 10:25pm January 11th)

Rj_49er4life ‏@rjfortez tweeted: Thanks to local @ufc fighter @roynelsonmma for hooking us up with advance screening of @JackRyanMovie it was sweeeeet!#LocalGivesBack (Posted 11:00pm January 11th)

JoeMinsquero ‏@JoeMinsquero tweeted: @roynelsonmma damn man i wish i lived in vegas id always get to movies early. You're the best to your fans (Posted 11:24pm January 11th)

Faith Ellington ‏@FaithEllington tweeted: Just sold Advil cold and sinus to Kevin Costner so don't worry guys, everyone is sick (Posted 12:5ppm January 12th) (San ysidro pharmacy)

Access Hollywood ‏@accesshollywood tweeted: Kevin Costner Talks Working With Chris Pine On #JackRyanShadowRecruit - WATCH (Posted January 12th)
VIDEO: Kevin Costner Talks Working With Chris Pine On Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Talks Hatfields & McCoys Success: How Did It Affect His Career?

VIDEO: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: Kevin Costner "Thomas Harper" On Set Interview by ScreenSlam Published January 10, 2014

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