Thursday, February 27, 2014

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a ‏@summergirl02 tweeted: Just found Kevin Costner on Broadway. Too bad it wasn't the real man, but Angela was happy enough… (Posted February 26th)

Robert Hanashiro ‏@SptShtr_Bert tweeted: Rolls of the red carpet sit by Kevin Costner's star in front of the Dolby Theater. (Posted February 26th)

emotional shawty ‏@assatagrl tweeted: Guest speaker Kevin Costner (Posted February 26th)

Amit Dev Handa ‏@AmitDevHanda Kevin Costner wears a vintage Rolex Explorer II in 3 Days a Kill. check it out!... (Posted February 23rd)

3 Days To Kill ‏@3daystokill tweeted: Kevin Costner prepares for a fight in this behind-the-scenes look at 3 Days To Kill. #3DTK (Posted February 23rd)

Mustafa Topčagić ‏@mustop tweeted: Kevin Costner pucao po Beogradu .. (Posted February 24th)

Matt Ogens ‏@mattogens tweeted: Just saw @3daystokill, Kevin Costner was great. This is from a @NASCAR shoot I did with him a while ago (Posted February 26th)

[VIDEO] On this week’s episode, Kevin Costner talks 3 Days to Kill by Nash Herrington

VIDEO: 3 Days To Kill Premier Is A Hit: The action flick's big premiere attracts A-list celebs to the red carpet. Kevin Costner talks scary scenes, and did Amber Heard bring Johnny Depp?

'3 Days To Kill' Premiere picture:

3 DAYS TO KILL Red Carpet Premiere with Kevin Costner by SBTNOfficial Published on Feb 25, 2014

VIDEO: Reporte Hollywood Con Juan Manuel Navarro: (Kevin at 1:20 to 1:30)

Hollywood Jumbo - Kevin Costner on the carpet (Man of Steel World Premiere) shot by Rennie Cowan. by Hollywood Jumbo Published on Feb 12, 2014

3 Days to Kill Blu-ray Prize Pack Giveaway Ends Wednesday, March 05th:

FULL INTERVIEW VIDEO: Kevin Costner Interview Feb 14 2014 on Ellen Degeneres By Gloubar:

Kevin Costner Interview Feb 14 2014 by thecrackedactor

Karen Kemmerle ‏@kenobibear tweeted: Here's why I've been on such a Kevin Costner kick recently: (Digital Content Coordinator of Tribeca Film):
The Career Resurgence of Kevin Costner by Karen Kimmerle February 21, 2014

Article: Liam Neeson, Kevin Costner deliver the thinking man's action films by Sean Axmaker February 22, 2014

Story behind 'Tin Cup' hole By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer

Picture by kev_kush - koolbeanz NYC:

Picture by theartofgedaliavera - CelebrityPhotogGedalia (From For Love Of The Country concert)

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