Monday, February 10, 2014

Kevin at Buena vs. Ventura High Basketball game...

mason beling ‏@BelingMason tweeted: Kevin Costner is coming to the game tonight (Posted February 7th)

Jesse Montañez ‏@J_Monty22 tweeted: Kevin Costner in the building 😎 (Posted 6:47pm February 7th) (from San Buenaventura (Ventura), CA)

Jeffrey Dransfeldt ‏@JeffreyWriter tweeted: @vcspreps Kevin Costner is watching the Buena-Ventura boys varsity basketball game at Ventura College (Posted 7:49pm February 7th)

Ko Smith ‏@ko2tha tweeted: Apparently Kevin Costner is at this game right now. (Posted 7:55pm February 7th)

Jeffrey Dransfeldt ‏@JeffreyWriter tweeted: @vcspreps Kevin Costner at the Buena-Ventura game. Buena leads 37-35 after three quarters. (Posted 8:13pm February 7th)

Jerome Randall RJ ‏@RJ_Jerome_Rand tweeted: My next door neighbor is a cheerleader here in Ventura CA... She met Kevin Costner at the local high… (Posted February 8th)

Corinna ‏@CorinnaWaa tweeted: So I'm working this event and Kevin Costner is here, nbd. (Posted 6:29pm February 8th)

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