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More '3 Days To Kill' interviews and pictures...

Nikki Finke ‏@NikkiFinke tweeted: Friday Box Office: #2 is Kevin Costner-starring '3 Days To Kill' (Relativity - 2872 runs) for mere $4.1M and $12.7M wkd. (Posted February 22nd)

'3 Days To Kill' pictures:

VIDEO: Marty and Don had “Coffee With” Kevin Costner:

VIDEO: Actor Kevin Costner Discusses his new film, "Three Days to Kill" STUDIO 10 TV:

AUDIO: Under Center with McNabb and Malone on NBC Sports Radio talk with Kevin Costner on Radio Row:

AUDIO: JT: Kevin Costner (and McG) - Hollywood SuperStar Kevin Costner joins JT "The Brick" to preview his new movie 3 Days to Kill - Fox Sports Radio February 20, 2014

Dawn Perretti Joblon ‏@DMJ8321 tweeted: Having coffee with Kevin Costner this morning hahah (Posted February 22nd)

WAMG At The 3 DAYS TO KILL Press Day By Melissa Howland | February 20, 2014:

IAR INTERVIEW: Kevin Costner Talks '3 Days to Kill' Written by Jami Philbrick 17 February 2014

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Amber Heard Talk "3 Days to Kill" and How Actors are a Lot Like Spies By Complex Magazine | Feb 21, 2014:

Video: Kevin Costner Talks to the Animals by Grae Drake | Friday, Feb. 21 2014 3 Days to Kill stars Kevin Costner and Amber Heard, and reveals what a spy's life is like when he puts the gun down and goes home for the night. Grae Drake talks to Costner, Heard, and director McG about their private lives, their man scarves, and latex.

GIVEAWAY: Win '3 Days to Kill' Prizes We're giving away sunglasses, mints, t-shirts and a $25 Fandango gift card to see this action-thriller in theaters this weekend. By Brian Gallagher

Ride Off With Our '3 Days to Kill' Giveaway by Adam Pockross

ET's '3 Days to Kill' Jetsetter Giveaway! February 21, 2014 Kevin Costner's 3 Days to Kill opens in theaters today, and we're giving away a Jetsetter prize pack inspired by his character Ethan Runner, a dangerous international spy constantly on the go.

Reviews from Twitter from those who have seen the movie:
Delaney ‏@delaneyg84 tweeted: Kevin Costner is one of those actors that I will always pay money to see, no matter the material. He is solid and I trust his choices.

blitzkreigle ‏@Blitzkreigle tweeted: I don't care what the reviews are for 3 DAYS TO KILL, it has Kevin Costner, so I'm in! #costnerholics

John De La Rosa ‏@JohNDeLaRoSA tweeted: Good movie nite with good peeps.. And yo Kevin Costner is a bad ass...

Jeremy P. Saldivar™ ‏@jeremy_saldivar tweeted: @3daystokill Was very good. Very good plot. Kevin Costner continues to make 5 star movies. Highly recommended. #GoodWatch

SoundEntertainment ‏@iMusicNow tweeted: Just saw #3daystokill with Kevin Costner and Amber Heard. I give it 7 out of 10- very enjoyable

Kleen Kut T ‏@Kleen_Kut_T tweeted: Kevin Costner was actually pretty good in it. Amber Heard was literally smoking hot of course. Hailee Steinfeld was charming.

ᒪEᗩᕼ ‏@LeahNichole23 tweeted: Kevin Costner is such a badass. 3 days To Kill was legit

Uday Sripathi ‏@UdaySripathi tweeted: Kevin Costner is back! 3DaysToKill is fantastic! A Superstar forever!

Joey Compton™ ‏@jcfilms17 tweeted: Three Days To Kill was not actually that bad. Kevin Costner was great and there was way more action than Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit...

Joshua Brewer ‏@jg_Brewer tweeted: 3 days to kill was surprisingly good. Shouldn't of doubted Kevin Costner

robert nakayama ‏@bignak007 tweeted: Kevin Costner is back in top form !!! The movie is a blend of action , drama and a sense of humor ! A must see!!

Jennifer Newell ‏@Jenn_Newell tweeted: I really loved 3 Days To Kill. Just saw it. Kevin Costner was great.

Joshua Do ‏@joshaudo tweeted: 3 Days to Kill is a really great movie and Kevin Costner is such a bad ass 10/10 #wouldrecommend

Deena Jakes ‏@deemj61 tweeted: So I saw 3 Days To Kill tonight. Hmmmm, it was ok. I've seen better. But it's Kevin Costner and I love him so I'm glad I saw it.

Skyler Renn ‏@RennSkyler tweeted: Just saw 3 Days to Kill. Such an amazing movie!!!! Loved it with Kevin Costner too!!!!

Marilyn Foster ‏@mfoster102 tweeted: Ya Baby! 3 Days To Kill Kevin Costner

Nicole Sagum ‏@NicoleSgm tweeted: We watched 3 Days To Kill today. We weren't on time for RoboCop. DAMN. Dad watched it for Kevin Costner while I watched it for Amber Heard.

Clint Cardoza ‏@clintcardoza7 tweeted: @3daystokill I saw "3 Days to Kill" yesterday. Kevin Costner & Hailee Steinfeld are perfectly cast as father & daughter. Great movie!

Momager HQ ‏@MomagerHQ tweeted: Saw 3 Days To Kill today at movies - brilliant, really good film. Props to Kevin Costner ( he was really good)

Morgan Jones✌ ‏@MorgyJayy tweeted: 3 Days To Kill was such a good movie! Kevin Costner is such a sweet guy in it, I just wanted to cry through the whole thing

Madison Johnson ‏@MadisonHJohnson tweeted: Definitely recommend seeing #3DaystoKill Kevin Costner is great in it

Jason Wayne Lloren at Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium 20 & IMAX commented: Instead of watching that Kevin Costner film, I'm in another screening room watching the trailer for that other Kevin Costner film before another Kevin Costner film begins. (Posted February 22nd)

Tyler Glenn ‏@tylerinacoma tweeted: Celebrating Kevin Costner's return to the silver screen #threedaystokillmenow

gmanoro tweeted: Just saw this awesome and fun-filled movie starring Kevin Costner. And I loved it! I don't care how bad the critics ripped it, it was good fun with plenty of action and Amber Heard was in it as well ( nuff said )!!! Highly recommend it! 👍

Jimi_Nashville ‏@JimiNHall tweeted: Just saw #3daystokill and it was AMAZING! Funny, action-packed and Kevin Costner is just as good or better than he was 20 years ago. #epic

Chad ‏@ChadUNC55Bucs tweeted: Just got done seeing @3daystokill and it was pretty damn good. Not enough Amber Heard for me, but Kevin Costner was great, as usual. 7/10

nazario sauceda ‏@NazarioSauceda tweeted: @BSSLosAngeles cold milling @TomLaBonge 3rd St btwn Hauser n Fairfax..Kevin Costner obsrvs in the backgroung.

3 DAYS TO KILL's McG Interview: American Filmmaker In Paris 21 February 2014

Nikola Mirotic ‏@nikolamirotic12 tweeted: Kevin Costner and my Relativity Team lookin unstoppable in 3 Days To Kill. Check it out:
3 Days To Kill (Sports Trailer) ft. Dez Bryant, Michael Crabtree, Alshon Jeffery by RelativitySports Published on Feb 20, 2014 When the CIA needed a hail mary, they knew exactly who to call. DEZ BRYANT (Dallas Cowboys), MICHAEL CRABTREE (San Francisco 49ers) and ALSHON JEFFERY (Chicago Bears) star in Relativity's Sports Trailer for 3 Days to Kill.

Kevin Costner Wouldn't Call It a Comeback, But… By Adam Pockross February 20, 2014

Kevin Costner interview: Can you notice the homage scene in “3 Days to Kill?” By: Izumi Hasegawa Date: February 22, 2014

3 Days to Kill' Review: 10 Things to Know About Kevin Costner's New Thriller Posted February 20th, 2014 by Drew Taylor

3 Days to Kill is Nonsense, but Kevin Costner Remains The Man by Amy Nicholson

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